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by: Damion Doyle I
Damion Doyle I
GPA 3.52

Anthony McGoron

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About this Document

Anthony McGoron
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Damion Doyle I on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BME 4051 at Florida International University taught by Anthony McGoron in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see /class/221779/bme-4051-florida-international-university in Biomedical Engineering at Florida International University.

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Date Created: 10/12/15
H m lMI HNM NM UNM 1mm Department ofBiomedicalEngineering BME 4051L Course Title B1o139ned1cal Engineermg Laboratory 2 l InstructorJames Byme Required Course Term Spring 2009 I Date 7142010 Page 1 of5 Thursdays 930 AM 71215 PM EC 2680 INSTRUCTOR James Byme OFFICE EAS 2611 PHONE 3481409 Classroom EAS 2680 amp Labs 11 EMAIL jamesbyrne uedu 111 Textbook Lab Manual Handouts Recommended Matlab and SimuLink 14 7 Student Version software Office Hours Mon 3 PM 4 PM W Th 200300 PM Course Description BME Lab 11 Focus on Transport and Instrumentation Course Objectives By the end of this course students should be able to Design and 4 39 39 39 mechanic and 39 Apply multivariable calculus and differential equations to the design and execution of experiments A Vquot 39 4quot t rnmli39 vtem Vln Analyze and interpret data Address problems associated with the interaction between living and nonliving materials and systems Utilize analytical and experimental methods and modern computer technology for decisionmaking and to solve realistic biomedical engineering problems ork 39 wiur others in a Lquot 39 1 2 3 Develo nd 4 Develop skill in the use ofmodem engineering tools 5 6 7 8 creative thought 39 quot 39 39 39 wrinen and graphic techniques Points Distribution Report Grading Criteria Title Information 2 Objectives Section 3 Backgroun 5 Methods Section 15 Calculations 10 Results and Conclusions 10 Form Rev 7142010 l1 m lMI hNM HW M UNM tml Department ofBiomedicalEngmeeimg BME 4051L Course Title Btomedtcal Engmeermg Laboratory 2 l Instructorzjarnes Byrrie Required Course Term Spring 2009 I Date 7142010 Page 2 ors Figures and Tables 30 Participation and Teamwork 5 S le 5 Spelling and Grammar 10 en ix 5 Course Grading Criteria Experiment Reports 85 Xam 15 The instructor will divide the class into groups having three or four members Each group will meet on a schedule published in this syllabus Attendance is mandatory and will be taken in writing before class begins Late arrival for class will mean 5 will be deducted from your report grade Unexcused absence will not be tolerated no make ups will be allowed Excused Absence ie for a doctors appointment must be arranged in advance to permit attendance in a different group A signed doctors note will be required to qualify for an excused absence Unexpected absence due to accident or illness or will be excused only if a police report of an accident or a doctor s report for an appointment is provided to the instructor If you know in advance that you must be absent one day prior arrangements must be made to attend another session Do not just show up unannounced as you will not be admitted Late lab reports will not be accepted All assignments must be turned in to the instructor as hard copy and electronically by e mail as word document les Reports are due two weeks after completion of the lab work The electronic lime r quot quot r 39 39 quot39 uuwnniningi 39 time The senices of Turnilin Software will be used for this course Students should be aware that papers will be submitted and that they will reside in Tumitin s database It is your responsibility to make sure that you keep a remrn receipt for turning your reports in on time to me Make sure I get the messages on time your grade depends upon it Paper copies are mandatory no grade will be given if the paper copy is not turned in when due Failure ofthe email system to properly send a report to me from a non FIU account is your problem not mine Do not try to use mail forwarding from the FIU account to another email system as this is very unreliable Grading The instructor will give the lab reports to the TA s for grading Report Grading is done by teaching assistants according to the Laboraton Report Format scoring is done on a grading worksheet An example grading worksheet Laboratory Report Format and sample report will be issued to the class for reference The TA will return the graded reports to the instructor one week after they are turned in The instructor will record grades and distribute reports Form Rev 7142010 lrl m lMI HNM NM llNlH lml Department ofBromedrcalEng rneenng BME 4051L Course Title Blamedtcal Engmeermg Laboratory 2 l Instructorzjarnes Byme Required Course Term Spring 2009 I Date 7142010 Page 3 of5 Five lab exercises will be conducted during the term each group will alternate meeting to perform experiments and to work on lab reports as perthe schedule A contingency day is in the calendarto permit completion of any lab that has had to be cancelled fortechnical reasons or because of unexpected closure of the University for weather or other emergencies TENTATIVE COURSE OUTLINE Safety