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Religion Analysis and Interpretation

by: Christop Hahn

Religion Analysis and Interpretation REL 2011

Marketplace > Florida International University > Religion > REL 2011 > Religion Analysis and Interpretation
Christop Hahn
GPA 3.53

Nathan Katz

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About this Document

Nathan Katz
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Christop Hahn on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to REL 2011 at Florida International University taught by Nathan Katz in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/221759/rel-2011-florida-international-university in Religion at Florida International University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
Hinduism 242010 110300 AM o Hinu people from India o Indus River 9 Idustand land of Indus 9 Indus people from the land of Indus o India in own language Barat o British got to India in 16th Century 9 Learned sacred text written in Sanskrit the Veda name of sacred text o People who taught scripts were priests called Brahmins o Hinduism The indigenous religions of India 0 o Myth Creation o Prakrti stuff 9 then brahma a G D shapes it into everything there is 9 After that Brahma the Creator is out of the picture He looses interest in creation o Vishnu The Preserver 9 He keeps world moving after Brahma starts it o Vishnu always holds a battle weapon a wheelchackra and has a 7 hooded snake o Ways Vishnu takes care of world o 1 By Sleeping while a cobra holds him up c He dreams of this world o Maya That which is not fully real or unreal o Budh To be awake o Budha Thhat who is awake knows difference between dream and reality understanding o Moksha Nirvana o 2 Incarnation Avatara to step down Adharma not dharma Chaos Dharma Order When there s chaos he incarnates in the world to reestablish that order How to live in the world in the right way Some Incarnations Krishna Rama Buddah Kalkin Etc o Shiva The Destroyer o Mount Kailash Sits on the Himalayas Has many different forms Teaches how to transcend the world not live in like Vishnu but how to go beyond it Carries a stafftrident and has India s greatest river coming out of his head He Meditates he is a peaceful mind He is a Yogeshvara Yoghi He is married wife s name Parvati Daughter of the mountains mother of the universe She is beautiful but he meditates all the time she is bored wants to go dancing When he stretches the world shakes creating earth quakes Vishnu wakes up ending dream therefore world ends Shiva turns to 9 Natyaraja lord of dance amp Parvati turns to 9 Kalima carries a severed head and trident and harvesting instrument in order to cut attachment to this world Kali is often seen on a corpse of Shiva Shakti power G D any and all If G D was left on its own it would meditate and do nothing Shava Corpse Shakti without Shiva is a Shava KaliShaktiShiva Dance until world is ruined they get tired change back to normal and it goes back to Praktri The Cycle is called Samsara Existence in a cycle STORY In the woods someone leaves a rope entwined in a tree a person comes along at night and sees a snake He gets scared sees again and notices it is a rope so becomes unworried again o Snake Maya mistaking one for the other o Brahman Rope What is here universal reality Reincarnation Karma karmaphalafruit Every action has a pala fruit of that action Only humans create Karma due to the fact that only those with free will produce karma Moksha One merges with G D one with the universe If the world is a dream our goal is to wake up Brahman the nonreal world we experience GC 140 XC4 7900pm Sufi music n poetry242010 110300 AM Cosmic Order Rta the cycle of the worldsee cycle on section 1 Social Order Dharma Individual Order Moral Order Karma 4 Aims all humans want the following 4 Kama pleasure Artha Wealth and power Dharma Service to give Moksha Freedomliberation once pursued all others go away one becomes monk or nun and spends all time meditating 4 Stages all humans go through these 4 o Student about 89 yrs old To learn in order to do theirjob in community Svaself Dharmasvadharma o Householder After marriage fulfill the role learned in student years support family o Retiree more time spent in dharma being of service to others move from room to a smaller one and the large room is given to the eldest son and his wife Also becomes transmitter of stories to children o Renunciate Samnyasin Not many reach it only for people who want to For those who want to pursue Moksha Pursuing wisdom Give up home life Move to Ashram spiritual community simple life away from society practice of meditation 3 Disciplines yoga o Jnana Wisdom knowing the dream to be a dream 9 meditation o Karma Action to act thinking of others 9 mahatma Ghandi