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Human Sexuality & Social Chang

by: Harrison Will

Human Sexuality & Social Chang SYP 3060

Marketplace > Florida Atlantic University > Social Sciences > SYP 3060 > Human Sexuality Social Chang
Harrison Will
GPA 3.54

Gina Carreno-Lukasik

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About this Document

Gina Carreno-Lukasik
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Harrison Will on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SYP 3060 at Florida Atlantic University taught by Gina Carreno-Lukasik in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 180 views. For similar materials see /class/221646/syp-3060-florida-atlantic-university in Social Sciences at Florida Atlantic University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
SYP 3060 Human Sexuality and Social Change w Dr Carreno Lukasik Study Guide 3 Your exam will consist of multiple choice questions that can address any of the topics below variety of sexual behaviors what is a paraphilia and what is the difference between a coercive and noncoercive paraphilia why is it difficult to discussde ne paraphilias consider social constructionist perspective of sexuality that what is deviant or atypica to some degree is subjective Paraphilia uncommon types of sexual expression Noncoercive solo activities or involve participation of consenting adults harmless Coercive Considered invasive Involves unwilling recipients of behavior for the following know the de nition and if it is considered coercive or noncoercive fetishism transvestism what do transgender individuals say about this sadomasochism what constitutes pain what is bondage autoerotic asphyxia klismaphilia coprophilia urophilia exhibitionism obscene phone calls voyeurism frotteurism zoophilia necrophilia procreation issues lecture posted in blackboard for history of contraception know the role of the Comstock Laws in 1870s and the role of the Supreme Court in 1965 and 1972 in 1870s due to Comstock laws contraceptive information was illegal so only legal birth control was abstinence first birth control pills came on market in 1960 after research and testing in Puerto Rico prior to 1965 Supreme Court ruling states could prohibit use of contraceptives by married people in 1972 Supreme court decriminalized the use of contraceptives by single people what are some positivesadvantages of the availability of birth control birth control has allowed for sexual intimacy without risk of pregnancy children are more likely to be born to parents who are prepared for to raise them spacing kids at least 18 months apart increases newborn health increased equality between women and men although many religious organizations favor birth control some groups still don t ex Catholic Church says only abstinence and planning based on menstrual cycle although most Catholics in US use contraception and want the Pope s position to change in the US who is most likely to obtain an abortion each year 3 million women in US have unplanned pregnancies 13 million abortions each year in US 53 of women who have abortions are age 25 or younger 20 are younger than 19 33 are between 20 and 25 young unmarried white women obtain the most abortions married women have 20 of the abortions in a given year among women having an abortion 43 are Protestant and 27 are Catholic how does the US abortion rate compare to rates in other industrialized nations what factors account for this difference US has one of the higher abortion rates in industrialized world 7 other countries have lower rates because they offer paid parental leave health care comprehensive sex education and birth control and emergency contraception in schools livable minimum wage etc 7 23 of women in US who have abortions say primary reason is that they cannot afford to have child and 60 of abortions occur among those with annual income below 28000 for family of three what is Roe v Wade 1973 Roe v Wade legalized abortion before the fetus reaches viability sixth or seventh month of pregnancy what did the Hyde Amendment of 1977 do and what have been some consequences of this amendment Hyde Amendment in 1977 passed by Congress restricted federal Medicaid funds for abortions leaving around 6 million lowincome women of reproductive age without this resource 7 although individual states can choose to pay with their own funds for lowincome women s abortions as of 2006 only 17 states were doing so as of 2006 29 states require a mandatory counseling session 24 states require a 24 hour waiting period btw the counseling and abortion 4 states restrict private insurance from covering abortion 21 states require an abortion to be done at a hospital instead of a clinic after a certain number of weeks of pregnancy even though research shows abortions at clinic are safe 7 ex for pregnancies past 16 weeks Texas requires abortion be done at hospitals but no hospitals in Texas perform abortions only clinics states have parental consent laws