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Intro Analyt Chem

by: Celestine Raynor V

Intro Analyt Chem CHM 3120

Celestine Raynor V
GPA 3.76

John Berry

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About this Document

John Berry
Class Notes
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This 15 page Class Notes was uploaded by Celestine Raynor V on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHM 3120 at Florida International University taught by John Berry in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see /class/221830/chm-3120-florida-international-university in Chemistry at Florida International University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
Tlllll Gull Flllllli llll T and Th 1230 145 PM CP 197 John P Berry Ph D OfficeLab CP 346 University Park 354332 Marine Science Building Biscayne Bay Campus Email Tel 305 9194569 Quannrazwe Chemical Analysls pm r Nwn Analyte Substances being measuredquot Species any chemical of interest in the analysisquot lil m COG i v e i Clinical Laboratories Forensic Laboratories Environmental Laboratories ManufacturingIndustry Research Others Un Literature Search An 1 Formulating the Ques tIon 2 Selecting the Analytical Procedure n5 Relicate Samples Homogenous vs Heterogeneous Samples Random Heterogeneous vs Segregated Heterogeneous Formulating the Ques tIon Selecting the Analytical Procedure Sampling 1 Formulating the Question 2 Selecting the Analytical Procedure 3 Sam lin 4 Sample Preparation measure mass of analyte or related compound L Jc 39 m ure volume of solution containing suf cient reagent to react completely with the analyte Jamal measure electrical properties such as poten ial current resistance and quantity of electricity 1 1c measurement based on interaction ofelectromagnetic radiation and analyte n measure of mass to charge ratio mz of analyte the eg radioactive decay heat ofreaction op ical activity re 39active index rate of reaction 1 Formulating the Question 2 Selecting the Analytical Procedure 3Sam lin 4 Sample Preparation I 1 Formulating the Question 2 Selecting the Analytical Procedure 3 Sam lin 4 Sample Preparation 5 Analysis r st 1 mole 6 022 x 1 particles eg atoms molecules ions t mi Mass number of grams containing Avogadro39s fatoms A c number 6 022 x1 0 Molecular Mas number of grams containing Avogadro39s number 6 022 x1 ofmolecules sum of atomic masses of elements in a molecule k solutn slurry suspensionquot eg Sugar in water 1O eg Hydrocarbon solute in Hexane solvent Hydrophilic Compounds ElectrolytesIonic Species poph IcquotquotHydropnobicquot 11 Example 01 mol NaCI 2 L ofaqueous solution NaCI NaCI 0120 molL 005 molL Example 1 9 NaCl 2 L of aqueous solution NaCI Molecular Mass NaCI 229 gmol Na 3545 gmol CI 5844 gmol 1 g 5844 gmol 0017 mol NaCI NaCI 00085 M Example 117 x106 mol NaCI 1000 9 water NaCI 13 Density of Water 1 gmL gt Each 1 Aueous Solution 1 9100 mL mi dilute solution Mass of Substance x 106 Mass of SolutionMixture Mass of Substance x 109 Mass of SolutionMixture 14 r Molarity ofconcentrated Ion Volume of concentrated on MM Molarity of dilution Vm Volume of dilution


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