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Accounting Information Systems

by: Gwen Kilback

Accounting Information Systems ACG 4401

Marketplace > Florida International University > Accounting > ACG 4401 > Accounting Information Systems
Gwen Kilback
GPA 3.82

Antoinette Lynch

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About this Document

Antoinette Lynch
Class Notes
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This 16 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gwen Kilback on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ACG 4401 at Florida International University taught by Antoinette Lynch in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/221819/acg-4401-florida-international-university in Accounting at Florida International University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
EIIIIIIHIINKQV 1mm um i Ilill um i mm quotquot U C U ITI Z 0 O 3 1 gt E 0 2 9 I l39l39l l 39U 71 C l E Z I Electronics Specnolls r PERDISCO VIRTUALTUTOR ELECTRONICS SPECIALIST STUDENTCOMPANION amp lIELPFULHINTS STUDENTCOMPANION amp HELPFULHINTS Electronics Specialist Accounting Practice Set Using Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting 2011 VidualTulor US GAAP Edition 3 This student companion to the VirtualTutor Electronics Specialist accounting practice set using Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting 2011 provides you with information about how the VirtualTutor practice set works and how to benefit from the Peachtree Learning Center It describes what you will experience when you complete your practice set and provides some helpful hints to get you through This companion is based on the experiences of and feedback from the thousands of students who have completed our accounting practice sets before you Taking the time to read and understand the information provided here will enhance your overall experience and help you avoid the common mistakes that students make when completing the practice set This STUDENTCOMPANION amp HELPFULHINTS contains the following sections How the VirtualTutor practice set works 3 The Peachtree Learning Center 6 The biggest hint to ensure your success 12 Other helpful hints 13 How the VirtualTutor practice set is graded 15 Conclusion and how to get technical help This student companion is not a detailed set of instructions for how to undertake the practice set It is just a simple overview of what you will experience The detailed instructions you need are provided online on every page ofthe practice set and you should read and follow those instructions carefully PAGE 2 PEACHTREE ELECTRONICS SPECIALIST US GAAP EDITION 3 VPU3f PERDISCO VIRTUALTUTOR ELECTRONICS SPECIALIST STUDENTCOMFANION amp HELPEULiIINTS How the VirluolTulor practice set works This is a computerized practice set The VirtualTutor Electronics Specialist practice set requires you to use Peachtree to complete a one month accounting cycle for one business from a range of ctional retail businesses that supply electronic goods The practice set is designed to be a similar experience to completing paperbased practice set books except that this practice set and its associated learning resources are delivered online using a web browser together with the Peachtree so ware that you must install locally on your computer The accounting cycle implemented in your practice set is shown below This practice set adopts a compulerize approach This means it requires you to complete the accounting cycle of your allotted c m y using Peachtree You can learn about the key so ware features used in this practice set by working through the Peachtree Learning Center which is explained in the next section During the accounting cycle you will create and set up company records in Peachtree record transactions and generate nancial reports using Peachtree To allow your progress to be regularly monitored you will required to transcribe your results from Peachtree to our ractice set website and answer questions about Peachtree on an ongoing basis Our regular feedback will help you identify and x your mistakes as early as possible to prevent those mistakes being carried forward throughout the rest of your practice set By the end of this practice set you will have obtained realworld experience in using Peachtree and should be able to p rform many activities in this o ware th t com I performed by p ofessional accountants You will understand the bene ts of using a computerized accounting system which include automatic posting of transactions and builtin internal control measures that prevent records from being deliberately modi ed PAGE 3 FEACHTREE ELECTFUNICS EyFECIALIST US BAN EDITIUN 3 VFUSII PERDISCO VIRTUALTUTOR ELECTRONICS SPECIALIST STUDENTCOMFANION amp HELPFULilINTS The practice set helps you using its VirluolTutor Technology i 30 1 39 r 39 our VirtualTutor functionality to provide you with realtime feedback ou uloGere functionality to score your attempts automatically 1 1 o o o o r r J J a and 0 our AnliCheol functionality to deliver a different version to every student in your course Your VirtualTutor Electronics Specialist practice set is divided into 14 sections that are submitted to our website as separate units of work Each of the sections provides activities that you must perform in Peachtree and contains reports andor questions to verify that those activities have been performed correctly As you submit each