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HUN 6247

by: Maxine Torp
Maxine Torp
GPA 3.59


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Maxine Torp on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HUN 6247 at Florida Atlantic University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 71 views. For similar materials see /class/221635/hun-6247-florida-atlantic-university in Nutritional Science at Florida Atlantic University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
COURSE SYLLABUS Advanced Sport Nutrition HUN 6247 14116 3 credits Florida Atlantic University Exercise Science and Health Promotion Registration Dates See current FAU calendar To register you must have permission contact Dr Graves sgravesfauedu 561 297 2790 Instructional Method Class room lecture Thursday evenings 710 to 10 pm Prerequisites Undergraduate nutrition PET 3361 or equivalent Bulletin Description The in uence of exercise on speci c nutrient demands and utilization will be examined Faculty member Douglas S Kalman PhD RD FACN Adjunct Professor Of ce OffCampus 6141 Sunset Drive 301 Miami FL 33143 Ph 3056662368 Email dkalmanmiamiresearchcom Of ce Hours By appointment or email Course Description An advanced study of the role of nutrition as a means to enhance performance in exercise and sport Topics include principles of energy metabolism nutrients in their use during exercise regulation of metabolism by macro and micro nutrients and their role in weight control with athletes The validity and safety of proposed ergogenic aids are also explored This course will evaluate the role of nutrition and supplementation Vis a Vis exercise Topics include fat carbohydrate protein Vitamin mineral and water needs of the active person energy metabolism nutritional and body composition issues nutritional concerns for special groups sports supplements body composition issues Course objectives 1 Be able to assess the nutritional needs of athletes 2 Be able to describe the nutrition needs of endurance athletes 3 Be able to describe the nutritional needs of strength and power athletes 4 Demonstrate knowledge of basic and applied nutrition macronutrients and micronutrients 5 Demonstrate knowledge of regulatory aspects of sports nutrition 6 To prepare students to pass the IS SN s international certification in sports nutrition CISSN and SCAN S CSSD exam Other goals To develop an understanding of the bioenergetics laws that govern metabolism and all energy transfer To develop an understanding of the biochemical regulation of energy metabolism To develop an understanding of how nutrition affects exercise performance To develop an understanding of how exercise affects nutritional needs To develop a better understanding of macronutrient and micronutrient needs of active individuals 6 To be aware of the special nutritional needs and concerns of athletes in various sports ie triathletes wrestlers and basketball players and the factors contributing to fatigue during exerc1se vpuwsv 7 To become better aware of where to nd sports nutrition research and to apply it to prudent consumers of various nutritional products 8 To learn the use of nutrition assessment as it pertains to active individuals 9 To develop an understanding of disordered eating and body image as they pertain to athletes 10 To be able to make recommendations for better eating for specialty populations such as vegetarians FLORIDA ATLANTIC UNIVERSITY 1 Course prerequisites Undergraduate nutrition PET 3361 or equivalent Book Essentials of Sports Nutrition and Supplements Antonio 1 Kalman D Stout JR39 Greenwood M Willoughby DS Haff GG Eds 2008 XVII 696 p 123 illus With CDROM Hardcover ISBN 9781588296115 Obtain from the FAU bookstore on the Davie Campus or G0 to this website httpwww springer 39 huess nutriti n boold978l588296l 15 Format This course is taught by lecture and computerized PowerPoint slide presentations Lectures are approximately each N 2 12 hours in duration and are based on the presentation of the material and class discussion of important issues and concepts Frequent student participation is highly encouraged Students are responsible to know the assigned chapters plus lectures Course Requirements It is the responsibility of the student to take the tests and nal exam and to demonstrate a competitive perspective There will be absolutely NO makeups allowed with NO exceptions It is also the responsibility of students to hand in the assigned papers on or before the due date and to act in a professional manner This is a graduate level course Please make sure that your papers are well written correct grammar sentence structure etc and that you have the correct AJCN style on your references See wwwajcnorg and click on Journal Read instructions for authors concentrate on Review articles It is recommended that each student carefully review that section of the FAU student handbook which covers academic misconduct Plagiarism and ch eating are identified in this section as examples of academic misconduct Any student who either cheats or plagiarizes during this course