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Food Microbio Lab

by: Alaina Hoeger

Food Microbio Lab MCB 4653

Alaina Hoeger
GPA 3.88

John Makemson

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About this Document

John Makemson
Class Notes
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This 17 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alaina Hoeger on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MCB 4653 at Florida International University taught by John Makemson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 50 views. For similar materials see /class/221794/mcb-4653-florida-international-university in Microbiology at Florida International University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
492009 Last Lectures The Peanut Learning Experience AND Genetically Engineered Foods The News Release 2006 sutmw 39l uiulml pulliul lmllm siclLtns nearly 101 The Facts Peanut Butter Preeesseu May B zuua Distributiun began August First Cases er Salmunellusis August zuua January 2nu7 Pruductiun Run quot2111quot PeterPan and Great Value HOW DlD THEY CDC FDA KNOW THAT7 Haw did they gure it uut7 492009 Aug 067 Jan 07 398 Reported Cases Salmonellosis r all Caused by I Immune Salmonella enterca Ten n essee Why is this UNUSUAL distribution ofmost salmanellosis cases 40 000year are all sorts of S enterica Serovars no attern T is serovar is a rare one never before isolated with such frequency l How do they know this ltcaught attention because this one is one of the rare Lactme positive Salmonella serogroups Remember how Salmonella is this differentiated from Escherichia 7 AND Salmonella is traditionally associated with chicken pork and in 1993 an outbreak from powdered milk infant diet formulasl Salmonella Taxonomy Gram Negative rods facultative catalase pos oxidase neg Closely related to Escherichia coli Serogroups 1941 r 100 serogropus of S enterica 1964 r 900 serogroups now 7 gt 2400 serogroups based on H and 0 antigens lMVic rr Lactose neg a H28 pos I l I opy of an earlier slide in Salmonella E coiis lMVic rq Lactose pos H28 neg H25 Production on TSI mum an MW mam m y 492009 Salmonella colonies XLT4 agar 8 What dues s enlen caTennessee uuk We 7 Where 5 SamvneIa Tennessee 7 Foods Associated with Salmonellosis SalmonelaTennessee Detection and Con rmation First from the Cases DETEc39nON 39l39ndlllnnnl anlry En nhmlnl and I n u 492009 agars not TSI API 20e CONFIRMATION Isotates SENT to many assomated ooa state and ledera tabs CDC FDA USDA wa MINl What 5 PutseNet Charactenze so ates by d et Pun Network 0 pubho heauh and lood regu atory agency Laboratones State Heauh Depts USDAFSIS Putsed Fwe d Get E eotrop horesws PFGE to eot DNA Fmgerprmts Salmonella Routes into Foods Nazis T gmya m xumvxtun WNW mt mm mm 911mm Hum w H mm How did FDA CDC find Association with Peanut Butter Questionnaires to Victims and their Families What poultry meat milk products did you eat Asked weeks and montns after tne episode investigation of tnese tney got lots of Samanela types but not 5 Tennessee Had to go to a full food Questionnaire tne main tning in common besides drinking water miik etc was PEANUT BUTTER of Specific Brands Some families stiii nad tne originai jars tnese tnen were tested and were positive for 5 Tennessee 492009 The Plant The Basic Peanut Butter Process Dry Nuts Shelled snake Free of Deons Roasted 350 Fm 2025 minwhile tumoling Ground to a Paste with added Peanut oil and other ayors salt etc Most likely after commercial grinding peanut butter kept at warm temp to keep it fluid to fill iars Small l o loroast Peanut Roaster 492009 Back at the ConAgra onAgra produces 55 brands nationwide does millions of pounds ofmeat products e c Then in 2007 Feb 15 Food Recall all 21111 Feb 15 FDA closes the plant in Georgia for Inspection How did S quot39 peanut butter Feb 20 ConAgra says recall will cost 5060 million This will have a marginal effect on their a 4 J a 008Ishare The Unanswered Questions Were the peanuts contarninated or was the roasting process faulty or contaminating the product 2 Did contarnination occur AFTER roasting equlprnent