section Perdisco s AutoGrade functionality determines your score and our VirtualTutor technology provides feedback on your attempt to date If errors are made you will be prompted to c rrect those errors to ensure those mistakes are not carried throughout your entire pra i e set Of course our BackonTrack functionality does not change the score you have achieved so far But it does ensure that an early mistake is simply a learning experience that does not continue to unduly lower your overall score Have you made errors in your Peachtree files rm su r if your mistakes are Errors in yaur Peachtree company data than Kl gt5 very vmumant that you nnw use me cam solutions we have provxded 0 you to my your combany data backonvlrack If you do not WISE ynur errorsv they will nnkinue to impact future gages a your Wamte set resulting in you mmmumg to lose additional points 5 mlm Once you have xed your hrree agaln and Regular backups At different points in time you will be reminded to back up your company data les to prevent accidental loss of work The Learning Center provides instructions on how to erform backups and retrieve information from backup les We will ask 0 t i ica e your agreement to perform regular backups and you will be regularly prompted to ful ll this agreement throughout your practice set Specific agreement F practice set But what happens if you nevertheless irretrievably lose or corrupt your Peachtree data les Do not worry Fortunately all of our practice set pages are designed to ensure that you can recreate your data les again from the very beginning of your practice set should disaster strike and your backups not be available Under such circumstance ou can and will be expected to recover from your disaster using the existing information on your current practice set page T is approach ensures that your score to date remains intact and that you can rebuild your own le again However to save yourself time and effort should a disaster strike we strongly recommend that you follow our advice and keep regular backups of your work PAGE 4 FEACHTREE ELECTPUNICS EyFECIALIST US BAN EDITIUN 3 VFUSII PERDISCO VIRTUALTUTOR ELECTRONICS SPECIALIST STUDENTCOMFANION amp HELPFULHINTS Tracking progress This practice set is a large activity that is expected to take between 12 to 20 study hours to complete over many days or weeks Don t leave it to the last minute Do not expect to complete the practice set the night before it is due you will just not have enough time to nish it To help you understand where you are up to in the practice set you are provided with a progress map The map shown on the right at a very early stage of the practice set is in the format of a puzzle that you complete piece by piece until you reach the end of your practice set This progress map provides a visual image showing you what you have done the faded completed pieces where you are right now the highlighted active piece and what still remains to be completed the grey puzzle background with its directional arrow Below the progress map you are shown the percentage of the practice set you have lready completed based on the estimated study hours for each section You are also told how many study hours the current section might take and how many study hours are likely to remain before the practice set is fully completed You also receive information on your progressive score so that you know the points available on each page of the practice set and so you are aware of ho well you have performed and so you can realize the opportunity that remains to improve you nal score Note that you can only move in a forward direction Once a pag is submitted it is not possible to return to that page or to change the answers submitted on that page It is however possible to bookmark your current page prior to submitting it and to return to that page at a later date This allows you to complete your practice set over multiple settings lnformalion from previous pages In addition to the progress map every page of the practice set provides links to all of the information required to complete the current page as well as all of the information 39om all previous pa es This includes the back rou d information on the company and its accounting policies the transactions to be recorded and so on While you cannot literally go backwards to previous pages all of the information on those pages is always available PAGE 5 FEACHTREE ELECTPUNICS frFECIALIST US BAN EDITIUN 3 VFUSII Your progress wen u tummnun w39wurai comm 5 L mm Vuh ucuou mm Wan mu m nunuuzuon nnu rc Ann mum mm mhnrrmun rum wanna mum mg buy WM Ionianquot run nu wnnlu Hum mmu rrr onmmrou Harman y mum mm m I run J Completed 3 approximately This pagewilluke uploShours l Remaining page will rake un lo 17 5 news The tinre mees we provide are a guide only I may take you more or I mu m amplele and step Vour grading Vour grading aurcome slill in progress Points priurlo this page 15 24 Pninls on Ihis page Paints alter lhls page Tclal Information from previous pages W Company in 0 8r accounting policies I Info about the company data le etug Information Transactions IISE PERDISCO VIRTUALTUTOR ELECTRONICS SPECIALIST STUDENTCOMPANION amp lIELPFULiIINTS The Peachtree Learning Center The Peachtree Learning Center is speci cally designed to help you learn how to use the Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting so ware Since the Learning Center is available online you