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Design Hist I

by: Arno Hirthe PhD

Design Hist I KCAH 211

Arno Hirthe PhD
GPA 3.5


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About this Document

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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Arno Hirthe PhD on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to KCAH 211 at Ferris State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see /class/221617/kcah-211-ferris-state-university in Business, management at Ferris State University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
Stephanie Bill Bills 1 Professor Williams Written Rhetoric 7 December 2009 Marilyn Monroe The Murder of a Sex Symbol Marilyn Monroe previoust known as Norma Jean Baker had strived to become famous She has the classic Rags to Riches story going from a very rough child hood to the Biggest Sex Icon America has yet to see Marilyn would then get caught up in the fame and be tossed into Controversies and Scandals that lead to her death Marilyn was found dead at 3am on August 4th of 1962 At rst glance the crime seemed to clearly be a suicide Later to be discovered that pieces didn t match up Marilyn s death was not a suicide it was a murder 10 pm on August 4 1962 the actress slipped into a coma caused by an overdose of sleeping pills and other found toxins She would never regain consciousness After she was discovered a bizarre set of activities took place in her Brentwood home leading to the suspicion that maybe Monroe didn t attempt to end her own life Items came up missing from her bedroom among these items were a diary and an incriminating note that would link Monroe with President John F Kennedy lfthis note would be discovered by the government it would cause further implications according to Marilyn s personal physiatrist It is to be believed that the order for the items removal had come from someone in the White House in an attempt to prevent a scandal from ruining the presidency of John F Kennedy Says TruTv see age 2 of Marilyn Monroe Story Witnesses said they had observed Marilyn s body being taken Bills 2 secretly that night by an ambulance crew to a nearby hospital at around 1030 pm Marilyn would then be returned to her Brentwood home around 1 am This in uenced the mystery and the exact events that took place on the night The allegations all point to the murder of Marilyn and that one of the world39s leading sex symbols and movie legends did not take her own life Stated by Barbra Learning Marilyn Monroe pg 85 According to a few select witnesses Marilyn39s body was rediscovered by her house companion Eunice Murray and her psychiatrist Dr Greenson at around 300am This is several hours following the initial discovery of her remains that allegedly happened at around 1030pm Greenson Marilyn39s psychiatrist later told the police that Murray alerted him around 330 am that she believed something was wrong with Marilyn Greenson arrived at Marilyn39s home shortly after his received call he then broke into her bedroom and found her lying nude and face down in her bed She was clutching a phone in her right hand as if she was calling for help Eunice would then tell the police that she had actually called Greenson after she had discoed Marilyn and he had reported to herthat He had received a call from Marilyn39s former husband Marilyn39s Former husband had received a phone call from Marilyn that concerned him her voice sounded faded and her words slurred as if she didn39t know what was going on With the stories not matching up suspicions rose among those who knew Marilyn best Following the Autopsy they determined cause of death to be overdoes of the sleeping pills she was prescribed What was not counted into effect is that there were foreign toxins found in Marilyn39s liverthat her doctors had not prescribed and were not found in her room The Final Days 20th Centenary Fox Bills 3 Marilyn Monroe s death sparked a debate that would last more than 40 years and generate allegations of Murder These Theories point in the direction of the Kennedy family in efforts to save their family from Scandal and spare them the presidency of John who was having an Alleged affair with Marilyn Marilyn and John had become extremely close in the previous months and had developed an affair Greeson states The Final Days 20th Century Fox This would later come out as a motive for her Murder Marilyn had also been struggling with the treatment for her diagnosis of borderline personality disorder now known as Bipolar disorder Marilyn had accompanied her prescribed sleeping pills with alcohol to escape the severe emotional pain she suffered and to help her with her insomnia for about a year prior to the alleged affair During that time is when she discovered her relationship with Greenson and hired him to be her personal psychiatrist who was available to her 247 The relationship was uncommon and also seen as unethical because it was built on dependency and uncommon medical practices The same yearthat Monroe had found Greenson she became involved in a highly publicized but shortlived affair with Frank Sinatra along with her friendship with several highprofile personalities which included Peter Lawford his wife Pat Kennedy Among these two she also became close to Pat Newcomb who became her best friend thereafter The entire group would often spend great