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Java Programming

by: Kathryn Eichmann

Java Programming COP 2250

Kathryn Eichmann
GPA 3.8


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 26 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kathryn Eichmann on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COP 2250 at Florida International University taught by Varadarajan in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/221727/cop-2250-florida-international-university in Computer Programming at Florida International University.

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Date Created: 10/12/15
Chapter 1 Lecture 2 Topics Covered Programing Panama Object Grim Programing t Java Langmue and Magma Deveiap na a Java MW 39 Sdup EM Programming Paradigms Finemm Lawn Omaha Mm mdamofml mmwhml mm musum Objectoriented Programming OOP Class tool for encapsulating duh and aperatinns methods imam package de nes a tomph l or modal fen wanting and mnipull m china 39 Objects data oated uslngthedassand Itsrmthods an object is an Mame of the cuss creating an obi is Imitation OOP Advantage Reuse Wenwritten dassas can be reused in new applications v Shonens developm time because programmers don t need to write new code Programs are more robust because the class code is already tested The Java Language Created by Sun Microsystems in 1995 Syntax based on C Objectcriean 39 Supportfor lntemat applications Extens we Iibmy of prewri en classes v Portability among platforms Bumin networking Java Programs Appies Small proclaim designed to add interactivity to Web sits Dole with ha Wnb pay and quncshad by the Intern We Senlets Run by Web semr on the we T yplcalry gamma We commit App cations Program hat run standalcna on a client An Introduction to Programming o Programming Basics Program Design with Pseudocode Developing a Java Application Programming Basics Progtamming is translating a problem into ordered steps consisting of operations a computer cm perform Input Calcumiom Comparisons of whales Moving am Outwt 39 The order of execution of instructions is called owmcontrol Program Design with Pseudocode Pronounced suedth Englishlike language for specifying the design a a progem Programmer can mantras on design of program without wotrying about Java language rules syntax Then convert pseudocnde into Java code Four Types of Flow of Control Sequential Processing Execute bm uc ans in order 39 Method Call Jumpboodo in lm then return Selection Chooss cod beneath band ondaia value in Looping or Iteration Rom open ons to whip data values Sequential Processing The pseudocode for catculating the sum of two numbers would took ke this read fim t number read secmxd nurmer set mtal to first numbw Second number mutput mml Method Call Calling the Mod executes the method Methods can take amummts data to use and return values 39 Here is pswdooode for caicuta ng the square root of a1 integer read an integer call the square root method with image 33 argmmm output the square taut Selection i The pseudocode for determining if a number is positive or negative is read a nunber if the number is greatet than 0r equal ta 0 write quotNumber is positiva elae write Number is n gativequot Looping The pseudocode for nding the sum of a set of numbers is set totai to 0 read a number while there was a nunber t0 raad add number to total read the next number write total Developing a Java Application 1 Writs the wares code v Using an lnbgmed Dewiopmem Environment 05 mm Miter Save in I Male 2 Compile the seam c069 magmm 3 Exacute the applica an java 0mm Run bythe Java Wm mm A First Application Fun pmqu in Jaws Firat ragramjava public clan YLMIRWEM pubhc statw 1mm um Sgt W I an systemwummunc Runway 3 not quot 4 39 a manner apart k Systemex1t Q 1 r Java is casesensitive The class name and the source lenama must match exac y indudina capitalization Pragram Errors 1am mebytnemmila Wallanamed by im max 39 996 an Run5mm RWWWN Usumlymwmmmdmm mammm an39aerrm Found bytme mam Wmmmmammd reman Integrated Development Environment Download amp Install Java JDK and NetBeansr httpjavasuncomj28e150downloadjsp click Micruiuh Inlarn mmquot 3 mm ngmm e v GD EEEO 93 m y 1 sum and x stE 50 Downlnad JZSE Developmant Kil 50 Update 7 with NetBeans IDE 50 BLI39IdIe m Nmuezns 120 5 u neaame mm 11 a u m Hany Hca mc WW N 3 p nyReaume mm H un 1 My my mm mm mmnmn nsbucx we Nam Rslszsa News a F Hm mKns ran MEI my n Mm 730 MMunm n a ww l c E M click 20 Duwnlnad Center Agdvessv 2Mety5255mn Download select then cIiEF39 E1 wwnln EH2 mz Mew ngantes L m e a g 7 pm 5 r ungownloads ma a ad M rnsn Inlurnel xplmr an s dew 31FEFSZ155E1E037ach7aauascan34 stE and NetBeans IDE Bundle NB 50 39stE 50 Update 7 swanWuhanchckthe Duwn uadOmevas uN hnkunme emucumw u Fm anv uuwnmau mumems uv uuesuuns mease 522012 HEW Wang W lhe duwmuad ak27 a Re mmWWWammmunwmuamnm cc A elanenseAmeemem RewewucenseAmeemem rnecn 2n n Dawnmau 2 39D O 69 ea Gocglz WW am w imi E i iii a E SE 2 Eng m seAuveemem 39 l2 i lnbr i rhnuwmbm 138 awa 39 r r inimrnbr i rsmspavcrm hm 15mm 7 i mm alarm 5 n su x rmmm 137mm 7 JJ SanJNetEeans DE gummysmzsgauupmm mm i imrnbr i rwmrm exe 153 zama get jdk15007nb5 0winmlexe Q o Intemet 21 dou bleolick jdk15 0 OTnbS 0winmlexe InslallShield Wizald mia Shleld rs Dvepaawng the nuawsmam W zald which wm gume ynu Waugh the yes a m platen Please wan Pvevallng Javallm Vmuax Machine F57 JZSE Denlnpmem Kit 50 Updm 7 and Nathan IDE 5u Installer Welcome to the Install Wilard for Java 2 Platform Standard Edition Development Kit 50 Update 7 and NetBeans IDE 50 The nsiaHszamwm msiaHJava 2 mamvm Siandam Emimn Deveiupmenmi 5 n Updaie 7 and NeiEeans DE 5 u an vumcumpuiev Tu mum chuuse Next Instalxsmem follow the instruction of the wizard NetBean FlzsthzgtamJavz clam on aus ea mzsz quotamylace Han qer To change h ampla catas gt 315 m apex Lhe template 1 LEE 5mg paqu avaappllcaclunl Eauvhnr guyazhan v yubLiI class Fxxsd tngzm lt E m Zreites a new Lnsrarxe D yuhlic xnmnmam tevs depi l mman ugrsnn 15 m a spaczszur spam mm sucussm canal 5mg 1 Saturn FilegtNew Project select Q39le nmm ampquot 1 hnuscl39pniEKt 2 an Plugrm Modu e p as 1 the with m C New Java App cal n my Name and 1mmquot 1 rava vvhtaranz 2 e Pvayect 0W5 Pmyett Name Nam and loatlnn Pmyect Lacatmn Pmyect may Set as Mam Pmye z yavaaDD Eatxan2 4Hea Qeate Maw 6555 Set the location Set the file name N H II case sensitive in Java 1 cim Heuo 11 public c0155 CIsssName same as leneme 2 Jim crime cass 3 pub c static void mainString argsyzmajn method I win 01mm mm 4 5 dime a meeting and an 6 System outprin nme o Wondmzmod can system exmo g end with a semicolon II we cumin mowed II and 51th class


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