Training Completion ofFIU s onLine laboratory safety training will be required of all students The courses completed shall e Hazard Communication Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Laboratory Safety Safe Handling ofHazardous Wast Occupational Health amp Safety LATG 5 Under the heading onLine Animal Training nder the heading onLine Animal Training Laboratory Animal Environment LAT 8 U Hygiene in the Laboratory Animal Facility ALAT 10 Under the heading onLine Animal Training Heyas N t The rst four of the above Courses are available through the URL after you register with the Environmental Health and Safety Department FIU Training Registration The following Animal Care and use training is accessed through the Of ce of Sponsored Research Website at httpwwwdsrtfiueduanimaltraininghtmA 8 Of ce of Sponsored Research Administration Animal Care and Use Training Assigned courses are free of charge Take only those courses assigned any unauthorized course will be charged to you at a rate of at least 2500 per course All students are required to earn a certi cate in each if these courses The certi cates are to be turned in to the instructor within four weeks of the beginning of the term Failure to earn any required certi cate will result in getting an F in the class Students already holding certi cates will not be required to rercertify You are to register as instructed log on and take only the rst course on the list Essentials for FIU he exam save the certi cate in a le for yourself and print a copy IACUC Members Once you passt for my les quot 439 r L39 39 L 5 ipIOGK way quotin we issued L mum and store them in 39 39 quot L quot quot mu 39 39 J L urns unit it is contaminated with hazardous material and declared unusable by the lab manager The lab coat will be worn at all times when in the laboratory Open toed shoes are not allowed in lab Form Rev 7142010 FIU Hthn lMI HNM HW M Ule 1mm Department ofBiomedicalEngmeering BME 4051L Course Title B1omed1cal Engmeermg Laboratory 2 l Instructorzjarnes Byme Required Course Term Spring 2009 I Date 7142010 Page 4 ors Lab Protocols 1 Electrochemical Voltammetry Sponsor Dr Li Cyclic voltammetry and Linear sweep voltammetIy techniques 0 Standard electrochemical instrumentation 0 Effects of Klllcllb 0 Use of RandleSevcik equation to calculate concentration of an unknown solution Program Objectives Addressed 12567 2 Image Processing of digital microscope images Sponsor Dr Adjouadi 0 Co ecting images for uneven illumination 0 Edge Enhanc ement o Thresholding Program Objectives Addressed 257 3 Isolated Perfused Rat Heart Proper and ethical use of animals in research n r L or 4 4 L t t t 0 measure pressures using uid lled and catheter tip pressure transducers 0 measure ow using an inLine transducers 0 mnems on 1solated preps to compare to expenments on mtact ammals Program Objectives Addressed 1235678 4 Pulmonary Gas Exchange Sponsor Dr Tsoukias 0 Two point calibration of ow and NO concentration 0 Measure NO wi chemiluminescent analyzer 0 Fit data of exhaled NO concentration to pulmonary two compartment model 0 Find Alveolar and airway ux Program Objectives Addressed 12357 Medical 39 Signal Processing mm or Dr Barreto Biop ac EMG Lab Standard and Integrated EMG 0 Motor unit recruitment and fati 0 Signal processing ofEMG signals power spectrum Program Objectives Addressed 12567 Form Rev 7142010 ii FIU HUEUM IMI HNM HW M Ule iml r Deparonent ofBiornedicaIEngineering BME 4051L Course Title BIomedIczl Engmeenng Laboratory 2 I Instructorzjzrnes ByIIIe Required Course I Term Spring 2009 I Date 7142010 I Page 5 of5 Class Calendar BME 4051L Spring 2009 Week eek of Group 1 GroupZ Group 3 Group 4 Group 5 Notes Safety Courses Prearranged Introductory Introductory Introductory Introductory Introductory 1 Jan 8 Lecture Lecture Lecture Lecture ec re W h EH5 and WDFkS39a39IDWS Lab Safety Lab Safety Lab Safety Lab Safety Lab Safety available from E C AddDrop End Jan 12 2 an 15 Adjouadi Writing Day Li Writing Day Barrett 3 Jan 22 Writing Day Adjouadi Writing Day Li Writing Day Non Animal Safety Certificates Due 4 Ian 29 Barreto Writing Day Adjouadi Writing Day Li Groups 1 35 R1 Due Animal Certi cates Due 5 Feb 5 wming Day Barreto Writing Day McGoron Writing Day Group ZARI Due G 135 Grauei Due 6135 R2 Due 6 Feb 12 Tsoukias WritingDay Barreto WritingDay McGoron 324 Grade 1 Due GZA R2 Due 7 Feb 19 Writing Day Tsoukias Writing Day Barreto Writing Day G 135 Grade 2 Due Adjouadi G 135 R3 Due 8 Feb 26 McGoron Writing Day Tsoukias Writing Day G 24 Grauez Due Drop wDR Mar 11 9 Mars Writing Day MCGoron Writing Day Tsoukias Wquotquotquot9 Day GI 3 5 Glade 3 Due Tsoukias 6135 RE Due 10 Mariz Li WritingDay McGoron WritingDay 6246 d an ra e ue 344 R5 HE 11 Mar 19 Spnng Break Spring Break Spring Break Spring Break Spnng Break GI R5 Grade Due 12 MarZ6 WritingDay Li WritingDay Adjouadi Writing Day Cri 55 R5 Due 32 Grade 5 Due 13 u uniingenc Contingency Contingency Contingency Contingency virtue 14 Nov 27 Contingency Contingency Contingency Contingency Contingency GISSRSGWSDUS 15 Dec4 LXamKevleW anmKevieW ExamReyiew ExamReVle39W ExamReVle39W Exam 16 Dec CiassesEnd ClassesEnd ClassesEnd lassesEnd CiassesEnd Grades Posted April 29 Form Rey 7142010


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