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Found Interpreting

by: Cicero Kertzmann

Found Interpreting SPT 3812

Cicero Kertzmann
GPA 3.71

Karen Borgenheimer

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About this Document

Karen Borgenheimer
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cicero Kertzmann on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SPT 3812 at Florida International University taught by Karen Borgenheimer in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see /class/221833/spt-3812-florida-international-university in Spanish at Florida International University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
Principles of Ethics MEDICAL vs LEGAL Two Poles of Interpreter Ethics Medical and legal situations place different ethical requirements on the interpreter The medical interpreter has an obligation to actively facilitate the communication process exible role The legal interpreter has an obligation to act only as a conduit and not to interfere at all except when absolutely necessary to prevent serious miscommunication or communication breakdown strict role We will consider medical interpreter ethics rst and legal interpreter ethics later However these must be seen as two poles of a continuum with in nite gradations in between Each interpreting situation requires that the interpreter find an appropriate stance in that continuum either toward a more exible facilitator s role or strictly as an uninvolved translator COMPLIANCE PRIORITY Sometimes you will nd that the different roles you are called upon to play and your different loyalties will present you with a dilemma as to what to do or which guidelines and principles to follow This is particularly common in regard to the issue of con dentiality Whenever you nd a con ict among your duties a as a citizen b as an employee of an agency and c as an interpreter observe the following order or priority 1 The Law 2 Agency Policy 3 Interpreter Code of Ethics If you feel that your impartiality and neutrality as an interpreter have been compromised and you are dealing with a sensitive case with potentially serious consequences for the client or patient you should seriously consider withdrawing from this interpreting assignment and suggesting that an uninvolved neutral interpreter be brought in Whenever you play a dual role as an interpreter and agency employee you have a duty to inform the client at the startl that you are primarily an agency employee and not an im artial inter reter and that whatever th sa to ou will NOT be con idential Standards of Practice in Medical Interpreting The following discussion is based on the booklet Medical Interpreting Standards of Practice developed by the Massachusetts Medical Interpreters Association MMIA Task Areas The MMIA identi es the following main areas of the interpreter s job in a medical setting A Interpretation Brie y describe each in your own words 1 Setting the stage 2 Interpreting 3 Managing th e ow of communication 4 Managing the triadic relationship 5 Assisting in closure activities B Cultural Interface Explain and create example C Ethical Behavior Explain and create example A l The Pre Session Conduct an introduction or miniconference with each party in the appropriate language in order to brief them on how to work effectively through an interpreter Model Pre Session Hello My name is I will be your Insert langpage 7 for veri cation pupposes interpreter today Have you worked with an interpreter before generally for patient only Well I d like to review a few quick points to make our communication easier 1 Speak directly to the patient doctor nurse etc as appropriate I will be sitting in the background to allow you to communicate directly with each other 2 I am here mainly to interpret and cannot be answering questions or giving opinions or advice 3 I will be interpreting everything you say exactly as you say it So please speak in relatively short statements and if I give you a signal like this please stop to allow me to interpret so that I don t forget anything you say As an interpreter I have to keep everything that takes place during the interview completely con dential generally for patient only ADDITIONAL HOMEWORK Use this model to write your own presession in English for the doctor and in your other language for the patient Feel free to adapt your instructions to the doctor and patient as you feel appropriate


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