o Bhakti Devotion loving G D singing dancing chanting drumming etc all for G D 3 Qualities of Nature o Sattva intellect and light o Rajas action and strength o Tamas inertia laziness 33 correspond to one another in the order presented ie Jnana to Sattva Priests Communicate with a G D for the people Gods and Goddesses 242010 110300 AM Next Class Pandit Chamanlal Raina March 4th Rabi Farber March 11 test Hinduism and Judaism March 12 essay Puja worship incense etc Brahman o subtle allpervading essence o written about in Upanishads mystical texts o BeingCOnciousnessBliss SATCITANANDA o Ca not be persieved by senses o Is everywhere o Yogeshwara meditation o Natyaraja dancing destruction of the world o Lingam aniconic fertility three horizontal lines shive or shiva s family Shakti with shakti energy o Parvati mountains o KaliKalima Destructive Ganesha o Second son of shiva and parvati o Elephant G D shiva got mad took head off replaced w elephant o Lord of beginnings o Lord of obstacles o Trident SubramanyamSkandaKartakeyya o First son of Shiva and Parvati o Warrior G D o Lance Vishnu o Incarnations to show humans how to live in the world o Carries various things ie diskuswheel to keep order o Married to Lakshmi Goddess of wealth o Avatara incarnation o Rama Military Husband rescues zita wife Shows how to be a responsible and good family man Hanuman monkeyface G D n Devotee of G D n In his heart rama and zita n Faithdevotion n Shows how to be devoted to G D a Does everything for rama n Ramcaritamanas book 0 Krishna Plays the flute G D of love Worshiped as an infant mostly Steals sugar Girlfriend Radha Gopis maidens who take care of cows Devi Godess MataMataji Mother ji ji greatly respected Uma Mother One Goddess IS all goddesses Durga Devi Shiva s story rides a tiger warrior goddess Kali creation and distruction Saraswati wife of Brahma plays the vina swanbook goddess of learning like Athena lives in a lotus flower LaxmiLakshmi Bhagavati Lady vs lord warrior goddess no husband or boyfriend Kumari the girlliving virgin Young girls who die untimely death and therefore become goddesses they hunt until kuji is given Sandeep Varry svarr001fiuedu 242010 110300 AM Dr Venkatakrishna Sastry Q S to sastribvkgmailcom Hindu University of America Does your religion have doctrines in order to interact with other religions if yes what are they and how does your religious community apply them Cities are westernized it is the same as in US cities However in rural areas it is different NO hindu conversion simply start following the religion official paperwork is only for legal reasons not necessary iterreligious marriage woman will almost always convert to man s religion Child s birth religion determined by the father 2025 modernized areas women may keep their own last name after marriage In rural areas the woman WILL change her last name to her husband s willingly and happily proud to be married LGBT community people simply do not come out due to the fact that it is frowned upon Large community of transgender and transsexual individuals They have their own communities and laws Dealing with others o Religions are not big deal o Gay community is frowned upon and practically nonexistent o If new then it is by default controvercial and bad o If not new ie interreligious marriage accepted for the most part Violence during Americanized holidays Must take time outdo lives in order to learn doctrines and reading texts Nothing about interaction Violence India Pakistan and Ghandi Going Over last class 242010 110300 AM Homosexuality Hijra Major cities have gay rights movements and gay clubs Mostly don t ask don t tell country Small groups all over India Traditional Hindu expression of homosexuality Only man NOT women Physically androgenous born hijras Other types as well transexuality o born male stay male live as hijra 0 Born male and go through sexchange surgery Considered powerful superstition etc Bless and curse power to do so Bless marriage child etc Job in society but not part of it not friends Often prostitutes There was a man that was just married and he was found guilty and will be executed If he mates she will be widowed she may not remarry however he chooses not to have sex and leave her free He prays to Krishna who transforms and becomes female has sex with the man and lets him die happy Different ReligionsCoexistence different religions are different paths to the same goal Everyone may be go to the religious building of their choice No one had to convert you are what you practice Sanantana Dharma Eternal trutheternal teachings Hinduism is NOT a religion it is a geographic term for religions that come out of India Hinduism A group of religions put together by shared features SMITH


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