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Evolution Of Jazz

by: Tracy Dare III

Evolution Of Jazz MUH 2116

Tracy Dare III
GPA 3.85

Errol Rackipov

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About this Document

Errol Rackipov
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tracy Dare III on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MUH 2116 at Florida International University taught by Errol Rackipov in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 75 views. For similar materials see /class/221701/muh-2116-florida-international-university in Art History at Florida International University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
Q Listening to Jazz 2116Evi01u t1011 ofJ azz Errol Ra kipov An Overview 0 Jazz has freely imported in uences from diverse cultural and musical elements forming a type of music accepted as uniquely American 0 Jazz is the most democratic music ever to evolve o Truly American music 0 J aZz was often called America s classical music 0 At the beginning jazz players did not foresee its acceptance as an art form 0 Jazz could have developed only in the United States 0 Required all the elements good and bad 0 Rich African oral tradition of the slave culture and the formal schooling practices inherited from the Western European musical tradition o The urban and rural folk music as well as the white and black church music practices 0 The marching bands the blues the hopelessness of slavery Limited information about the emergence of jazz due to the recording capabilities of the time We cannot notate the typical expressive singing style at that time When jazz started only classical music stood as the popular form It grew and became popular in America then in the world Jazz used to be the popular music of the time It later became an art form During the late 20s early 30s a Jazz band leader was making about 15 thousand a week because a lot of people paid to view the performances Jazz music went from being music for entertainment to an art form for musicians Art formsstyles of music do not die They can lose popular appeal but they don t d ie Requires understanding of the jazz performer Jazz is about personal unique expressions Jazz is not static within its own tradition Interpretation of the music African Americans attempted to express themselves using the European music instruments in a vocal manner 0 HOWjazz music was played was more important than WHAT was being played It s impossible to notate the exact jazz interpretation What to Listen for in Jazz APPRECIATION 0 We lost the ability to listen to music understandably over the years 0 Jazz music is different because it doesn t have a hook to captivate attention like other styles of music What to Listen for in Jazz Enter in and just Explore 0 To appreciate music the listener must be actively involved Understanding and enjoyment of music go hand and hand Mental concentration x Concentrate on the nonvisual elements Music moves in time Memory 0 The primary aim is to focus the attention on the various musical events as they unfold What to Listen for in Jazz Listen Actively not Passively 0 Passive Listening music played in the background just to have noise there Elevator music exercise music Jazz can t be listened to passively to get the pointthe message musicians are trying to give via their music 0 Active Listening Jazz music when rst listened to is soothing amp nice After a while it sounds monotonous It evolves in a nontraditional way 0 In listening to music one must forget the visual and concentrate on the nonvisual elements 0 Sounds associated with jazz Personal expression is more important than aesthetic conformity n Vibrato bends growls slursimitating the vocal style 9 W39m am J l l


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