that require a minor to obtain one or both parents consent before she can have an abortion video Pregnant Man sex for sale lecture posted in blackboard what is prostitution exchange of sexual services for money what is sex work sex worker is a person involved in prostitution and related activities such as phone sex nude dancing erotic massage internet sex and acting porn movies who is more likely to be a customer of a sex worker 7man or woman is female sex tourism decreasing or increasing mostly men 7 study of men around the world 2006 found that 10 had exchanged money for sex in the past yea women are far less likely to pay for sex but female sex tourism is on the rise 7 single divorced and married white women from Europe and North America travel to third world locales like Kenya for liasons with beach boys African American women go to Jamaica and Japanese women go to Bali 2006 according to studies are most men and women prostitutes happy in their profession what do they say they need to leave the profession some work parttime and purse school or work others work fulltime and have little education and few marketable skills 7 some studies find that 89 of sex workers want to leave the profession 7 what women say they need in order to quit prostitution in descending order of importance job training home or safe place health care individual counseling legal assistance peer support drugalcohol treatment selfdefense training child care legalization of prostitution physical protection from pimp according to studies what factors may lead to a teen becoming a prostitute according to the National IncidentBased Reporting System in the US male juvenile prostitutes outnumber female by 61 to 39 teens often become prostitutes to survive nancially after running away from home 7 95 have been victims of sexual abuse and most have been rejected by their families often for being GLBT according to international studies what factors contribute to men and women becomin prostitutes is the stereotype that people become prostitutes to support a drugalcohol habit true combo of psychological social environmental and economic factors 7 some do it for sexual liberation desire for attention especially attering for gays who are used to being stigmatized 7 primary reasons are economic necessity research on sex workers in 9 countries Canada Colombia Germany Mexico South Africa Thailand Turkey US Zambia found that most need to earn money 7 75 were homeless when they became prostitutes 7 in US minimum wage is insufficient and many prostitutes had held low pay jobs like babysitting food service and cleaning jobs 7 stereotype is that sex workers do it to support drugalcohol habit but untrue in fact studies show prostitution precedes alcoholdrugs for 40 to 60 of workers regarding the alternatives to criminalizing prostitution what is the difference between legalization decriminalization and depenalization alternatives to criminal status of prostitution legalization decriminalization depenalization o legalization could be regulated licensed and taxed by government and medical checkups for STIs o decriminalization criminal penalties for workers and customers would be eliminated but not licensed or regulate o depenalization fine and imprison customers pimps and brothel owners but provide sex workers with education medical and economic assistance to get out of the work why is the term pomographic subjective again think about the social constructionist perspective of sexuality any written visual or spoken material depicting sexual activity or genital exposure that is meant to be sexually arousing 7 people find what is porn subjective 7think social constructionist perspective what are some of the differences between heterosexual porn gay porn and lesbian porn hetero porn hetero porn closeup views of intercourse anal and oral sex 7 women are eager sexual participants and their bodies are the primary focus of the lm 7 underweight with breast implants 7 threesomes group sex two women having sex 7 men not as eroticized and are ordinary looking 7money shot is men ejaculating outside woman s vagina or mouth gay porn gay porn muscular good looking men 7 subgenres have variation in body type like bear porn that features large men with lots of body hair lesbian pomfew lms made low budget 7 include reallife lovers 7 lots of variation from butch and femme those words not derogatory in this context used by lesbians to refer to themselves as either more masculine or more feminine 7 lots of roleplaying and sex toys and safe sex is highlighted on average how do men and women respond differently to porn some women may be physically aroused but intellectually turned off 7 both men and women can become physiologically aroused by porn but men are stimulated more by visual whereas women are more into erotic novels sexual coercion and violence lecture posted in blackboaraD is there one uniform definition of rape what do most states agree upon in de ning rape although legal definition of rape