can access our extensive learning resources at any t39me to learn the so ware at your own pace Video tutorials numerous screen illustrations and detailed stepbystep instructions explain key so ware features so that you do not feel intimidated or overwhelmed if you have never used an accounting so ware package before The Peachtree Learning Center is at wwwperdiscocompeachtreeLearning mmlmmumw Perdisco s authors and instructional team have specially designed the Peachtree Learning Center as a fully integrated learning resource for our Peac ree practice set As well as being openly available outside your practice set the Learning Center is built into the practice set itself This means you will be able to access the Learning Center from within your practice set as and when you require the support that it affords Fumu mummith nuqu totmu an m lmwninc quotmom mm m PAGE 6 FEACHTREE ELECTPUNICS EyFECIALIST US BAN EDITIUN 3 VFLISII PERDISCO VIRTUALTUTOR ELECTRONICS SPECIALIST STUDENTCOMPANION amp HELPFULHINTS What you will experience Introduction to the company and its accounting policies You will commence your practice set with some initial exercises that are not scored but that introduce you to how the practice set works The company that has been assigned to you is then introduced the company in the following illustration is HiFi Way along with its owner its industry and its accounting policies and procedures Here is an example of the accounting policies and procedures that you are asked to read and implement during your recording oftransactions n m Vaw Favorites w ml ii I 2v ty1stamtwk instructions Read the rauawnq acmuntinq names and nmtedures I veachuee Accounting policies and procedures for HiFi Way a Busing DDEVBliuns HrFI Way was set up as a nmaratmn based In Chicago and ames Ils mam so rte of revenue from retail sales of EIEL KVUI39IKC quads Rasallne REVIEIHI the sole stockholder Is heavily Involved In the running of the business She has also appointed a sales consultant and an accountant You to work at the store an a fulHume bas sv c sales tax The business Is a Iagislered enuty for sales lax numoses and collects syn sales ax an all items sold to customers were that the busmesi holds a resellers em tate so I IS not name to pay sales tax on Durchases o1 Inventory Ne sales tax KS due tu be remitted dunnu the munth a May Creating and setting up company records in Peachtree Next you will create a company data le in Peachtree and set up the company s chart of accounts its vendors customers employees and inventory items To distinguish your company data le 39om others you are required to put your own name or other unique identi er as speci ed in your practice set website rreate a New Company Lumuany Inrurmahnu Enter your company information mde WWW um New m AddressLlnal IW fodeulEmnlnyulD 7252mm lemme mam MW mmqu G W SLUanIaMID W mmJuan mmne wasquot I m r emu Note you im edit lhls Inlnrmntlon alm yum company ls treated e PAGE 7 FEACHTREE ELECTPUNICS SPEC IALIST US ISAAP EDITIUN 3 VFLISII PERDISCO VIRTUALTUTOR ELECTRONICS SPECIALIST STUDENTCOMPANION amp lIELPFULlIINTS Practice transaction To ensure that you know how to record a basic transaction into Peachtree you will be asked to illustrate how a simple cash transaction should be entered into a replica of the Write Checks window that is provided n your practice set we site A er assessing your answ monstrating ow to enter the transaction correctly you will then be instructed to record that rst transaction into Peachtree Write Checks HlFI Way Cash accounl Vendwnll Descnpllon Recording transactions using Peachtree You are provided with a transaction list broken into periods early month mid month and late month and asked to record those transactions into Peachtree Here is a sample transaction list your actual transactions the items involved the dates suppliers customers and amounts will all be different to the sample below EarIy May 2009 Dale Transaclion description 1 simple inleresi 119 at 5 per ye Check No m Retzlpl Nu lnlems on ma luau am payable In six months Irma Received Check Na 22 tram Pikez m the mu amn u Retain Ho 6214 Issued Check No 4019 W 51810 In D supplies 13 The pnnmpzl and moms Invoice No 3123 eam plus 5 sales tax sales lax the last week dime mamh At the end of each period a er recording the given transactions you will be required to prepare a bank deposit ticket in Peachtree for any check received during that period PAGE 8 FEACHTREE ELE TPUNICS EyFECIALIST US BAN EDITIUN 3 VFLISII PERDISCO VIRTUALTUTOR ELECTRONICS SPECIALIST STUDENTCOMPANION amp lIELPFULIIINTS Finding and xing transaction errors part of this practice set you will be asked to nd and modify a partly paid purchase transaction that was recorded earlier in Peachtree T is exercise is included to ensure that you know how to x transaction errors in your own data les and it is also a useful skill to have in real work situations A er the relevant changes are made in Peachtree you will be asked to provide the balances of affected vendor accounts JCN Electrical Questions aboui Peachtree You will answer a number of questions about Peachtree to con rm that you have correctly used Peachtree to perform the required tasks and record transactions39 Rosilv below 1 From the Navigation Bar dick Banking 2 in me Eankina Tasks semun click the Recentile Accounts icon Seim me P When 3 details is malkEd as clear ms sum ndepnsiis iii iisiisii decreases