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Java Programming

by: Agustina Price

Java Programming COP 2250

Agustina Price
GPA 3.6


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 27 page Class Notes was uploaded by Agustina Price on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COP 2250 at Florida International University taught by Varadarajan in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see /class/221727/cop-2250-florida-international-university in Computer Programming at Florida International University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
a 5 Illuminated tive Learning Approach Herv Franceschi av Chapter 2 Programming Building Blocks Java Basics Compatible Data Types Auytypiurighuolmmhcnnigmdmmnhlm column DataTm WMTM W by star bras slum my kyle m w slur ions by M m 1013 m M oat m M m 1m my cich M Mk M m int 1mg cam Show Meet char 0M A quick review public static void 1min String args Hymn code All Java application must begin cxemitiou by calling amino public keywwd is an M speci er When a class member is Wad by the keywurd sublic than that member may be accessed 3 cade outsidathe class in which it is declared Notes The keyword static allows main to be called without having to instantiate a particular instance of the class This is necessary since main 39 by the Java interpreter before any objects are made ava compiler will compile classes that do not contain a main utt e Java interpreter has no way to run these classes Any information that you need to pass to a method is received by variables speci ed within the set of parenthesis In main there is only one parameter String args declares a parameter named args w ich is a array of instances of the class String Here args receives any command line arguments present when the program is executed String Literals Escape Sequences To include a special character in a String use an escape sequence I Scam Declare a variable mly unce Om a wrinkle is twisted its data type cannot be chmgcd Thus statements domle thCehts double twocenxs x 02 mural thin compilu mt twoCents is already defil xed Constants Value cannm change during pmgram execution Syntax 21m data39l ype constan demifier 3931 gnedVa Lue New aligning a will whm the mutant is daclzmd is aptimuL Bulawluamunbumigmd Marc the 10th in ma C onstantsd ava 2mm Mai5m wwwWJm Mmmi fo mnxm mammwmmmqmmm cw mmm W m m 2k mmwhmmi Wm mm W amw 39 v Wj im m Maw hwm nub unu r 7 0 Use all capital Idlers for constants and sepamw wards with an underscare Example final 3012le TAXRKTE 051 39 Declare mutants at the tsp of thc program 30 their valuas can easily be m 39 Declam as amp cmstant any data that sheuld not change during pmgmn in ation Advantages Constants make the code more readable 7 PI is met mming ll hm 314 Prevem pmgrammm from making logical errors An ml Expressions and Arithmetic Operators The Assignment Opumorand Expressims Arithmetic Operators I 0p mtm Prewdcnce Integer Divisim and Modulux Division by law 39 MxedType Millme and Type Casting Shortcut Opemim Assignment Operator Syntax taxgut mum expressim 096mm and Weds that evaluate to a aingk values val is than assigned ta tam umgat must be a variablc of mmt uvalue must be mpa ble with tsrgat s data type Examples int numPlayerS 1Q H numPlayera holds 10 numPlayezs 8 H nu layew now holds 8 mt legalle Ls Lat voteng leg31189 Tbmtsmnmkmml mt height umth 2 H Hugh is not defined 1nt Height 20 mdgam mfo owhg zllggal me td rename Arithmetic Operators Precedence 39 mnwmmmwm durum Example Yeu have 2 quarters 3 dimes and 2 nickcls Haw many pennies m these coins worth int pennias 2 25 3 10 2 5 58 30 10 913 Can also be writt n a3 int pennies 2 25 3 13 253 If you want to change the order of evaluation int pennies 2 25 3 1 2 5 Another Example Translate x into Java 2y incsrrmu double result x f 2 y 92 quot y 2 correct double result x X 2 y k Integer Division amp Modulus When dividing twu intagers A pafounntl in h ALU thv quotimt in at him 11 Malinda is mad 4mm To get the wmaindcr use tilt modulus opcmtm with rim mm apamuds 39 This is the can all when the dividmd and In divisor both are inmrs 1 dwblefdaublc Hunting paint division pmfnrmed by Planting Paint UniKFPU Division by Zero Image divisfcm by O Examplg in result 4 0 i No compilgr am but at run time WM gmcmm A m c xwp m and pmgram stops executing Floatingwhit divisinn by 0 Ifdividmd in nm 0 re mull i Ifmim olfdi dmdnd ivkmmb hmthmkk was nuts number Mixedfl ype Arithmetic When parfouning calculations with opamnds of diffareut data types Lawapmhiau W in prode in higinr pmkion duh tn lm ihc Gp iti n in Manned Prmna mi a MW wily Rx Mm evalmtinn was amp pennant dung Calla impliu typo citing Batten ns any Wm inching a m agpoint upermd will have a oating point nasalt Rules of Promotion Applies the rst of them rules that ts 1 Ifai mWasm5tMIso mopmldis mmmmw IfeikaaM wodmapm mnvemd ma w Ireimwmmmmwhmm muons Ifci wepam39dipmimthmwu ismnom mania Ifm lmopnnmiiudnubkmmamtgm Wmmm Explicit Type Casting Syntax data39l wei i expmession Note pamthm mud Wsim an optimal if axpmssim consists 0f 1 variable Uscfu for calculating nvmgcs IF FD FF FFF quot quotH v quotEquot g t g Shortcut Operators increment by l decrement by 1 Example Count3 1 count count 1 countquot 1 Gaunt 42mm 1 Fost x version wu myquot use value 9f var in Wan than inment or damnan Pre x versiun Var ux increment or document var than use value in upmsim More Shortcut Operators Common Error Trap No spaces are allowed between the arithmetic operawr and the equals sign Nat that 1me sequence is not t Example Add 2 m a H ima tmct a 4 2 H a 2 mamas 2 x a correct aZp Ha a z Operator Precedence x m 9432 left right parenthesis for explicit grouping right left preincremeng predecrement right left postincremeng postdecrement left right 391 quot division modulus left right addition or String 39 subtraction right left assignment


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