varies from state to state most state laws de ne rape as sexual intercourse occurring under actual or threatened forcible compulsion that overcomes the earnest resistance of the victim why is it dif cult to obtain accurate statistics on rape for women and for men dif cult to know true statistics bc rape is vastly underreported 7 according to FBI 94635 females nationwide reported being raped in 2004 7 however government agencies like US Dept of Justice estimate that the percentage of rapes that women victims report to police or other public agencies is probably around 12 to 28 or so 7 so based on the estimates of underreporting it is likely that the actual number of rapes occurring in 2004 ranged from 338000 to 795000 note also that men are raped as well although huge problem of underreporting 7 it is estimated that only 1 in 10 male rapes are reported to police 7 men who report being raped often face harsh societal attitudes even from law enforcement some police of cers especially men 7 men also underreport probably because of our society s ideas about gender that men are supposed to be emotionally and physically strong and somehow rape renders them weak or not a real man 7 male victims of rape have received very little media attention or attention in the medical or psychological literature what is stranger rape vs acquaintace rape vs date rape vs partner rape l STRANGER RAPE rape by unknown assailant 2 ACQUAINTAN CE RAPE rape by someone known to the victim 3 DATE RAPE rape by someone known to the victim usually in context of date 4 PARTNER RAPE rape by someone s partner or spouse what is sexual harassment unwelcome sexual advances requests for sexual favors and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature in the workplace or academic settin what is the EEOC their guidelines on sexual harassment differentiate between what two kinds of sexual harassment know what each kind involves sexual harassment in the workplace is prohibited by Title VII of the 1964 civil Rights Act 7 in 1980 the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOC issued guidelines about sexual harassment making it clear that both verbal and physical sexual harassment are illegal 7 the guidelines outlaw two kinds of sexual harassment uid pro quo compliance with unwanted sexual advances is made a condition for securing a job or education bene ts or for favorable treatment in employment or academic settings such as receiving high grades hostile or offensive environment one or more supervisors coworkers teachers or students engage in persistent inappropriate behaviors that make the workplace or academic environment hostile abusive and generally unbearable number of sexual harassment complaints led with the EEOC more than doubled from 5623 in 1989 to 13136 in 2004 7 the percentage of claims filed by males has steadily increased from 91 in 1992 to 151 in 2004 why is it difficult to obtain accurate statistics on samesex sexual harassment samesex sexual harassment occurs as well but statistics are very difficult to know because a attorneys often nd themselves needing to prove that the accused acted out of sexual interest and proving this is hard because most defendants in these cases claim to be heterosexual and b many gay and lesbian plaintiffs may fear being outted 7 according to the EEOC samesex sexual harassment claims have been rising in recent years what is the most common form of sexual harassment in academic settings what are some of the effects of sexual harassment on the victim most common form of sexual harassment in academic setting is male professorsinstructors harassing female students 7 students can experience coercive harassment while trying to get a good grade letter of recommendation or workresearch opportunity 7 sexual harassment of students often results in poor school performance altered or derailed academic careers and variety of psychological or physical symptoms similar to those experienced by people harassed at work symptoms range from eating disorders crying spells anger humiliation panic attacks embarrassment irritability lack of motivation etc sexually transmitted infections refer to the guest speakers Today and Beyond Wellness presentation about STIs and now or the readings Some good news I have decided you may bring notes for the READINGS ONLY to use during the exam Iwill check your notes first so please do not put in material from lecture Y 0a must know the lecture material But for the readings you may bring in notes you write or type yourself including the postings You may not use a laptop nor may you use your regular class notebook You may bring the readings themselves if you wish Please keep in mind that you may not share notes nor readings during the exam you must bring your own The readings for exam 3 will include Gaskin Fielding Edmunds and Schaff Sweet amp Tewksbury Nagel Leuchtag Struckman Johnson StruckmanJohnson ampAnderson Katz Nagel Abramovitz Pelka


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