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Renaissance thru 20th Century

by: Mr. Laury Osinski

Renaissance thru 20th Century ARTH 111

Marketplace > Ferris State University > Art History > ARTH 111 > Renaissance thru 20th Century
Mr. Laury Osinski
GPA 3.78

Robert Quist

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About this Document

Robert Quist
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Laury Osinski on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARTH 111 at Ferris State University taught by Robert Quist in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see /class/221607/arth-111-ferris-state-university in Art History at Ferris State University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
ARH 111 Monument List for Test 2 Southern Baroque Bemini baldacchino 171 Bemini St Peter s Piazza 1723 Bemini Pluto anal Proserpina 1718 Bemini David 1719 Bemini Ecstasy of Saint Teresa 172021 Borromini San Carlo alle Quattro Fonane 1747 Borromini Collegiate Church of Sant Ivo della Sapiena 17810 Annibale Ca1racci Farnese Palace 172223 Caravaggio Boy with a Basket ofFruit 1726 Caravaggio Calling of Sai nt Matthew 1728 Caravaggio Conversion of Saint Paul 1729 Velazquez Crucifixion 1752 Velazquez Venus with aMirror 1755 Velazquez Las Meninas 1756 Northern Baroque Rubens Raising ofthe Cross 1734 Rembrandt Blinding of Samson 1736 Rembrandt Belshazzar s Feast 1737 Rembrandt The Night Watch 1738 Rembrandt Self Portrait 1739 Poussin Dance ofHuman Life 1758 Poussin Ashes ofPhokion 1759 Vermeer View ofDelft 1749 Vermeer Geographer 1747 Le Vau Versailles 17 1 2 14 Wren St Paul s Cathedral 1716 17 18th Century Boffrand Salon de la Princesse 182 Zimmermann Weiskirche 18 19 Watteau Pilgrimage to C ythera 184 Fragonard The Swing 187 Rigaud Louis XIV188 Hogarth Marriage a la Mode If 18 19 Canova Cupid anal Psyche 192 David Oath ofthe Horatii 19 3 DaVid Death ofMarat 195 Ingres Grande Odalisque 1914 Jefferson Monticello 1916 Romantic Blake Goal Creating the Universe 205 Gericault Raft of the Mealusa 20 8 Delacroix Death of Sardanapalus 2011 Monument List for Test 1 High Renaissance Leonardo Vitruvian Man 141 Bramante Tempietto 143 Michelangelo St Peter s Dome 1410 Leonardo Last Supper 14 13 14 Leonardo Mona Lisa 1416 Michelangelo Pieta 1418 Michelangelo David 1419 Michelangelo Sistine Chapel 142028 Raphael Madonna of the M edow 1430 Raphael Galatea 143233 Raphael Stanza della Segnatura 143438 Gentile Bellini Procession of the Reliquary of the Cross in Pi9azza San Marco 1442 Giovanni Bellini San Giobbe Altarpiece 1443 Giovanni Bellini Saint Francis in Ecstasy 1445 Giorgione Tempest 1446 Giorgione Sleeping Venus 1448 Giorgione Pastoral Concert 1449 Titian Assumption of the Virgin 1450 Titian Venus ofUrbino 1452 Mannerism Pontormo Entombment 151 Art History 111 Monument List for Final Exam Late 193911 Century Millet Gleaners 211 Courbet Burial at Ornans 214 Manet Luncheon on the Grass 2125 Manet Olympia 2126 Manet A Bar at the F olies Bergere 226 Renoir M oulin del la Galette 227 Monet Impression Sunrise 2216 Monet Water Lily Pond 2218 Monet Rouen Cathedral 221920 Rodin the Thinker 2224 Rodin Balzac 2225 Whistler Nocturne in Black and Gold 2230 Cezanne GreatBathers 236 Cezanne Mont Sainte Victoire 237 Seurat Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte 238 Van Gogh Bedroom atArles 2314 Van Gogh Starry Night 2317 Van Gogh Self Portrait 2319 Gauguin The Yellow Christ 2330 Gauguin Nevermore 2322 Early Modern Munch the Scream 2325 Klimpt Kiss 2331 Rousseau The Dream 2332 Picasso Old Guitarist 241 Picasso Les Demoiselles d Avignon 252 Picasso Three Musicians 25 10 Matisse Madame Matisse The Green Line 243 Matisse Harmony in Red 2413 Matisse Dance I 24 14 Kirchner The Street 245 Nolde Still Life with Masks 247 Kandinsky Panel for Edwin R Campbell No 4 249 Kandinsky Several Circles 2410 Marc Large Blue Horses 2411 Braque Violin and Pitcher 256 Duchamp Nude Descending a Staircase 2518 Duchamp Fountain 262 Wright Robie House 252930 High Modern Picasso Guernica 2512 Mondrian Broadway Boogie Woogie 2517 Wright Falling Water 2532


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