r When a check is malked as cisai ms sum nioiiisiaiioiiig checks inciessos check mavk miisi noi he placed iii 12 Sums caiiimii iai max deposit You will need to use your own data les to answer the given questions Aka you have nlshcd reabnq me momma dnanatl ticket Iquot aozhnen Rocallnc who you to vermin the iollawma steps to open ma daousm ticket that you have DFEVIQUSIY created Thequot in me table below retard me running totals mat are shown at the bottom oi the Select for Deposit Window 1 mm the Navigation Bar c the Bankinu button 2 In the Banking Tasks section disk the Eank Deposits izon 3 to the Bank Denoslts icon a Peachtree Total Cash Tomi new Total misi Tulal Deposit PAGE 5 PEI CHTREE ELEC TPUNICS SPEC IALIST US ValWP EDITIUN 3 VFLISII PERDISCO VIRTUALTUTOR ELECTRONICS SPECIALIST STUDENTCOMFANION amp HELPFULHINTS Trial balance You will generate a trial balance using Peachtree a er recording a group of transactions into your Peachtree data les You will then input your results into your practice set website for grading and feedback and to help keep your Peachtree data les on track Her Way General Ledger Trial Balalme As I May 5 2009 Bank reconcillalion At the end of the month you will complete the bank reconciliation print the account reconciliation report from Peachtree and then complete the following bank reconciliation report on your practice set w bsite H Way Account Reconciliation As of May 31 2009 1020 Checking Account Bank Statement Date May 31 2009 Begwllng GL Balance Add Cash Recelpls Less Casthshmsemenls Add Less Oth Ending 6L Balance Endlng Bank Balance Adjusling enlries You will then record the required adjusting entries in the general journal using Peachtree Types of adjustments required Aftel adlustments below A rd me and of Mav a neuveaauon on Pro r E I 5375 Interest accrue 7 she ean from Unde o Rent axmrea durln t A st uncan ls 550 of l 5722 worth of suDDl lad the month nl May I 51357 of accounts re able is expected to be uncullemble FAGEl F EACHTREE ELEC TPUN ll 1 n ClALlST US SAN EE lTlUN 3 lVFLlSH PERDISCO VIRTUALTUTOR ELECTRONICS SPECIALIST STUDENTCOMPANION amp HELPFULHINTS Inventory receivables and payables information A er recording adjusting entries you will then generate the inventory valuation report the aged receivables report and t e aged payables report in Peachtree You will then transcribe your answers into your practice set websI e Inventory Valuation Report As or May 31 2009 Financial statements Finally you will use Peachtree to generate your nancial statements The balance sheet is pictured with the chart of accounts shown as a popup over the top of the balance sheet You will e your Peachtree output to construct your nancial statements on your practice set website by selecting the correct accounts from a full chart of accounts for your individual company HiFl Way Balance Sheet ASSETS Current Assets 51 5 I It d Chart of accounts m r X r H720 Chuckmgkvcwm r m mnnnwm r 51 newmumnmn WWW P 12m Invcmury wenan Total Current Assets n ma emswm mmmtm r mm Er mu unna quot Printing reports In addition to completing the above activities on your practice set website you will be asked to print a list of reports and p rmane t y of your work in Peachtree Please refer to your course outline to nd out whether you are required to perform other tasks at the end of your assignment PAGE H FEACHTREE ELECTPUNICS EyFECIALIST US BAN EDITIUN 3 VFLISII PERDISCO VIRTUALTUTOR ELECTRONICS SPECIALIST STUDENTCOMPANION amp HELPFULHINTS The biggest hint to ensure your success Your really only need one hint Almost all concerns and misunderstandings would never arise if all students applied one piece of advice Please read and follow all instructions providedquot Almost without fail every student query that reaches our support team is because that student has not read the instructions we provided to them The practice set has been carefully designed so that all the information you require is on the page that you need it If you read and follow all of our instructions you will signi cantly increase your chance of performing well We have thousands of students across the US Australia New Zealand and Asia regularly completing the various practice set titles in our catalog Our design approach coupled with ongoing feedback from so many students means we can assure you that all of the information and instructions that you need really do already exist If you do not understand an instruction or if you nd the information provided to be ambiguous our experience shows us that it is likely your own academic preparation is incomplete and you should review the Peachtree Learning Center your course yourtextbook and any other study materials before proceeding We try to help you to help yourself by asking you to read some simple instructions all of which are designed to help you succeed we even ask you to agree that you have read them General instructions WAIT Please read diis may Impact your grades Please carefully read he rnsu umnns below to ensure you ccmnlerelv understand me practice set39s functionality r lundelsland and agree Despite this many students choose not to read the instructions and then submit their agreement without truly spending the time necessary to help them maximize their chance of success Please do not let this be you As a result the biggest hint to ensure your success is Please take the time to read all of the instructions seek to understand each