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Data Structures & Program

by: Judson Frami

Data Structures & Program CIS 5100

Judson Frami
Florida Tech
GPA 3.74


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Judson Frami on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CIS 5100 at Florida Institute of Technology taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see /class/221674/cis-5100-florida-institute-of-technology in Computer Information Systems at Florida Institute of Technology.

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Date Created: 10/12/15
Guide for the Use of Macromedia Flash Materials for the Course of CIS5100 Data Structures and Programming School of Extended Graduate Studies Florida Institute of Technology 1 INTRODUCTION 1 11 PROPOSED SCHEDULE 2 2 BRIEFLY ABOUT MACROMEDIA FLASH 1 1 Introduction The purpose of this documentation is to brie y introduce the features of Macromedia Flash materials for course ClS 5100 Data Structures and Programming These materials have been designed and tailored based on both facetoface and onlineVirtual classroom experience In many cases examples and sample code parts follow the reference applications of the official textbook assigned to the course Deitel Harvey M Deitel amp Paul J Deitel Deitel JAVATM How to Program 6 l Edition Prentice Hall 2005 ISBN 0131483986 Students can navigate between slides by the use of le and right arrows in the bottom le corner Note that for every lecture le there is a socalled quiz le that intends to test student knowledge Quizzes can also be used for practicing Quizzes question elements of the lecture materials and provide rough feedback only 11 Proposed Schedule The set of Flash materials are grouped into 14 groups and so proposes a 14week schedule as follows 1 De nitions of software engineering algorithms introduction to 2 ha V A V U V programming in general computer architectures 7 es CISS l 007lntro duction swf Quin swf Obj ect Orientation and Procedural programming Part I basic applications in Java les ChapterZJ39avaswf IntrotoOOsw Chapter271ntrotoOOQuizswf Introduction to Object Orientation Classes MethodsFunctions Objects Linking OO and procedural programming 7 les Chapter37introswf IntrotoOOswf Chapter37introiquizswf Procedural Programming Part II An introduction to control statements in programming languages examples in Java 7 les Chapter47controlswf Chapter4icontroliquiz swf Control Statement types and practice of 00 features les ChapterSicontroljlsw Chapter57controlJ27quizswf 6 Functionalities in objects functions in C and methods in Java les chaptersgmethodswf chapterogmethodgquiz sw 7 Arrays 7 characteristics and typical use cases les chaptenganayswf gquizswf t rJavarspecil39ic ieatures les Chapter87classesswf f 3 H i as E a a O a iject Orientation a sample codes in Java les Chapter87classesswf chapteisginheritgquizsw advantages and disadvantages les Chapt lOJolymsw chaptetlojoolymgquizswf 11 Characters and suings Regular expressions les Weekl 17Chapter29istn39ngswf Weekl 17Chaptel 297stn39ng7quizsw 1 classes ior 39 39 39 39 allocation and linked lists stacks queues and trees Example codes in Jav les Weeklzgchapterl7gdatastrsw Weeklzgchapterl datastrg uizswf 13 Recursion and iteration examples les Weekl37Chapter157recursionsw Weeklsgchaptetlsgrecursiongquizsw 14 Searching and sorting algorithms in arrays and other data structures les Weeklzlgchaptetlogquizswf WeeklzL hapterlogsearch 2 Brie y About Macromedia Flash Macromedia Flash is one ofthe most advanced authoring environments for creating interactive websites digital experiences and mobile content Wit omedia Flash h Macr Player you can play Macromedia Flash materials typically with swf extensions One can download the latest 7 free 7 Version ofMacromedia Flash Player from www macrome om We recommend installing the 73911 Version available as it is 39 Microso 39 Mamimed Flash player Welcome la lhe Maclamedla Flash Playel Selup Dlaglam Belale lemma 2le all alhel apolleallans lnelualng yamwiea alawsel Ell2k Nexl la canllnue Wllh the saluo Dlaglam lt Back Eancel After installation we can directly open swfcourse mes m Macromedxa Flash Player Laak m E Weem I m cm We name msm EIEIJnUadu mn Hes aVLVDe Mamamema Hash mm r er 39 Eam Elven as lead aw WFN w w W mtegrated Sources documentation references 1 Macromedia Flash 7 Help Documentation and Manual wwwmacromediacom 2 Deitel s website textbook reference httpwwwdeitelcombooksjHTP6


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