Contaminatedlars to What is the fate of 5 Tennessee when it gets into Peanut butter Can it grow Does itlus aintain itself Wnat titers of 5 Tennessee in ne peanut butter AND what is the lD m The Peanut Crisis in 2009 39a in i v m n W Wm n Amrnu mi mm in mm immn nimminn mm n new View in mm m requot pim in mi in in min iav mm 7 mmquot in ii 5 Mme m n min n newquot iii 1w n in m in mm me iiquot men n mmm manta me new mmmm env m m m quotwequot mg we wanna mum mi in mm mm in cnvymmn n Dim w 2 1mm mm ii m minim mine in Wm m NM pmIum in we imin M mm i mm my N m me E mi in e ml en mam in um mmuimm In mm m ii i mm mmquot m mmivm mm mm m mime we in MN m w me wanna m iii in M We mime In hum ei m mm mm mm ii i in we me mmquot i Mme we mm m in V mmquot in mime in mm m n no Lynn mych in Hm n x mm m m mi new we 9 n nmm mm m we Wm M e semi 2 m m n swam e W m Wm m manna me an mm m m a n i We 3mm m W mm W m n M n m 492009 Genetic Engineering ofFoods Summaw of Genetic Engineering Techniques quotquotquotquot Vmltmv 1231 quotwe Wyk Li Inning Hosls Pruknryons rEukuryota eummmm 7 l i mmquot reman a a397quot Wall deulopm mu lrnslmmed WAIIdeulapnd Elnlllzs Neuwamugenk 9mm lunll Many mum Nnnplxhwnk IvIlabla elm n pm In new n wn Endasponhmwtion and woldquot mum im i lx mm Euytu gruw Paknllllly enmm unsuhk PlushMs himbl namesm nalising wquot nMnD luk Ful l Map dmlupld m quotml plulwvynlk wand In Emu pllsmlds Advantages m dvanllgu 492009 Transfection of DNA into a Host Microprajectiles mated with DNA or RNA Vent Mama smpnylen Lt E39I QM Targe Blankcharge Nylon macroprojectile FHM39 nssue Pamde Gun Arti ciallylnduced Competence Electroporation Generalized Transduction K M Phaga r a a mmmg Danish innsl DNA wwmn Phage Tunsducmg nail u Iranmuclmn emuc recumhmminn W has DNA bpeclallzed lransductlon NW E E e m w 0 3910 Transfection Finding the Right Clone 492009 492009 Using the Right Vectors m prummer l 0 5m Az lad Polylinku kloning site n Iz Ovigin ol DNA rephmm psmu nvnmgen Cam Amemampany Polylinker Site rm mumquot 52mm xm unavaununmu cn z can Kavnusuaaccnancncnu Synm pnminku um Hgnse Plasmid Ioumq vecm cleaved with mm Hinge nmo veuul nu uunmg Pro and Eukaryolic Vector It furE cvfand Yeas t WA j ievmmatmand i rpn p Poiylinku darling sin 492009 Cloning from Eukaryolic mRNA unjmm m Finding a Gene from Protein Structure on39ein HzN m im ii ii iimmn Pnssihle Inllllwdalls i 3 MIA nllgnnmlmldu posxlhll pram lArltulurccvnruvts lllt lln l 639l 39lt 39lt539 lllltllvAcv ileuvts39 YAKAKKA39ALV EIIVIKG39Cs39 audio on Prehmd nun sequelquot hand an m organism39s odnn hills lelcuvniuvnltntr Getting Genes into Plants no 492009 Agrobacten umis a Plant Pathogen Athauulium m Agrobacterium Ti plasmid Ti tumor inducing 25 bp repeats Ti plasmid mm p Wham izemsyiingnne Agmbazmmm ell Plzm II quothashes 39 ins lsy auxlnsx akin achvaluwrggnes u m copy a 7 DNA is 5 Innslarred and magmed into a v plinuhrnmosame 7 w Plan A nncl Q 492009 Auxins CH2C00 N H lndoleacetate Opines N quot H quotINA M H Elc NH CH1 c coo g7NK1ltK1gtCI7COU 2 M m M Na Hoor 39ouc cNm lN coo39 Dcmpine Novaline No CHz KNDNh Cl z N n Hx 7HzJ27N oaquot u Maunopine 492009 Cyfokinins HOCH H CH 2 c 3 CH CH 2 4 H cu3 quotgt N H H Zeatin lsopemenyl adenine i6 Ada m Aswan u a n mum wilhav V I am I 15 hu man 725 b may x s e animy n mimm angn gm a na39uvaamwnuna m where I is um Asgggrx 492009 Lea segmenls at transferred m agar dish 7A9 plile with gromh hnrmanesand kanamydn Plants are regeneraud from he segmznts Thes kanamyzinr 1 resislam plants mmainmelngn gum mummy mmquot 492009 1 quotRuurvd Up Munsantu Carp Soybeans resistant to Glyphosate in a Field Treated with Glyphosate 39O P CHz NH cuz c0039 Glyphosate Tobacco Plants and Bt toxin Gene in chloroplasts BI 55 EMAs lumhgens s with Armyworm Larvae a Normal plant b Plant with El toxin gene in chloroplast b 7 492009 Tomato Plant with Bacillus thuringensis toxin Vaccines in Plants m n mm lim 2 mm wrulIln n b M m w mm H in owtn mm m w mm m in vain 1 Volmin vneclnl mt xm m m in mm M tmvlmld n m wwmummmm 7mm mum mum mum mmumy m y mm Indunrulyquot 1cman wm39 mu nma mmquot


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