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Intro Marine Biol

by: Grover Roob III

Intro Marine Biol OCB 2003

Grover Roob III
GPA 3.75

Craig Layman

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About this Document

Craig Layman
Class Notes
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This 22 page Class Notes was uploaded by Grover Roob III on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to OCB 2003 at Florida International University taught by Craig Layman in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/221746/ocb-2003-florida-international-university in Biology at Florida International University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
Introduction to Marine Biology OCB 2003 Fall 2008 The study of food webs what eats what and why How do humans impact food webs does this matter Creek Restoration Creek Restoration Creek Restoration 1quot Before 611M ay ishi M12951 acrimlrd imsg t Intesan Emitter Eile Edit Eiew Favorites Iools elp Back V V 9 Search Favorites f 7 r1 9 39F 4 Address httpfi39wwwadoptafishneti39inclexhtml Go Links Gilng Go 1 2 BUkaal kSY Popups okayl 5 Check v AutoLink v SettingSV Adopt a Fish Adopt a School The Adopt a Fish Adopt a School program is designed to directly integrate students and community members into a scientific research program in an innovative fashion From a science standpoint the goal is to trac movements of fishes in the nearshore marine environment From an educational perspective this program provides a unique handson learning experience for Bahamian and international students Anyone can adopt a fish and track its movements from this website So vvhv not adopt a and Bducaf rial fish In fact adopt a whole school opportunities Start out by tracking a fish We have two months of fish movement information for over 20 fish and we re constantly updating our data so visit again SDDH Contact Us I Friends of the Environment I Layman Lab Copyright 2007 Craig Layman All Rights Reserved Internet httpwwwadoptafishnet Introduction to Marine Biology OCB 2003 Fall 2008 TuesThus 800915 MSB 150 Marine ecosystems are among the most threatened on the globe and thus there is a pressing need to develop and implement effective conservation and management measures Such measures are most likely to achieve success with the support and involvement of educated public citizens This course is intended to educate students as members of our global society as to the basic principles of marine biology that are necessary to understand the most pressing environmental problems in the marine sphere This course WILL be fun Fun at Easy You will have to THINK What is Science Science is the systematic observation of natural events and conditions in order to discover facts about them and to formulate laws and principles based on these facts II Science is an intellectual activity carried on by humans that is designed to discover information about the natural world in which humans live and to discover the ways in which this information can be organized into meaningful patterns A primary aim of science is to collect facts data An ultimate purpose of science is to discern the order that exists between and amongst the various facts lll Science consists simply of the formulation and testing of hypotheses based on observational evidence httpwwwglyugaedurailsbackl11225ciencedefnshtml The Scientific Method the set of procedures by which scientists learn about the natural world Hypothesis A statement about the world that might true and is testable A testable hypothesis is one that at least potentially can be proved false Theory A hypothesis that has been so extensively tested that it is generally regarded as true Like any hypothesis however it is still subject to rejection if enough evidence accumulates against it ObservationDescription Hypothesis Formation lt TestingExperimentation Evaluation Body of Theory


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