one and then apply it when completing your practice set quot PAGE 12 PFAPHTREE EL ISTu u VPU r PERDISCO VIRTUALTUTOR ELECTRONICS SPECIALIST STUDENTCOMFANION amp lIELPFULlIINTS Other helpful hints Read and apply the exact policies and procedures provided While some aspects of accounting are governed by principles and standards there remain many different ways of undertaking the daytoday accounting activities that comprise the accounting cycle This includes different policies for recognizing revenue and expenses recording transactions creating deposit tickets classifying accounts into reporting categories and so on In the practice set you are the accountant for a speci c company and you are prior experience to guide ou a w to enter information in the practice set When 0 this note that the accounting polici and procedures for the company you are allocated are likely to differ from those in your textbook and from those of other companies you may have worked in Be careful that any examples you review or memories that you call on are appropriate for the practice set If you ap ly an accounting policy that is different from the one you were instructed to use even if your approach is reasonable or valid in some other context you will be graded as incorrect Review accounting cycle and Peachtree concepts The Electronics Specialist practice set is designed for introductory and intermediate accounting courses and you are expected to have studied the accounting cycle and the concepts covered in the Peachtree Learning Center Before starting your Electronics Specialist practice set it will help if you have reviewed your work on the accounting cycle and are familiar with the key sottware functionality covered in the Peachtree Learning Center You can only move forward You can only move in a forward direction through the practice set Once a page is submitted it is not possible to return to that page or to change the answers submitted on that page It is however possible to print a page bookmark it work on the printed information of ine and then return to the practice set website to submit your bookmarked page some days later Note that the bookmark functionality does not save unsubmitted answers This means that it is best to only enter your answers on a page when you are ready to submit that entire page e 39tems there is no need to worry While you cannot go backwards to see those pages again all of the information you need to complete any future page of the practice set is provided on that future page including the policies and procedures and your transaction list Being accurate will earn you points Like any accounting activity the practice set requires you to manipulate numbers with precision Unfortunately incorrect dates transposition errors transcn39ption errors and calculation errors are common mistakes that students make in their practice set These errors will be treated as incorrect and points will not be scored This is reasonable for an activity and a profession that demands accuracy To ensure you don t miss out on points check and double check all of yourwork before you submit it FAGEIS FEACHTREE ELECTPUNICS EyFECIALIST US BAN EL ITIL N 3 VFLISII PERDISCO VIRTUALTUTOR ELECTRONICS SPECIALIST STUDENTCOMFANION amp lIELPFULiIINTS Remember to identify missing line items Er the VirtualTutor provides you en dback you Will see a green check mark if M way Gclmml Ledgur lrml swam As 939 May a I 2pm incorrect If you forget to enter a line item altogether there can be no su h 39sual display This is where the model solution is particularly useful The cross in the example on the right clearly shows that the Allowance for Doubtful Account line is incorrect the wrong amount The um way 5mm Ledqer um Balance Asol Mal31 2am obvious once the model solution is reviewed use To avoid making the same mistake twice you 39 7quot quot should be on the lookout for such items when reviewing yourfeedback Use a supported browser The practice set but not the Peachtree software itself may be completed on a ows or Macintosh computer but you should only use one of the web browsers that the practice set supports Internet Explorer 6 Safari 3 and Firefox 1 This is important because the practice set uses technologies that older versions o browsers andor lesser kno n browsers do not support Please note that the Peachtree software only runs on the Microsoft Mndows operating system The practice set can be accessed from any internet connected computer at any time of day and you do not need to be online for quot quot quot quot ofquot r quot 39 4 work of ine Here is some guidance on using your browser to submit the practice set 0 Take care to press the submit button only when you are actually ready to submit your answers To prevent mistakes you are asked to con rm your submission Despite this students commonly report they accidentally submitted a page Please read all messages to ensure that this does not happen to you 0 Do not use either your browser s stop or refresh buttons Pressing the stop button of your browser will not stop the submission of a age but could result in you not receiving all of your feedback A similar situation can happen if you press the refresh button of your browser Ensure you allow yourself enough time Last but not least is one of the most common hints for any and all of your study activities at university college and school Don t leave it to the last minute as The practice set is