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The Solar System

by: Dr. Noemi Bogan

The Solar System ASTR 130

Dr. Noemi Bogan
GPA 3.87

Phillip Martell

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About this Document

Phillip Martell
Class Notes
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This 74 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Noemi Bogan on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ASTR 130 at Ferris State University taught by Phillip Martell in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see /class/221616/astr-130-ferris-state-university in Astronomy at Ferris State University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
1 4 Lunar Motion amp Phases Image Cuunesy uf Mike Kozma Earth amp Moon Drawn to scale Earth Moon Viewed from Earth the Moon subtends 050 Earth Angular diameter of The Sun viewed from Earth is likewise O5 Earth Angular diameter of The Sun viewed from Earth is likewise 05 Moon is much closer Earth 1quot 9 Sim lch my yam arm 35 hmm ham Your index nger held at arm s length subtends about 10 2 Moon s Orbit Corner re ector left on Moon by Apollo Astronauts Lunar ranging laser station Mc onald Observatory west Texas Lunar Motions Moon s orbit Viewed from above Earth s north pole counterclockwise Neal Side Orbit period 273 days Sidereal Period Far side Far Side Rotation Rotation Period 273 days Moon s rotation period its orbital How itwould be IF Moon did not period It keeps one side facing the Earth rotate Sometimeswe would see We never see far side of Moon Shaded far side of Mann 3 0t Nba eyncmw Moon Ro ra rion Movie Exit show mode right Click on caption select package objectactivate contents Orbit Orbit of the Moon in Relation to the Earth u l39 r quot xx J E Moon39s orbit is 3th quot1T 39 y quot1 no a circle i lquots perigee about apugee about 22U miles 253001 miles an elllpse39 l l x x x Moon39s or39bif plane is filfed slightly r39elafive To Earth39s orbit plane Orbit Viewed edge0n Another view Plane ufEarth Orbit Pran ec nn Elf Mann s Orbit on Ethutdt a 1Ejlaxth0m Plane dasfedj 24 a 1 am 391 quoti lquot x K I To the Sun 1 tk Mann Orbit I 1 Plane 9311121 1 I Lime Where Mann s 01bit Plane crosaes Eal l s Orbit Plane Line of Nodes View From Earth Zenith Celastial equatm Nuth I celestial J lc Moon r39ises amp sets daily loca on of rising amp se 39ing points migrates 1 quot I quot Once around the 39 r u j I 39 l sky 1n 273 days 39 39Moon appears To dr39if r among 39 I quotThe s rar39s Viewed om Earth moon moves 130day M Hui W lt E Because Ear39Th39s or39biT amp The Moon39s or39biT ar39e TiTed by 5 The Moon is never more Than 5 from The eclipTic And a Cygnus B I GEMINI g X LV39 W as Coma CANCER TAURUS quot55 Pegasus IT U Eelenlces o N Hercules corona 39 V i Orin 39 PISCES Bma s CELE TIAL AZ gt r V guARiu m39a Ophiuchus YIEGOi EOUATOR 44 39 n oaNusV n Yd Eridanus An Cams Malor Cetus a EAST Puppls consequenTIy rising amp seTTing poinTs wander39 only a iTTe mor39e Than Sun39s rising amp seTTing poinTs Lunar Phase Cycle The Full Cycle First waxing uartar GitImus Waxing 0 Creacent 0 295 days One Sunlight moonth TTT I Full New 0 O 0 I Wanin Q I 0 9 x Waning GithUS Crescent Third Quarter TT Viewed from Ear39Th D0051 New Waxing First Waxing Full Waning Third Waning New Crescent Quarter Gibbous Gibbous Quarter Crescent Waxillngre39sckn39tai itowalgdm a i 253 I Hto39rizon 39 Fii s39t39Q art i quot 4 j I n l 1 r 39 I n 4 yHb39riz39on 39 39Waxi1i2i ibb6tis quotf4 I 39 1 quotHno39riz39on 2 4 39 n yHb39riz39on f9 quot Wanil1239G39i39bbdu39s39j 39 39 A a 39 Hbriz39onj I Third L StYQu39arteh 5399 H97 I 39 14 quot 1 i is a I 3939Wani gquotCresCent thand sunquot V 393 39I eg Fir39s r Quar rer39 M00 View from Earth Sunlight Result Note Not to scale tr Lu11p13nw Lunar Phase Movie Exit show mode right Click on caption select package objectactivate contents One lunar synadic period about 295 days sidereal pen d abou 273 days m Earth MWquot Toward 3U N distant The Moon39s phase synodic period is longer39 Than ifs or39bi r sider39eal per39iod 295 d gt 273 d Sun 39 To dIsTarrr sfar s 7 