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Ld & Mg Hlth Sci Pro

by: Charlotte Wolf

Ld & Mg Hlth Sci Pro HSC 3701

Charlotte Wolf
GPA 3.9

Maria Coello

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About this Document

Maria Coello
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Charlotte Wolf on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HSC 3701 at Florida International University taught by Maria Coello in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see /class/221754/hsc-3701-florida-international-university in Health Sciences at Florida International University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
Learning obiectives Chapter 1 1 Iquot E P U1 9quot gt I identify the major forces affecting the delivery of health services Financial incentives Increased accountability Tech advances aging and associated illness increased ethnic diversity Changes in the supply and education oh health prof Social morbidity info technology Expansion of world economy Understand how the major forces affect the role of the healthcare service manager TABLE 11 Identify some commonalities and some differences among major types of health service org Differences Defining and measuring output are more difficult The work is more variable and complex More of the work is of an emergency and non deferrable nature Work permits little tolerance for ambiguity or error Work activity highly interdependent Work involves high specialization Organizational participants are professionalized and are loyal to the profession not the org Little control exerted over physicians Identify and understand the basic processes that must be accomplished by any org External environment VisionMission Goal Strategies differentiation integration centralization and adaption to change Identify and understand the different areas of managerial activity Individual Department Organization lnterorganization and the environment that interacts with all of them Identify understand and apply the major perspectives and theories on organization to real problems facing health services organization Contingency theory Resource dependence theory Strategic management perspective population ecology theory institutional theory social network perspective ID understand and apply major metaphors of organizations to the challenges facing health service org Perspectives Classical bureaucratic machines Metaphors Machines tyrants Human relation school Brains playing fields psychic prison Contingency theory bio organisms brains Resource dependence theory Political systems playing fields Strategic management perspectives bio organism holograms Population ecology theory bio organism Institutional theory bio organism Social network perspective playing field political system Complex adaptive system bio organism holograms Health service metaphor 0 Playing fields Organizations are viewed as playing fields where professionals can perform their art With everyone in an organization being their own professional there is a clash To avoid this there must be a sense of organizational identity that can embrace different professionals When this is done people are able to perform interdependent tasks Positive side of human relational school 0 Psychic prison where organizations viewed as places where people are trapped by their own perceptions ideals and beliefs consciously or unconsciously This issue is important in health services because as stated before everyone is their own professional and they have their own ideas and teachings and its hard to listen to others The negative side of human relational school 0 Biological Organism Organizations thought of as bio organisms in that as different species must adapt to their environment in the process of birth growth decline and death Organizations of different sizes and different stages in their existence require different resources and strategies to ensure success Political systems This is where various groups battle for control for various resources This battle uses playing field as battle ground for control When things get out of control these organizations can turn into psychic prisons and tyrants Resource dependence theory and social network are consistent with political system metaphor as they focus on ways in which organizations can acquire and control needed resources m Adaption function Biological organism Boundary spanning function Brains Beurocratic theory Change Closed System Complex adaptive system Contingency theory Differentiation Evidence base management External environment Governance function Health networks Health system Holograms Human relations school Innovation Institutional theory lnteroganizational relationship Machines Macro approach Maintenance function Management function Managerial Competencies Managing across boundaries Micro approach Open system Organizational behavior Playing fields Political systems Population ecology theory Production function Psychic prison Resource dependence theory Scientific management school Six essential aims Social network perspectives Strategic network perspective Strategic management perspectives Tyrants


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