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UNIX System Programming

by: Aiyana Mraz

UNIX System Programming COP 4604

Aiyana Mraz
GPA 3.82


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 27 page Class Notes was uploaded by Aiyana Mraz on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COP 4604 at Florida Atlantic University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see /class/221639/cop-4604-florida-atlantic-university in Computer Programming at Florida Atlantic University.

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Date Created: 10/12/15
OP 4604 UNIX System Programming Introduction Dr Sam Hsu Computer Science amp Engineering Florida Atlantic University I What IS UNIX What is UNIX A general purpose machineindependent multiuser time sharing interactive environment Creators of UNIX Dennis Ritchie amp Ken Thompson inspired by MULTICS Received 198339s Turing Award g UNIX Features Some nice features of UNIX Hierarchical filesystem Simple IO processing C language UNIX shell Pipesfilters Designed for programming rather than for applications g Brief History of UNIX 16 Designs of OS used to be hardware dependent and implemented in assembly languages In the mid60 s people tried to implement OS in highlevel languages MULTICS was among the first attempts Coded in PLl designed at MIT Was judged a failure even though the idea was considered innovative I Brief History of UNIX 26 Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson continued they pioneered a project known as UNIX A pun on MULTICS UNIX was first developed on PDP7 written in PDP7 assembly language Was rewritten almost entirely in C in 1972 Was initially developed at Bell Labs for their own inhouse use however found a way to escape from Bell Labs starting in 1974 g Brief History of UNIX 36 In 1974 Version 5 was licensed virtually free to universities The University of California at Berkeley was among the first schools that received the earliest academic licenses Version 6 was announced in 1975 One copy was licensed to the Rand Corporation The first commercial version ever sold g Brief History of UNIX 46 Version 7 was released later and became the first industry standard for UNIX System III was announced in 1981 an enhancement to Version 7 System V was released in 1983 created to serve as the new industry standard in place of the early Version 7 Since then System V has gone through several revisions the current version is Release 4 g Brief History of UNIX 56 In parallel with Bell Labs UC Berkeley has also played a major role in developing different versions of UNIX Developed lBSD 1St Berkeley Software Distribution in 1977 An improvement over ATampT s Version 6 ZBSD was released a year later Both versions were developed on PDP11 g Brief History of UNIX 66 3BSD was developed on VAX in 1978 Berkeley s equivalent of Bell Labs Version 7 4BSD was announced two years later After several years of evolution the current version is 44BSD Following the practice of the ATampT Bell Labs Berkeley UNIX offers academic as well as commercial licenses g UNIX Versions 13 Bona fide versions of UNIX ATampT UNIX Berkeley UNIX Other UNIX versions AIX HPUX SCO XENIXUNIX 10 g UNIX Versions 23 SunOS Solaris I UnixWare Linux with many variants Red Hat Linux Caldera OpenLinux SuSE Linux Debian GNULinux TurboLinux Slackware g UNIX Versions 33 UNIX systems for teaching purposes Tunix Ewens et al 1985 Holt 1983 XINU Comer 1984 MINIX Tanenbaum 1987 Pseudo UNIX UNIXlike 12 g UNIX Philosophy Simplicity I FOCUS Reusable components PipesFilters Open file formats 13 gUNIXrelated Vendor Consortia 18 XOPEN Company Ltd An international group of computer vendors originated in Europe Was formed in 1984 under the name BISON Produced specifications not software Published XOpen Portability Guide Issue 3 XPG3 and Issue 4 XPG4 are related to UNIX 14 gUNIXrelated Vendor Consortia 28 Open Software Foundation OSF Not a standards body but a corporation Was formed in 1988 originally called the Hamilton Group a reaction to a business alliance between ATampT and SUN Produced both specifications and software 15 gUNIXrelated Vendor Consortia 38 Publishedproduced AES Application Environment Specification OSF l An microkerneIbased OS Motf A GUI 16 IUNIXrelated Vendor Consortia 48 UIUSL Short for UNIX InternationalUNIX System Laboratories UI was formed by ATampT in 1988 partly as a reaction to OSF Membership fee required Providing guidance to USL USL was part of ATampT sold to Novell in December 1992 17 IUNIXrelated Vendor Consortia 58 Produced both specifications and software Publishedproduced SVID System VInterface Definition UNIX System V An operating system OPENLOOK A GUI UIA tas Distrbutea Computing Architecture A longrange architecture based on existing and emerging technologies and industry standards 18 gUNIXrelated Vendor Consortia 68 The Open Group XOpen and OSF merged in 1996 to form the Open Group Goal To create an environment where all elements involved in technology development can cooperate to deliver less costly and more flexible Information Technology solutions Produces both specifications and software 19 gUNIXrelated Vendor Consortia 78 Has publishedproduced The Single UNIX Speci cation Version 3 is the most recent version collectively known as the Base Speci cations It includes Base De nitions Issue 6 XBD Shell and Utilities Issue 6 XCU System Interfaces Issue 6 XSH 20 gUNIXrelated Vendor Consortia 88 The Open Group Architectural Framework TOG4F Version 7 TOGAF is a framework for developing an IT architecture UNIX 98 Systems 21 g IEEE POSIX Standards 13 I POSIX Portable Operating System Interface A family of standards based on but not limited to the UNIX system AKA Open Systems Standards 22 g IEEE POSIX Standards 23 POSIX1 Formally known as IEEE Std 100311990 International version ISOIEC 9945 11990 IEEE Std 100312001 is the latest version ISOIEC 99452002 is the most recent international version 23 g IEEE POSIX Standards 33 POSIXJ FIPS 1512 Federal Information Processing Standard A guideline for procurement of computer systems by the US government Developed by NIST FIPS PUB 1512 is based on the POSIX1 standards plus some of its own optional features In practice every vendor who implements a POSIX1 conforming system also implements the additional FIPS options making them a de facto extension to POSIX1 24 ome Adopted POSIX Standards Name Description POSIX1 Base operating system programming interfaces in C Adopted 1988 POSIX2 Shell and Utilities including interactive utilities and a few C interfaces Adopted 1992 POSIX3 Test methods for measuring conformance to POSIX Adopted 1991 POSIX31 Test methods assertions for measuring conformance to POSIX1 Adopted 1993 POSIX4 Real time extensions to POSIX1 Adopted 1992 POSIX5 Ada language binding to POSIX1 Describes the same functionality as POSIX1 accessible from Ada programs Adopted 1992 POSIX9 FORTRAN 77 language binding to POSIX1 Describes the same functionality as POSIX1 accessible from FORTRAN 77 programs Adopted 1992 POSIX1O POSIX Based Supercomputing Application Environment Pro le Adopted 1995 25 g Some Relevant Web Sites 12 A major UNIX Web site by the OPEN Group http wwwunixsystemsorg IEEE POSIX standards http standardsieeeorg reading ieee stdpublic description posix The OPEN Group39s Slhge UNIX Speci cation keyword search site http www0pengrouporg onlinepubs 7908799 26 g Some Relevant Web Sites 22 Linux links httplwww1ibmcomlinuxlinksindexshtml Free Software Foundation Project GNU http wwwgnuorg 27


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