will be subject to the procedures and penalties set forth in the student handbook see end of syllabus for website Evaluation Midterm 7 Multiple Choice fill in 25 Final 7 Multiple Choice ll in 25 Paper 1 25 Paper 2 m 100 Grading Scale 94 01000A 900 9399A 880 8999B 840 8799B 800 8399B 780 7999C 740 7799C 700 7399C 680 6999D 640 6799D 600 6399D lt600F I do not grade on a curve My hope is that all of you get A s with no need to curve You are responsible for learning the material I cover in class and this content represents the standards required for becoming competent in knowing and understanding the field of sports nutrition Policv 0n 39 A 39 and Exams Students are expected to attend all classes The student is expected to carefully read all assignments before the class in which the material is to be discussed Assignments are due at the beginning of the class period on the day assigned Assignments are to be handed in to the Professor not emailed unless approved by the Professor in writing If you miss class the day an assignment is due it is your responsibility to have your assignment delivered to the instructor on time Any assignment turned in late shall result in an automatic 10point reduction in grade with an additional 2 point reduction on a daily basis cumulative will be subtracted from the score for each day it is overdue All Paper assignments should be stapled and typed in AJCN style wwwaj cn org Follow the Instructions for Authors guidelines for Review Papers All papers are to be no longer than ve written pages doublespaced 12 font Incomplete Grades Grades of incomplete shall be awarded only in cases where of extreme hardship or emergency where undisputable proof is provided This will be decided with the ESHP Department Chair Sunnmtimr Texts nn nm good for vour librarv m Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism by Sareen S Gropper Jack L Smith James L GroffHardcover 2004 Sports and Exercise Nutrition by William D McArdle Frank I Katch and Victor L Katch Hardcover May 1 2008 Exercise Physiology Energy Nutrition and Human Performance by William D McArdle Frank I Katch and Victor L Katch Hardcover April 1 2006 Sports Nutrition Energy Metabolism amp Exercise Editors I Wolinsky and J Driskell CRC Press Hardcover 2008 Nutritional Assessment of Athletes Editors I Wolinsky and J Driskell CRC Press Hardcover 2002 Exercise Metabolism by Mark PhD Hargreaves and Lawrence PhD Spriet Human Kinetics Hardcover Dec 31 2005 The Ergogenics Edge Mel Williams Paperback Human Kinetics 1998 Sports Psychology for Coaches By Damon Burton and Thomas D Raedeke PhD Human Kinetics Paperback 2008 Sports Supplements by Jose Antonio and Jeffrey R Stout Lippincott William amp Wilkens Hardcover Sep 1 2001 Q 7quot 39D Q 0 039 Web Supplemental Material optional I Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition wwwjissncom I The International Society of Sports Nutrition wwwtheissnorg I SCAN 7 wwwscandpgorg Gatorade Sports Science Institute wwwgssiwebcom National Strength amp Conditioning Association wwwnscaliftorg I American College of Sports Medicine wwwacsmorg I httpwwwjohnkgkcom Some websites to check for Supplement botanical herbal etc Drug Interactions and noted side effects httpwwwnlm nib Irv quot39 39 d 39p 39 39u Allhtm1 htt wwwdru di est0r DDDVHHerbsO 3913 00htm1 httpwwwmedumichedullibrahaumherbO1htm httpwww usnharmaci t 39 i mat asnur1newlool fquot comp lnnlt htm httpwww 39 quot39 mm tonic herbdru httpwww J mm rewume 39 quot J httpwww A com resourceinte ativemedrcintegrativemed8 Acceptable Journal References for Review Papers ONLY PEERREVIEWED REFERENCES ALLOWED IF YOU ARE UNSURE IF THE JOURNAL YOU OBTAINED A REFERENCE ARTICLE FROM IS PEERREVIEWED ASK THE PUBLISHER OR MYSELF Websites to use for scienti c literature research include wwwpubmed gov wwwjissncom htt hi wirestanf0rdedu wwwmedscapecom httpwwwsorebackcom httpwww nlm nih quot39 39 39 39 html httpwww 39 J39 W 39 39 h0meisp httpwwwebscohostcomthisTopicphpmarketID1amptopicID585 Sport Discus htt wwws ortsci0r indeXhtm1390ur0303htmamp1 httn39 chnlar onnole quot h1enamptab ivs hit 39 39 about J I quotI im 139 39hT m Religious Holidays This instructor will abide by the University s policy on religious holy days as stated in the University catalog and the student handbook Any student may request to be excused from the class to observe a religious holy day of hisher faith Requests should be made in advance of the holiday not retroactively Grievance Procedures Students who have questions about grades or assignments should rst discuss the issue with the instructor of ce 3056662368 If the issue is not resolved students may discuss the issue with Dr B Sue Graves 5612972790 Important Dates Class dates Events Actual Class Meeting Days Jan 14 Thursday Course Content 11410 Intro review Syllabus review general concepts of the course review general policies take written attendance discuss ISSN ADA certi cations extra credit start on CHO if time permits 12 1 10 7 Carbohydrates 128 10 7 Carbohydrates and Fiber 2410 7 Lipids 21110 7 Lipids 21810 7 Protein ISSN Position