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Visual Design for Media

by: Marlene Bartell

Visual Design for Media VIC 3002

Marlene Bartell
GPA 3.74

Michael Sheerin

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About this Document

Michael Sheerin
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Marlene Bartell on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to VIC 3002 at Florida International University taught by Michael Sheerin in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see /class/221723/vic-3002-florida-international-university in Visual Arts at Florida International University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
CH8 222010 75500 AM Ch 8 Typography Assingment Typography due 0204 800 AM file Find 5 typefaces for 5 different businesses one for each Embed typefaces in work Acrobat resume PDF Photoshopwordillustrator use acrobat to make PDF Vecor files with vectors X Y Z coordinates and is resolution independent Rastabased file continuous image ie photographgt no vectors resolution in cameraresolution on print out Definition Typography the style arrangement or appearance of typeset matter 3 type styles Black Letter or Gothic Roman or Antiqua Script recognize for test9 will be online with notes Family of five Old style griffo Transitional Baskerville Modern Bodini Stanly Morison9 creator of times new roman Egyptian off set of modern Egyptianenglish monotype Contemporary Zapf palatino melior civilite Helvetica Atypiorg9 typography Fontographer Neville Brody bring noncomformist fonts Grunge types before grunge movement 70 s revolution of type movable type each letterletter by letter process linotype machine type and machine lays it out photocomposition overlays transparencies digital takes care of 2 and 3 perspectives what comes to mind How does it reflect message Color bold etc txt blocking and layout cave drawingspaintings typographywriting hot type carved out wood letter and poured molten steel into that goutenberg coldtype eranow digital font name pt size color italicsboldetc letting space between lines curning space between letters Ethical issues copyright Hittinistic personalegoself satisfying Utilitarian Usefulness Cultural paintingwritingetc history 9 guttenberg 14501760 9 guttenberg 1760 9 idustrial revolution 1890 9 artistic 1984 9 now Critical matches font with idea Social and pick of font CH 9 Graphic Design 222010 75500 AM Graphic Design The art and craft of bringing organized structure to a group of diverse elements both voiced and visual How we readplace wordsimages to send message It is the personal perspective Historical 5 eras o PreGuttenberg Egyptians caves drawings txts by hand and symmetrical design o Guttenberg Printing press more drawings less time on txt o Industrial Steam power lithographyoff set printing o Artistic half tone photo composition photography 1880 shanty town photo comp on magazine 1881 o Digital simulated half tones 1984 mac commercial sledge hammer to screen during super ball Design is not more important or stronger than the message Technical 4 areas of good design o Using contrast sound time color size depth o Balance placement of elements within a frame 0 symmetrical stable less dynamic OR o asymmetrical with tension and dynamics o Rhythm Lay out of design motion of piece relationship of objects to each other how to use the reader s eye o Unity relation of content and stylistic design Ethical o Hittinism Utilitarianism Golden Rule Great painters Graphic designers typographers etc PP 9 what does a visual designer do o Research insight into client o Create visual language strategy that achieves brand user goals Cultural Interactiver refine a visual system that supports interaction that make ppl wanna spend time with product and engineers can build Present visual design work and rationale helping clients assess the work based on the brand and personal goals rather than opinion Free Form 0 Art Nouveau industrial revolution response to big cities growing cold Adding nature to style 0 Dadism response to European movement and increasing technological functions in daily life Scientific rebuttal 0 Art Deco repetitive symmetrical soid colors 0 Pop Art becoming urban society refrigerators and cans Andy Warhoe the pressure of life 0 Post Modern 5060 Jackson Polick sameness difference Grid De Stijl Geometrical red white black asymmetrical squaresrectangles Bauhaus Geometrical functional geometrical triangles circles squares rectangles Lecture 218 Software 222010 75500 AM Multimedia Project due March 11th GUI Graphic User Interface Design an initial home page pg with everything on it 9 Secondary page resemble primary pg but should NOT be the same design 9 menus options etc 9 ANY Productservice etc 9 use own images 9 check ilife for free website 9 Must be online and explain which of the links of the website is active Recommended Dreamweaver Complete by the end of Spring Break 23 9 Extra Credit Visit the Wolfsonian 9 post WWI to 50 s 9 Provide entrance sticker 9 recommendation 5th floor Professional Software Print o Illustrator dectar drawn o Photoshop raster pics o Indesign quark and page maker 9 Page Layout ie for ads placed on a page Digital Photography o Photoshop o Digital Picture organizer comes with camera o Aperture Multimedia o PagemillSidemill o Dreamweaver 0 EtC GamingA o Flash Aftereffects iDVD RoxieO Broadcast Photoshop ahha take on me 9 youtube Aftereffects 9 animation for broadcast iMovie MovieMaker Final Cut Final Cut Pro Addit Media 100 Adobe Premier Smoke High End work


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