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by: Ashley Blair

Narcissism-Week9.pdf FORP6103

Ashley Blair
GPA 3.5
Theories of Criminal Behavior
Dr. Cooter

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About this Document

Theories of Criminal Behavior
Dr. Cooter
One Day of Notes
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This 1 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Ashley Blair on Wednesday November 19, 2014. The One Day of Notes belongs to FORP6103 at George Washington University taught by Dr. Cooter in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 249 views. For similar materials see Theories of Criminal Behavior in Forensic Psychology at George Washington University.

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Date Created: 11/19/14
Na rcissismWeek 9 Thursday October 23 2014 1054 AM The Concept of the self Focus is not on the relationships bot on one39s view ofthemselves 0 Kohut o Developmental line o Positive self concepts lead to positive relationships o Negative self concepts lead to relationships where the aim is to affirm his or her worth o Or to bolster inner representations ofthe weak self Healthv Narcissism Investing energy in yourself 0 Positive self image will enable one to be able to respond to their own needs but also the needs of others 0 Can display part ofthemselves in positive way o Creativity o Art 0 Everybody is a little narcissistic o Isgood o It gets pathological when it39s too much Pathological Narcissism Primary thought is to bolster a weak or undeveloped self image o It39s a defense mechanism Freud 0 Others are used as tools to prop upthe weak self o Those who do are idealized o Those who don39t idealize are demonized o As even the idealized will fail at times to meet this need they are quickly demonized to make yourself feel better I They will always fail you at one point or another SMIV R Narcissistic Pe rsonalitv Disorder 0 A pervasive pattern ofgrandiosity in fantasy or behavior need for admiration and lack of empathy beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts o Grandiose sense of self importance exaggerates achievement and talents Believe that they are quotspecialquot and should be treated accordingly Sense of entitlement Envious of others and believes others are envious of you o Requires excessive admiration 0 Believes they aren39t good enough and looks to fill that need or void o From bad parentingthey don39t have time for you because they are too busy therefore you are unloveable Grandiosity 0 An inability to see himself or herself realistically 0 Exaggerated sense of self importance o Consciously sees himself or herself as superior I In looks I Power I Achievement o Will consciously lie about accomplishments Sometimes fantasizes about personal stature and relationships Is arrogant in relationships with others o Arrogance motivation is compensatory a defense mechanism o Self confidence the motivation is real healthy self regard How can you tell someone is narcissistic by looking at them o They overstate their case me doth think the lady overstates too much I The story is too good to be real o Their lies are all they have Donald Trump o Has turned his pathology into an art form Narcissisticlniurv 0 The strength of the defense dictates the strength ofthe response when threatened Normal criticisms or even comments can be seen as personal attacks resulting in o Anger o Rage o Shame o Humiliation 0 Resulting in aggression o Ex saying they look tiredquotoh yeah well you look tired Who are you to tell me howl ookquot Neeglfor Replenishment 0 Requires constant admiration o Sometimes expressed in sexual conquest I Its not the sex it39s the dominationquotwe I must be pretty because look who I just slept withquot 0 Others are tools for this which creates on their part o Fatigue as it will never be enough o Confusion as the need may take different forms at different times o Ultimately resentment When combined with antisocial tendencies can be exploitative o The thrill of quotwinningquot No person will ever fill the void because it is a bottomless pit o Results in people leaving because they get sick of it Subtvpes of narcissism Grandiose o DSM Criteria 0 Vulnerable o Socially withdrawn in order to avoid rejection Fantasies ofgrandiosity Labile emotional states Anger Shame OOO Causes 0 Early parenting requires a parent to be a mirror forthe child o The child feels psychologically quotseenquot o Later learns that it comes from one not him or herself o Healthy relationships form 0 Ineffective mirroring results in a child not being quotseenquot and therefore not worthy Narcissism breeds narcissism Narcissism as a defense 0 Largely unconscious activity 0 A weak self concept creates anxiety that other will see deficiency 0 A defense is structured around a pretense ofsuperiority 0 The world and those in it are see through the prism of how well they bolster the defense Failure of Empathy 0 An inability to see others as having needs and desires distinct from oneself An inability to truly love 0 Others are simply means to prop up a weak sense of self Relationships tend to be shallow and sometimes exploitive 0 Relationships tend to be emotionally intense and chaotic Relationshipto criminal behaviors 0 Flows from a failure of empathy 0 Sometimes caused by a need to be seen as the o Best criminal o The most violent o The most clever o The most recognized 0 As its most extreme it is a major part of psychopathy 0 Found in a large proportion of people in jail or prison The Split off personalitv 0 People whose public persona is different from their private persona The quotgoodquot narcissist o Seems to take care of others o Demonstrates what appears to be caring o But there is always the hidden agenda


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