Paper Assignment of paper paper due 3410 22510 7 Protein 3410 7 Test One covers class notes chapter text information Disordered Eating and Athletes READ Nutritional Assessment of Athletes Nutrient Timing ISSN Position Paper 31110 Spring Break no class 31810 Continuation of 3410 topics Assignment of Paper Two due 4110 READ on own Chapter 1 pages 3 7 20 32510 7 Exercise Physiology 7 Thermodynamics to Metabolism see 31810 4110 Vitamins Minerals Creatine 7 READ ISSN Position Paper on Creatine website 4 8 10 7 Creatine HlVIB BetaAlanine Caffeine other supplements 4 15 10 7 General Sports Psychology potential guest Professor 42210 7 General review for nal 429 to 552009 Finals Week This schedule is subject to change The instructor will do his best to inform you of schedule changes Changes will be announced in class or by email If you miss class it is your responsibility to nd out if there were any changes in the schedule You are always responsible to know the material outlined in the text and this syllabus Introduction Sports Nutrition and Macronutrient Manipulation the role of the ISSN the Scienti c Method Jan 14 7 Read Chapter 1113 Jan 217 Read Ch 14 16 17 Jan 28 7 Read Ch 18 19 Feb 4 Wed Exam I Feb 11 7 Ch 20 Feb 18 7 Ch 21 and 22 Feb 25 7 Ch 23 March 11 Wed Nutrient Timing and Sports Supplements March 18 7 Ch 25 26 March 25 7 Ch 27 28 Note for the scienti c manuscripts below they can be accessed at wwwjissncom April 1 International Society of Sports Nutrition position stand protein and exercise Campbell B Kreider RB Ziegenfuss T La Bounty P Roberts M Burke D Landis J Lopez H Antonio J Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition 2007 48 26 September 2007 April 8 International Society of Sports Nutrition position stand creatine supplementation and exercise Buford TW Kreider RB Stout JR Greenwood M Campbell B Spano M Ziegenfuss T Lopez H Landis J Antonio J Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition 2007 46 30 August 2007 April 15 International society of sports nutrition position stand nutrient timing Chad Kerksick Jeff Stout Bill Campbell Colin Wilborn Richard Kreider Doug Kalman Tim Ziegenfuss Hector Lopez Jamie Landis John Ivy Jose Antonio Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition 2008 517 3 October 2008 7 Lnf1 Comprehensive Multiple Choice Exam Lecture Topics Basic Metabolism Learning How to Read Food Labels Regulatory issues in nutrition and supplements Identify the types sources and functions of carbohydrates CHO Brie y discuss the metabolic fate of CHO Describe the insulin response and action when simple CHO is consumed Discuss the impact of CHO feeding during exercise on blood glucose glycogen stores and endurance performance Glycemic and Insulinemic Responses Explain the impact of normal diet supercompensation and training on CHO availability and resynthesis Suggest dietary CHO intake for the athlete and sedentary person Identify the types sources and functions of lipids fats Explain the metabolic fate of lipids and describe how lipids are transported in the body Bad versus Good fats Suggest dietary fat intake Brie y discuss the metabolic fate of dietary protein Discuss the relationship between protein intake tissue buildingrepair and tissue loss Discuss the role of protein as an energy substrate at rest Identify the types sources and function of fat and watersoluble vitamins Identify the types sources and function of selected minerals and the impact of mineral supplementation on athletic performance Identify normal uid levels in the body and typical water loss which occurs on a daily basis List and brie y discuss common methods of body composition assessment and relate dietary intake to composition Recommend a strategy to obtain optimal nutrition for health and athletic performance Discuss the different popular diets on the market Identify the types sources and function of selected ergogenic aids and the impact of ergogenic aids on athletic performance In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act gADA students who require special accommodations due to a disability to properly execute coursework must register with the Office for Students with Disabilities OSD located in Boca Raton SU 133 5612973880 in Davie MOD I 9542361222 in Jupiter SR 117 5617998585 or at the Treasure Coast CO 128 7728733305 and follow all OSD procedures Honor Code Students at Florida Atlantic University are expected to maintain the highest ethical standards Academic dishonesty including cheating and plagiarism is considered a serious breach of these ethical standards because it interferes with the University mission to provide a high quality education in which no student enjoys an unfair advantage over any other Academic dishonesty is also destructive of the University community which is grounded in a system of mutual trust and places high value on personal integrity and individual responsibility Harsh penalties are associated with academic dishonesty For more information see httpwww fall A 39 quot 39 1 10017Honorf ode ndf


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