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Orgzd Crime & Drug Business

by: Miss Deven Weissnat

Orgzd Crime & Drug Business CCJ 4642

Miss Deven Weissnat
GPA 4.0

Richard Mangan

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About this Document

Richard Mangan
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miss Deven Weissnat on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CCJ 4642 at Florida Atlantic University taught by Richard Mangan in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see /class/221659/ccj-4642-florida-atlantic-university in Criminal Justice at Florida Atlantic University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
7202011 Organized Crimes Medellin Drug cartel o Ingenuity intelligence begins with marijuana supplier of 80 of cocaine of the world The most prominent group in Colombia Like fancy cars built mansions 0 After extradition to US battle begins wt Colombian s govt Los PEPES an acronym in Spanish for quotPeople Persecuted by Pablo Escobarquot 0 Son wrote a book my father s sins Major players 1 Lquot 2 Pablo Escobar The most significant member of the cartel Elected to Colombian Congress arranged for assassination of government officials His favorite s historical figure was Al Capone He was killed on Dec 2 1993 in a rooftop shootout with police and soldiers while quotattempting to escapequot He Built soccer fields housing for poor provided education after his death Diego Fernando quotDon Berna Murillo bejarano 47 referred to as the Exterminator because of his wanton cruelty took over his drug empire Pablo Escobar was known for 2 things i Row violence would kill for anything and ii Efficiency of his operations Carlos Lehder Rivas Assassinated Escobar by increasing size of planes and shipments arranged to buy island in the Bahamas for storage of cocaine In jail in US now In 1991 he appeared as US th witness in the trial of Gen Manuel Antonio Noriega The Ochoa brothers 3 member ofa fairly rich family of ranchers First to strike a deal wt Colombian government 1 bro Fabio in jail now in Miami Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha close friend of Escobar brutal killer Killed in gun battle with Colombian police The Calli Cartel 19751996 0 Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela was arrested in Spain after trying to expand to Europe 0 Miguel Rodriguez orejuela took over after his brother s arrest was a micro manager bought a company ceramic in equator coffee company in Brazil n fancy clothes in n smuggle the drugs through those materials also got a company in Miami frozen broccoli and accra 0 Jose Santacruz Londono o Helmer Herrera Bruittrago They were all successful businessmen in US and Calli the 3rd largest city in Colombia They owned schools soccer team banks everything CC preferred to bride officials instead of killing them Kept receipts of all transactions made Judges police officers ministers contributed 6millions dollars to a presidential candidate which in turn won the election All of them were arrested Jamaican Posses Jamaican labor party and the People labor party 0 Came to the attention of the US law enforcement around 1976 o Expanded dramatically in the 1990 s 0 Today there are about 35 different posses operating in the US Canada Great Britain and the Caribbean 0 2 of the most powerful were the Reatown Boys who supported the Jamaican labor party later became the shower Posse o The Dunkirk Boys supported the People s National Party and became the Spangler m o Leaders are Generals o In great Britain they r known as Wardiesafter the backyard ofJamaica o Posse members are well armed and use automatic weapons 0 Posse members will confront police and use weapons 0 Members use extensive counter surveillance Juveniles look out 0 Members usually display a total disregard for innocent bystanders 0 Members use aliases and fake ID 0 Have the ability to adapt to law enforcement 0 Members use female associates for a lot of things 0 Members like small foreign autos with sunroofs eg BMW s OUTLAW MOTORCYCLE CLUBS THE BIG FOUR o The Hell s Angels founded in 1948 US chapters 200 in 13 states Foreign chapters 13 countries Members 2100 0 ONE THE MOST SUCCESSFUL GROUP NOT ALLOWING UNDERCOVER OPERATION


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