a large activity that is expected to take between 12 to 20 study hours to complete over multiple days or weeks Pace yourself Do not expect to complete the practice set the night before it is due you will just not have enough time to nish it Note that the early pages require you to enter many transactions so you should allocate enough time to complete them accurately Each section of the practice set suggests how man study hours may be needed to complete that section but subject to an your instructor you should proceed through the practice set at your own pace FAGEId FEACHTREE ELECTPUNICS EyFECIALIST US BAN EDITIUN 3 VFLISII PERDISCO VIRTUALTUTOR ELECTRONICS SPECIALIST STUDENTCOMPANION amp IIELPFULHINTS How the VirtualTutor practice set is graded You will be graded out of more than four hundred points The practice set assigns more than four hundred 400 points in its grading scheme and achieves very fine grained control over grading outcomes As a result there is no need to become concerned about a minor mistake you may make such as a wrong total because the depth of our AutoGrade algorithms ensure that your final grade will be a genuine indication of the overall trend of your performance in the practice set as a whole It is unlikely that your score will be materially impacted by just a single mistake To provide guidance the break down of scores for your Electronics Specialist practice set is errors TOTAL 100 At the end of your assignment you will be asked to print a list of reports and keep a permanent record of your reports Your instructor may or may not request you to submit some of this material at the end of your assignment Please refer to your own course outline for guidance Not every check mark or cross is equal Not every check mark or cross is of an equal value Instead points are weighted to reflect the academic difficulty of the concept or transaction being tested the relative difficulty or importance of the concept compared to other concepts and transactions the extent to which we have provided guidance on the concept in the Peachtree Learning Center whether this is the first or a subsequent instance of this particular concept or transaction the amount of study time and effort required to perform any calculations or consequential totals and the dependence of that response on any prior responses to reduce the impact of followon errors The point penalty as sociated with follow on errors is minimized For the most part our VirtualTutor functionality provides feedback on the outcomes that you should get if the given tasks are performed correctly If you make mistakes our backontrack functionality will prompt you to fix those errors as soon as possible to avoid those mistakes being carried throughout the rest ofthe practice set PAGE 15 PEACHTREE ELECTRONICS SPECIALIST US GAAP EDITION 3 VPU3T39 PERDISCO VIRTUALTUTOR ELECTRONICS SPECIALIST STUDENTCOMPANION amp IIELPFULIIINTS Points are not deducted for incorrect answers If your response is incorrect our AutoGrade algorithms will award no points for such a response Incorrect answers never result in points being deducted from your aggregate score Hm Way General Ledger Yrial Balance As or May 31 2009 Implication A red cross shown against a response such as that in the trial balance above indicates that the response is not correct and that no points have been awarded for that response However such a red cross never means that points have been deducted from your score Conclusion and how to get technical help Good luck with the completion of your VirtualTutor practice set Remember the best source ofhelp is usually the Peachtree Learning Center at wwwperdiscocompeachtreeLearning If you encounter technical dif culties with the practice set our customer support team is available to help you with computer related issues Use the following details to contact our support team and we undertake to respond to all emails within one business day and o en much sooner US and Canada 18008081494 International 612 9281 0669 EU on erdlscocom EU on erdlscocom Please understand that our customer support team are not accounting instructors and cannot help you with academic queries If you have any questions that are of an academic nature you will need to see our instructor Our customer support team is also unable to provide time extensions or additional attempts at the practice set such special considerations can only be granted by your instructor You should also be aware that Peachtree is a thirdparty so ware application written by Sage Soitware a com any not associated with Perdisco in any way Other than the 39ee tutorials and instructional videos in the Peachtree L ing Cente Perdisc cannot provide installation or technical support for Peachtree Should you need customer support or echnical assistance that goes beyond the free help in the Peachtree Learning Center then you can obtain that support directly 39om Sage So ware Your student license entitles you to the same customer service and support options that are available from Sage So ware for all of its licensed Peachtree users Please that some of the support services provided by Sage may incur additional fees More information is available from Sage So ware at wwwpeachtreecom Best wishes for all of your studies this semester 39om the team at Perdisco FAGEIE PEI CHTREE ELEC TPUNICQ SPEC IALIST US ISAAP EL ITILIN 3 VFLISII


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