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History Of Ideas

by: Ara Kassulke

History Of Ideas HUM 3306

Ara Kassulke
GPA 3.73

Bruce Harvey

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About this Document

Bruce Harvey
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ara Kassulke on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HUM 3306 at Florida International University taught by Bruce Harvey in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see /class/221832/hum-3306-florida-international-university in Humanities at Florida International University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
Click for a quotpdfquot printfriendly version of this file HUM 3306 online History of deasThe Age of Enlightenment to the Age of Anxiety Summer A 2007 Profs Harvey amp Fantina THE SCIENTIFIC REVOLUTION amp THE PROTESTANT REFORMATION THAT PRECEDES THE ENLIGHTENMENT First let s get a sense of the vast sweep of history Historical Era Labels dates are rough Medieval 9001300Renaissance 13001650Enlightenment 16801780Romantic 17801830Victorian 18301900Modern Buildings amp Work castles fartnries malls feudal relations wage slaveryindustrial capitalism consumerism Human Waste Sanitation into the moat or wnnris glitters sewers flush toilets Tools of War swords mlns Irannnn gatling gun rockets Coffee why the Renaissance was so creativeurban coffeenewspaper culture Generation Famous Representative Artists Thinkers Chaucer 39 39 Ren Franklin Inhn Keats Dickens Andy Warhol Some of my items above are intended to be whimsical but that said you39d know a lot about cultural history if you really understood the castlefactorymall sequence Now ponder the Medieval to Renaissance theological worldview that preceded the scientific worldview which the Enlightenment era introduced The main component of the former worldview is known as the Great Chain of Being which organized all of naturethe cosmos by hierarchy rather than scientific objectivity Etext Great Chain of Being quotWikiquot article amp illustration O The hierarchy covers the entirety of creation and beings from rocks and turnips yes that39s right even vegetables are ranked to angels It is divinely determined which means power relations and positions within the hierarchy cannot be questioned 0 Supernatural God although above fallen nature nonetheless intervenes or extends Godhood everywhere The vast spread of creation that falls below the total perfection of God becomes by degrees less perfect and comparatively inferior man has a weakened degree of God s reason animals lack reason and women being daughters of Eve have less reason than men Some minerals diamonds have more quotvirtuequot a Renaissance term that combines our sense of quotpowerquot and quotexcellencequot and quotstatusquot than others trees are better than shrubs horses are better than swine etc Satan is defined as evil but also as the final nadir the complete antithesis of God s plentitude O The self is viewed in terms of castelike statusquo hierarchies king knightpeasant not capitalistic possessive selfhood in which one as a free entrepreneur acquires propertywealth and is a freeagent in one39s destiny Let39s now more methodically distinguish what the three cultural period labelsthe Scientific Revolution the Protestant Reformation and the Enlightenmentmean Read the brief Encarta articles below which provide important background to understanding the Enlightenment era The links take you to printable texts click on the icons at the top right corner of these pages to view multimedia versions of the essays EtextEncarta Scientific Revolution Etext Encarta Reformation Etext Encarta Enlightenment


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