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Engr Thermodynamics 1

by: Marie Nicolas

Engr Thermodynamics 1 MAE 3191

Marie Nicolas
Florida Tech
GPA 3.83


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Marie Nicolas on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MAE 3191 at Florida Institute of Technology taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 51 views. For similar materials see /class/221699/mae-3191-florida-institute-of-technology in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Florida Institute of Technology.

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Date Created: 10/12/15
1522 an r U V iiiiquotuu Quemp 39V ln 0H tnw file B9 is 0quot 43 hmd rur V 053quot 4 am faw quot 1 n W5 hg f E L3 W quotE I Z lO E quot quotquotquotquot3quot M a 33 PA 6113 mg 379 yzr f Lg annvf 39 Pug fufua E1 1 a mama aquot n F9 2 5 KS quot 54 Clu3 Ropo39llc 0 AW u nah CAI id Ipuu idem M m WTlraJJ ever Ma 3 M 0 w r 94 11km a amid X 4 039 in 4 1 6 J D xquot 3 3 95ng itquot 9quot XCG JLL H 4 1334 L13 cu WW 139 A 39 T 39 we 4 c M f39 71 E 0447 b M 9quotW o quot3940 0 w quot Wquot quot 4am We w fed fun I 9 our 3M4 9 4quot ow I M WEBEmJl aON rm echo l D wad 39 if 4 d 291quot L7 i brwp way v um 37 51quot New agh f 39 P Me view Chaf fe V 7 A 7A rm anqu am12 gt C75de 6 r 07LfC39n swp Ka39Tueem Wok agf anal ENELG 1 dead LLN M chVch orr 05 50932 r0vn one 4l0v39m 7L0 Lh0 9r dws Ax4 th mcf39wa pg QVgTem nd 7 gUFrOUh dings V T m l cQ39r39fif ffs M0 Su jkcf L gwa d n7n9 a bounm nr SUffOLr c lr39ngg QUEr dHu ng ouTg ole 0 1 46 sqsaub 00954 94972 ho mag Tawsff r acres 57 menlu CM c 0 er 9 fem PC CV was Volun Q mas 444 enC v g QKCWgG He 917 S QTUh Prepar ay 0L S ngTerh a U0 w39ecJ acres LOUJauy mac r0 SCOPfC dm rac f e r S 4390 which 0v nvmerl ca Value av 139 a r5ne l a a gruen HmG LotHtou39f39 Anewle C HQ lu39x f urcd 004 Jul yd er WVaS39C Preggure Johmv o 42F I Extensive Prayer5 defame S 0 SLQT WES C W7 quotV e 2 L hnsfv e 1 quotr def 06 qu f39 mas T m Baal LM mm TFC KJ 1Nkm NJ mamg v P FA A 4 P4 m MSZ Big as 3AM 31 b l mj si 57 PfeSSufe r A R ssure Tgt A39f amp Pornf S Jgfrneel 4 i f P 49239 11 VS quothave mmlfegi afem few bubb M19172 Com Le ConsupreJ CIM HHULW L V39 LULH CL ma39 er Cow rf nuum is 131 an9 1 9 el FSTMLM feJ CQM ifnuomllg 391 VA 1 A Nm 4J3 3900th 3900 quotPa OJM Fa ALQQLKG Fregsure Fab 39 manSMMGI rela f f39ve i L 72 gf cj Vacuum I 6 6 mcncured Va 396er Gaga Fag a fm nggure Pawn UCa f w P Ear Fab 060d rm Ffeggunz I ftyquot ol mmlhj dun 777777 KW X t WWWquot Oh P PM om Em 7 amp 1 Pg Eds Er hn f tg 4 lg39gg go 446 4amp5 760 mm H 1 0 260 mmHpo TenntE39rvd Ufe 39 T in um 06 cleavee C e39rl tx pa 339 0L measurg k Co Jaes II m 1 k l mess N ame 0 eveeama he comma foin39r of bum fer MvaoscoPIC Pam f 0f vfem T 9 av meccax62 W MTeva molecu y md rl m ea owemgg motemb hinc c Pkevgg 4 Z7 395 1539 C Mot cukar ma a ceases T Fm umFc a 013qu Lew LKZ g VVlezzqurecl 414 Jack zero temPembo 30 OK 273 Q TEK TE C1 2737 f generm Q t em Q1925 39 7 e Covd bn all Mxovmael R 97d Lj k ProPeIeg imam 39VICJMQ g T we d1 Cc awge 9ng oyV 1 tqwzhkmma gulg tfs sobcfeal 9mm 5 Urrw dmgs and 119quot VG 0 h HZ PraPer 39e A desalted gde JY F g h e 39 6 Cth95 quot r n we I I NE 12 gm 721 n r he quot NOM Eqm t iw l TQltTE TH Rocegg TVanermn39haw a A SYC39T fvom One 91 e quot7 wai qr SPCZLLQJZV 0F Proa Cch HEAJF gaging 4 4 Shame S f arb end nd


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