amounts of time together They frequently attended large parties and get together at both the Kennedy and Lawford s estates The guests always included the most elite of Hollywood along with high government officials mainly Robert Kennedy and his brother then President John Kennedy According to Tim Coates39 Marilyn Monroe The FBl Bills 4 Files it was during these parties that Marilyn and the Kennedy brothers became acquainted during the early months of 1962 The Secretives of Marilyn Monroe PG 130 Marilyn s friends readily admitted that a relationship developed between Marilyn and the two Kennedy brothers Her friends believed that she had separate affairs with the two men during the same time period Marilyn s relationship with Robert and John was unknown to the public but had become the talk of Hollywood Marilyn was seen dancing and having intimate conversations at private parties with Robert or John on many different occasions All though she was having an affair with both men according to her closest friends her heart belonged to the elder brother John TruTv The Marilyn Monroe story PG 4 As the affairs went on the FBI began to obtain information on Monroe which had developed into a growing file of her unusual activities Monroe was at the time also rumored to have criminal organizations such as the Mafia take an interest in her but mainly in her affairs with politician brothers Marilyn was naive to what she had dug herself into and didn39t realize just how deeply she got involved in this very dangerous game with dangerous and powerful people that eventually lead to her death The Secret lives of Marilyn Monroe PG 98 During the summer of 1962 Marilyn moved into her new home in Brentwood California that she purchased to be close to her friends the Lawfords and her psychiatrist Greenson During the summer months Marilyn s Insomnia worsened which was supisioned to be cause by the stress of keeping the affairs secrete She became extremely dependent Greenson She confided in him with her struggles and looked to Bills 5 him for her sleeping medication Greenson Claimed that taking care of Marilyn became a fulltime job and he seen her everyday Greenson employed a live in companion for Marilyn named Eunice Murray so that she would have someone there in case of any chance of sudden depression or suicide attempts Marilyn was constantly being watched and she would have showed warning signs ifthis was a suicide The comments ofthese people who were to be watching over her did not match up which shows that they are covering a mistake of there own There are to many facts that were kept from the public and mysterious activities that happened that night for this to be an obvious suicide There are a number of people who claim that Monroe had affairs with one or both Kennedy brothers John Kennedy was known to indulge himself in extramarital adventures so the stories match up Therefore the allegations are not at all implausible that he made himself available to the seductions of one ofthe sexiest and most attractive women of that era Marilyn was known for having these unrealistic notions about becoming First Lady Shortly before her death this caused herto embarrass herself with both Kennedy brothers Her obvious attempts to win the men over became risky and were believed to be intentionally home wreaking Says Peter Lawson The Final Days 20th century Fox Kennedy was worried because it was one thing to linger with anonymous girls but another to be involved with a celebrity sex symbol like Monroe Therefore giving a good reason for JFK and RFKto break off the relationship with Marilyn which tossed her into a spiral of emotions cause by her mental condition Marilyn s rage at JFK39s rejection of her and the fact that she could lose both men caused trouble in Marilyn s life Donald Wolfe sums it up quotMarilyn Monroe was in a position to bring down the presidency She Bills 6 was cognizant of Jack Kennedy39s marital infidelities and other private matters She had his notes and letters and was privy to Kennedy39s involvement with Sam Giancana That the Kennedy brothers had discussed national security matters with the film star added to an astonishing array of indiscretionsquot Friends of Marilyn stated TruTv The Marilyn Monroe story PG 5 JFK was totally aware of these risks and he knew he had to do something about it This is where the theory comes in that people in Marilyn Monroe s life were paid off to get rid of her to save the presidency Seeming s how these events lead directly up to her death and it is apparent that she was trying to get help with the phone clasped in the hand of her cold dead body Marilyn s death was clearly not a suicide There were to many suspicious happenings surrounding her death for they re not to be any sort of foul play It was another Power struggle between two powerful figures One of them had to go down and the most powerful was bound to win JFK had more pull than Monroe and needed to get rid ofthe evidence of any kind of scandal and luckily for him she did already have existing mental issues that he was completely aware of A few years later JFK would be assassinated and all evidence went down with him so that the truth will never be uncovered Another forbidden love story that ending in a tragedy will forever be a mystery left with suspicions that point to the obvious truth


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