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Substainable Land Use

by: Johnathan Crona MD

Substainable Land Use CENG 485

Johnathan Crona MD
GPA 3.6

Robert Burtch

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About this Document

Robert Burtch
Class Notes
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This 12 page Class Notes was uploaded by Johnathan Crona MD on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CENG 485 at Ferris State University taught by Robert Burtch in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see /class/221605/ceng-485-ferris-state-university in Civil Engineering at Ferris State University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
CENG 485 Sustainable Land Use 422008 Introduction 0 Legal ownership 0 Collection of home units o Ownership rights v shared Condominiums rights 0 Ownership association Surveying Engineering Department Ferris State University Condominiums 1 CENG 485 Sustainable Land Use 422008 Condominium Act Condominium Act Ad 59 Of PA 1978 o Contractable condominium o Conversion condominium o Expandable condominium o Leasehold condominium 9 Limited common elements o Mobile home condominium project 3 o Association of coowners o Business condominium unit o Common elements o Condominium documents o Condominium project o Condominium unit UNIT A l bedronmll bath Condominiums 2 CENG 485 Sustainable Land Use Condominium Act o Master Deed condominium document recording the condominium project 0 Attach exhibits and incorporated by reference to bylaws 0 Master deed shall include o Accurate legal description o Statement designating the unites served by the limited common and clearly defining rights in the limited commons area V o Statement showing total percentage of value and separate percentages of value assigned each unit o Where are detailed architectural plans and specifications filed Condominiums Act o Percentage of value percentage assngned to each 0 Reasonable comparative characteristics 0 Master deed shall state the method or formula 0 Factors which may be considered oMarket value oSize o Duration of a timeshare estate if applicable o Location oAllocable expenses of maintenance 9 Preliminary reservation agreement Condominium 422008 CENG 485 Sustainable Land Use Condominium Act o Phase of a condominium project 0 Initial recorded master deed o Expandable project o Record 0 Size Condominiums Condominium Act oTimeshare unit o Timeshare estate o Timeshare license oTransitionaI control date 422008 CENG 485 Sustainable Land Use Condominium Act convertible area 0 Reference 0 Maximum number 0 Type of unit 0 Extent 0 Improvements 0 Time limit o Content of master clee for o Developer s reserved right Condominium Act o Content of master deed for expandable condominium o Reservation of election 0 Restrictions on election 0 Time limit 0 Description of land 0 Statement on additional lands 0 Restrictions of improvements 0 Number of units 0 Max percentage of aggregate land 0 Extent of structures 0 Description of improvements 0 Restrictions on type of units 0 Developer s rights 0 Amendments to master deed 0 Reserved rights to create easements Condominiums 422008 CENG 485 Sustainable Land Use Condominium 5277 Act k39 l o Contractable project contents of master deed o Explicit reservation of election 0 Restrictions of election 0 Time limit 0 Description of land 0 Can land be withdrawn Condominiums Condominium Act 0 Leasehold condominium project master deed 0 Date 0 Ownership in fee simple 0 Description 0 Rights of co owners to remove 0 Rights of co owners for reversions o Easements 0 Description 0 Relevant restrictions 0 Rights of others 422008 CENG 485 Sustainable Land Use Condominium Act oAdding undivided interests Master deed to include 9 Legal description 9 Nature of estate oAllocation to condominium unit of undivided interest in common elements Proportionate to percentage of value If equal percentage state in master deed Proportionate given in table in master deed Condominium Act 0 Easement for encroachment 0 Restrictions and covenants 422008 CENG 485 Sustainable Land Use Condominium Act o Relocation of boundaries Approval of affected mortgagee Principal officer prepares executes amendment to master deed Identify units involved Condominiums Condominium Act o Subdivision of condominium unit Must be permitted Principal officer prepares amendment to master deed Identify numbers to new units Amendment shall allocate 4 2 2008 CENG 485 Sustainable Land Use Condominium Act 9 Condominium subdivision plan 0 Prepared by architect land surveyororenglneer 0 Plan to include 9 Cover sheet 9 Survey plan 0 Floodplain plan 9 Site plan 9 Utility plan 9 Floor plans 9 Boundaries of each unit 9 Number assigned each unit oVertical boundaries 9 Common elements 9 Other items 0 Plans numbered consecutively Condominiums Example Declaration of Condominium Units lll llt lil lllllt llilll uttlttnv 422008 CENG 485 Sustainable Land Use 422008 River Park Office Site Condominium Condominium One parcel Single master deed General common area Limited common area Building envelope 00000 Building Envelope Condominiums 10 CENG 485 Sustainable Land Use Site Condominium o Advantages Faster and more efficient development process 0 More stringent condominium disclosure laws 0 Association control of common area maintenance 0 Overall appearance and Condominiums Conventional Condominium CONVENTlONAL CONDOMINIUM 3 r CLNiRA ChiMEN AREAS 422008 11 CENG 485 Sustainable Land Use Site Condominium S39TE CONDOMiNiUM DEFiNTiONS GENERAL COMMON AREA PR39VATE ROAD LiVi TED Common AREA Leaning Oaks Condominiums 4 2 2008 12


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