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General Biology 1

by: Lonnie Collins IV

General Biology 1 BIOL 121

Lonnie Collins IV
GPA 3.91

Iyabode Fadayomi

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About this Document

Iyabode Fadayomi
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lonnie Collins IV on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL 121 at Ferris State University taught by Iyabode Fadayomi in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see /class/221614/biol-121-ferris-state-university in Biology at Ferris State University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
11192009 ll Unique characteristics of plants A Alternation of generation is common to all plants Zygotelt2nO PLANT DIVERSITY spores n I Haploid n D Diploid 2n Gametophyte Archegonium and antheridium Archegonium with egg Sporangium Spores Antheridium with sperm 1117177 Walled spores in sporangia lll Major Groups of Plants B Classified into 10 phyla Red algae Nonvascular plants bryophytes J Seedless vascular plants rgf STRAL Chlorophytes 4 1 Gymnosperms E 7 E Angiosperms Charophytes 2 g gt 7 1 8 g 4 3 1339 Embwopnwes g 3 Review Table 291 and Figure 297 1 1192009 mum van Phyla ol Exmn Plum Nonvasmlar Plants Elyuphytes l lwlun n im mt p l liyl mmlmu 5m mm minquot Cllmlemphvm Anglingch Ylwhlin Anmnyrum Es miled ommon Number Name or Species li mmm arm Ilnmwm u my Mum 15m Lymplrym rm lurmulvym mm cmquot I Qads nu Gnctnphylr 75 mum m rlnwcrlngpimib moon C Bryophytes smallest and simplest of all plant groups gametup hyte spuruphyte Ceii speciaiizatiun of Plants Vascuiar ufthe piant abuve and beiuvvthe suii Bryophytes 1 Mosses 2 Liverworts Bryophytes 3Hornwor1s 5 Assist in nitrogen retention in the soil 6 u g 5 E mA4 23 39Ega E E 2 C lt 1 With moss Fig2911111 k609i Without moss 1 1192009 Soil conditioner for archeological preservation Tollund Man Abog mummy from 405100 BCE IV VascularPlants A Characteristics B Seedless Vascular Plants Homosparous spore production Typically 3 Eggs Sporanglum Slngle bl a sexual an spomphyll type 039 spore gamemphylelt Sperm Sporophyte is specialized into Figure 29 23gtlt1 Life cycle er a fern mature fern Sporophyll with sori l2laslmI I nmmlzuellmes a Arllmmrllexzns Stages of endosymbiosis I 3 Cyznnhz erlum Red alga 393 r Chapter 28 m Tamas Protlsts quotalmanac kmmg Overlhe cnurse a a n1 wnlullnn lawman mm am am I I B Some move by using B PrOtISta IS 1 flagella flagellates polyphyletlo Long agellum Eyespotl Ligm detector Shannagellum Contractile vacuole ucleu5 N Chloroplast Plasma m embrane Apellicle uglena LM 5 pm 2 Cilia ciliates Paramecium Stramenoplles Hairy agellum agellum WWW blulugycumer cum 3 Pseudopods Amoeba E Reproduction Examples of Protists A Parasitic protists 1 Giardia 2 Trypanosoma 3 Plasmodium falciparum WWW cdc gov 4 Oomycetes Ni i downy mildew KN 3 K B Mixotrophic protists Euglena mm m J Ncx cammm Iaumegmu 0 Photosynthetic protists algae 1 Diatoms 2 Dinoflagellates Hutmast Red algae F d


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