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Psy InfntChildhood

by: Roberto Larson

Psy InfntChildhood DEP 2001

Roberto Larson
GPA 3.76

Maricel Cigales

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About this Document

Maricel Cigales
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Roberto Larson on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to DEP 2001 at Florida International University taught by Maricel Cigales in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/221767/dep-2001-florida-international-university in Developmental Psychology at Florida International University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
DEP 2001 Final Exam Review 75 of the questions will come from chapter 911 25 will come from chapters 18 Chapter 9 Sigmund Freud s Psychosexual Theory 0 Describe the basic features of the Psychosexual Theory 0 Define psychic energy and erogenous zones 0 Define the personality structures when they develop and how they develop ie Ego Superego and Id 0 Describe Freud s Stages of Development ie Oral Anal Phallic Latency and Genital o What happens when a child s needs are not met during one of Freud s stages Erik Erikson s Lifespan Development Theory 0 How is Erikson s Theory different from Freud s 0 Describe Erikson s Stages of Development eg trust vs mistrust etc what crisis or task is resolved in each stage 0 What happens when a child s needs are not met during one of Erikson s stages Learning Theories 0 Define reinforcement and punishment 0 How are learning theories different from Psychoanalytic Theories What are the central developmental issues of the learning theories Watson s Behaviorism 0 Define classical conditioning and systematic desensitization o How did Watson test his ideas about classical conditioning Skinner s Operant Conditioning 0 How is operant conditioning different from classical conditioning 0 Define intermittent reinforcement and why is this a bad thing 0 What is behavior modification and how is it used Bandura s Social learning theory 0 How is Bandura s theory different from Watson s and Skinner s How do children learn according to Bandura 0 Define vicarious reinforcement and reciprocal determinism 0 Describe Bandura s Bobo Doll study ie what were the conditions of the study what were the results Uri Bronfenbrenner s Bioecological Model 0 What are the central 39 39 Iissues in quot 39 39 s quot39 39 39 39Model 0 Describe the levels of Brofenbrenner s Bioecological Model ie microsystem macrosystem etc Chapter 10 Emotional Development What is emotional intelligence What abilities make up emotional intelligence How do psychologists define emotions What characteristics make up emotions What is delay of gratification How is it tested in young children Does performance on this task predict future development When can infants identify others emotions What is social referencing Describe the various factors that affect the development of emotions Discrete Emotion Theory vs Functionalist Theory What are the major differences between these two theories Emotional Development Positive and Negative Emotions What are the positive and negative emotions When do they develop which ones emerge first Which ones are harder to distinguish in younger children What are selfconscious emotions How are guilt and shame different Emotional Regulation Define emotion regulation What are the various strategies that both young children and older children use to regulate their emotions ie behavior and cognitive What is temperament What are the three categories of temperament according to Chess and Thomas Chapter 11 Attachment What is bonding What is attachment How are they different Describe Freud s Drive Reduction Explanation of Attachment How did Harlow test this theory ie what did he do what were his results did it provide support for Freud s theory Describe Bowlby s Ethological Theory of Attachment What are the different phases of attachment Describe what happens during each phase What is the outcome of the four phases Define an internal working model How did Harlow test Bowlby s Theory Describe separation anxiety and stranger anxiety When do these emerge peak and disappear How is attachment measured in the laboratory Ainsworth What are the four different patterns of attachment according to Ainsworth Be sure to understand how children in each of these categories respond during the strange situation What factors affect children s attachment status eg culture parental sensitivity temperament etc Does early attachment predict later development Development of the Self 0 Describe the early development of the self in infancy o What is social comparison What are the major influences on identity formation Define identity achievement identity confusion identity foreclosure and negative identity


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