Earth s orbit cogAplaed when Moon Wm hue The Moon39s phase synodic period is longer Than i rs or bif sidereal period 295 d gt 273 d Lunar Phase Visibili ry At What time of day are the various phases Visible in your sky 13 The Sun39s Mo rion Across The Sky SOLAR MOTIONS APPARENT MOTION OF THE SUN Viewed om Earth Diurnal Daily Motion East to West relative to horizon rises amp sets Annual Motion Eastward relative to stars re ection of orbit of Earth about sun apparent path Ecliptic Zenith D l sti l equatm Meridian N h sclar celegtial Noon 39 pal Al rifude N Hnrimn Daily Mofion Viewed from Ear39Th Sun circles sky once per39 year39 The Zodiac and its Constellations 39lmtmnm39 Sun appears to pass through 13 constellations Zodiac Gemini Cancer Leo etc EQUINOXES amp SOLSTICES Ecliptic Autumnal equinox 5 ummcr mlsuce 1 Winter solstia C l tial aqwa39mr vernam Win 39 23quota Vernal Equinox Autumnal Equinox Winter amp Summer Solstices Vernal Equinox March 21 Autumnal Equinox September 23 Summer Solstice June 21 Winter Solstice Dec 21 DAILY SOLAR MOTION CHANGES WITH SEASONS Motion NS of Celestial Equator 2 gt Risingsetting points vary gt Noon altitude varies gt Duration of daylight varies Mar 21 Sep 23 sun north of celestial equator 2 sun above horizon gt 12 hrs Sep 23 Mar 21 sun south of celestial equator 2 sun above horizon lt 12 hrs Sep 23 amp Mar 21 sun on celestial equator gt sun abovebelow horizon 12 hrs i Zenith Delastlal equamr 39 N fth celestial J l 39 Hmiz n Summer west Sols rice Eas r Ev Equi noxes Win rer39 Sols rice 139 gawk I Spatil Vawriatinn of Emmir Length Fur the Salistices 555 M hrs 555 H 24 hr 0 N 91 hrs 10 N 2143 hr 235 N 11 h E E 12 Ihnurs I I 11 hrs an 5 145 hrs Am 5 94 hr E 655 51 24 hrs 555 5 El hm Demmhar Sailstiue SMITHS imbue Figure ER14 Variations in day length Annual variation in motion of sun in sky results from change in oren fa an of Eam h rea five 7 0 sun Or39ien ra rion of Ear rh in Space Nor39Th Or39bi r Plane Eclip ric Plane Equa ror39ial Plane Spring in the Northern Hemisphere autumn in the Southern Ilmnisphere Mquot M Winter in the Nurlhern Hemisphere summer in he Sunthcm Hemisphere Sum Pole N l39th Puie 50m FUIC North Pale 23 w 39 J Smith Palequot I 3quot ll Emmi Sizth Pole Summer in the Nor winner in the 50 cm Hemisphere hem Hmniwherc Autumn in the Earth2m Hemisphere spring in the Snuthern Eilemis1lhvre Summer Winter Solstice Solstice Summer 3 Ulstic e SNA is small Arctic Cilia SUNquot 5 RAYS Tropic 0 Cancer Equamr Tr pic uf Capricnrn Antarctic Circle 5 Earth at winter solstice NorThem Win rer39 SolsTice SNA is large Arctic Circle A Trnpiu of Cancer Equator SUN S Tropic of RAYS Capricorn Antarctic Circle Earth at summer solstice NorThem Summer Sols rice AT The nor39Th pole 90 N Ia r ZampNCP Solar Al ri rude AT The norTh pole 90 N Ia r Summer Sols rice ZampNCP Solar Al ri rude Solar39 Al ri rude 235 V AT The nor39Th pole 90 N Ia r Win rer39 Sols rice ZampNCP Solar Al ri rude Solar39 Al ri rude 235 REASONS FOR THE SEASONS Tempera rur39e varies from season Toseason Why Sunligh r more direct in summer Than in win rer39 More dayligh r hours in summer39 and fewer in win rer39 Arctic Cilia SUN S RAYS Tropic 0F Cancer Equamr Trupic uf Capricurn Antarctic Circle Earth at winter solstice NorThem Win rer39 SolsTice Arctic Circle A Trnpic of Cancer Equator SUNS 39 39 I r Tropic of RAYS V39 Capricorn Antarctic Circle Earth at summer solstice NorThem Summer Sols rice Summer Sun Winfer Sun No significan r Tempera rure change due To change in Ear rhsun dis rance gt eq N hemisphere no r much closer To sun Than 5 hemisphere in summer gt Ear rh ac rually closes r To sun in January Ear39Th39s Or39bi r Exaggera red July gt lt Januar39y Ear39Th only 3 c oser39 in January Than July Precession amp The Equinoxes Pawn ndir um r rm cl iphc 1L EOPTh wobbles ff Pr39ecession quot Dirachnn or Pain 5 Hr Hanan me ecnipri 7 TD I Me Sun Pr39ecession period 2 26000 years Wander of NCP due to precession F north J Eelesti klpnle och 5 1000 ac Jr HERCULES I fhuban 3000 EH SUUEI EIC I comm 130mm 1 UREA Mum


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