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Foundation of Computer Sci Lab

by: Mr. Lyric Nienow

Foundation of Computer Sci Lab COT 3002L

Marketplace > Florida Atlantic University > OTHER > COT 3002L > Foundation of Computer Sci Lab
Mr. Lyric Nienow
GPA 3.62


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Lyric Nienow on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COT 3002L at Florida Atlantic University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see /class/221655/cot-3002l-florida-atlantic-university in OTHER at Florida Atlantic University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
1 Log In Session 11 Log In Pluto UNIX Server address plutocsefauedu SSH mode PuTTY Enter username at login fauMyFAUI D Only one backslash Enter password at password MyPas sword Telnet mode Windows cmd telnet plutocsefauedu Enter username at login fau MyFAUI D Two backslashes Enter password at password MyPas sword 12 Change Password passwd 13 Log Out logout orexit 2 File System 21 Create a File cat gt file Enter text and end with ctrlD vi file Edit file using the vi editor pico file pico fullscreen editor 22 Make a Directory mkdir directoryename 23 Display File Contents cat file display contents of file more file display contents and on screenfulls head file Output beginning of file head file displays the specified number of lines from the top of the file Output end of file displays the specified number of lines from the end of the file 24 Comparing Files diff filel file2 line by comparison cmp filel file2 byte by byte comparison 25 Changing Access Modes chmod mode filel file2 chmod R mode dir changes all files in dir tail file tail file UNIX Quick Reference Sheet Mode Sett ings u user owner 9 group 0 other add permission remove permission r read w write x execute Example chmod go rwx foo c removes read write and execute permissions for group and other on foo c 26 List Files and Directories ls list contents of directory ls A include files with 39Hquot dot files ls l list contents in long format show modes The pipe symbol I located above the backward slash key and the word more can be used after Unix listing commands such as 15 or cat filename to display information one screen at a time 15 Imore or cat filenane Imore Press Enter or the Spacebar to scroll forward 27 Move or Rename Files and Directories mv srcefile destefile rename srcefile to destefile mv srcefile destedir move a file into a directory mv srcedir destedir rename srcedir or move to destdir copy amp prompt before overwriting mv i src dest 28 Copy Files cp srcefile destefile cp srcefile destedir copy srcefile to destefile copy a file into a directory cp R srcedir destedir copy one directory into another cp i src dest copy amp prompt before overwriting 29 Remove File rm file remove delete a file rmdir dir rm r dir rm i file remove an empty directory remove a directory and its contents remove file but prompt before deleting 210 Change Working Directory cd return to your login home directory cd dir change to directory dir 211 Find Name of Current Directory pwd display absolute path of working directory 212 Pathnames simple One lename or directory name for accessing local le or directory Example foo c absolute List of directory names from root directory to desired le or directory name each separated by Example srcshared relative List of directory names from working directory to desired le or directory name each separated by Example Mailinbox2 3 213 Directory Abbreviations Your home login directory username Another user39s home directory Working current directory Parent of working directory Parent of parent directory 3 Commands 31 Date date display date and time cal displays the current month 32 Wild Cards single character wild card Arbitrary number of characters 33 Redirection command gt file direct output of command to file instead of standard output screen replacing current contents of file as above except output is appended to the current contents of file command receives input from file command gtgt file command lt file instead of standard input keyboard quotpipequot output of cmdl to input of cmd2 log everything displayed on the terminal to file end with exit cmdl cmd2 script file 4 Help man command displays information from the online Unix reference manual about a speci c command man k keyword displays the commands relevant to a keyword 5 Process and Job Control 51 Important Terms pid Process IDenti cation number jobid Job identi cation number 52 Display Process andor Job Ids ps report processes and pid numbers ps gx as above but include quothiddenquot processes jobs report current jobs and job id numbers ctrlS Stop screen scrolling CtrlQ Resume screen output sleep n Sleep for n seconds 53 Stop Suspend a Job ctrlZ NOTE process still existsl stop n Suspend background job n 54 Run a Job in the Background Start job in background Add amp to end of command Example xdvi unixintrodvi amp Force a running job into the background ctrlZ stop the job bg quotpushquot the job into the background cmmdamp Run cmmd in background 55 Bring a Job to the Foreground fg bring a job to foreground fg job7id foreground by jobiid 56 Kill a Process or Job ctrlC kill foreground process kill KILL pid kill KILL job z39d


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