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Adv Software Eng

by: Norris Emmerich

Adv Software Eng CIS 6612

Norris Emmerich
GPA 3.67

Seyedmasoud Sadjadi

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About this Document

Seyedmasoud Sadjadi
Class Notes
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This 18 page Class Notes was uploaded by Norris Emmerich on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CIS 6612 at Florida International University taught by Seyedmasoud Sadjadi in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see /class/221840/cis-6612-florida-international-university in Comm Sciences and Disorders at Florida International University.

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Date Created: 10/12/15
Q1 What featureservice is most useful to you as you work with GT4 Toolkit Can you elaborate on this featureservice The globus build servicesh and globus deploy gar scripts use Ant to create and deploy the GAR le so we don t need to worry about Processing the WSDL le Creating the stub classes from the WSDL Compiling the stub classes Compiling the service implementation Organizing all the les into a very speci c directory structure Also mentioned were the GRAMM and GIS services provided by Globus Q2 The quotGridquot has been around since the mid 1990 s after 10 years of theorydevelopment is GT4 the most developed Grid Toolkit in existence While there is other grid toolkits Globus is considered by some the de facto standard for building Grid solutions According to Ian Foster there is a wide variety of tools for Grid computing such as CondorG MPICHG NimrodG Cactus GridPort NetSolve Ninf Access Grid etc but essentially all build on the Globus Toolkit as infrastructure http www gridforum orgmailiarchive gce g 2002 Archivems g00370html Q3 A key requirement of OGSA is a unique Grid Service Handle pg42 how does the GT4 Toolkit meet this key requirement Globus implements the OGSAspeci ed Grid Service Handle and the Grid Service Reference as networkwide pointers to grid service instances A client application uses these two services to access the services Q4 One of the main challenges with today39s Internet is the amount of useless information out there how does GT4 currently ensure that the services being olTered or registered provide both quality and are in demand Due to the nature of becoming a Grid enabled participant through contracts and terms of fair use for all involved organizations the risk of useless is information is greatly reduced Unlike the commodity Internet which allows anyone to buy some cheap web hosting space and post any information viewed necessary by all individuals Q5 How far is the massadoption of the GT4 Toolkit Are there any quotmarketingquot campaigns to expedite the adoption of this Open standard Globus Alliance wwwglobusorgaliance Globus Consortium www9lobusconsortiumorg Publications CIusterWorId Events and Meetings SC GRID etc Partners in Industry and Academia Communities Q6 Can you compare a stateless vs stateful web service Stateless web services don t remember information from one invocation to another whereas stateful Web Services do When Web Services are used just to create Intemetbased applications with loosely coupled clients and servers they can be stateless The service can be restarted without concern of previous interactions Example the Weather Web Service mentioned in the tutorial When Web Services are used to create Grid Applications they are generally required to be stateful Q7 How effective is the GT4 httpwwwgt4bookcom book in expanding the practical uses of Grid Computing Does the author focus on both scienti c and non scienti c applications running on the Grid Both scienti c and nonscientific applications are provided by the author The book does an adequate job in deploying grid enabled applications services Q8 What purpose does JNDI play within the GT4 environment http java suncomproductsjndi The Java Naming and Directory Interface allow us to build directoryenabled applications This will make our Web service available to client connections through a Web services container A service identi ed by its path will want to locate its resource home It can also interact with a variety of directories such as LDAP Q9 Are there any current GT4 IDE so ware tools Yes there is currently one open source project to accomplish this initiative 7 GT4IDE httpo ht mlrcefnr e t quot com 3 ltemid l Q10 How do you envision the Grid in the future In your opinion how much will GT4 make Grid adoption easier in the future GT4 has been well received but it is not the only toolkit used by virtual organizations to solve their computing adventures The Grid will most likely merge forces with such distributed tools such as P2P and Condor G FIUSCS Online Course Support Student Manual Version 20 By Eduardo Monteiro Introduction This manual assumes that you already have a basic knowledge of how to use a computer including using the intemet and a web browser Please use this manual as a reference when you are navigating through the website This manual will show you how to use the basic features of the website including logging in changing your pro le navigating posting to the forum participating in activities submitting assignments etc If you need any further help please send an email to reguestcsf1uedu 1 Logging In After you have opened up your browser and accessed httponlinecsfiuedu you will see the main page listing all the available courses English en FIUSCS Online Course Support 39 FIUSCS Online Course Support ls a Learning Management Latest News System LMS at allows Professors to publish content and U Hume mama e courses on the web Students enrolled in a course mm 721395V5 em m mm nurses Home g 1 1 I Welcome to curing Course AUL Hume willdbe able to lng alnd Loo lat course content particlpat Hum quotmam MSW Dwnw dg h k h I An Iscusslons own 0a Ies su mlt assignments an panthmu c ec t elr gra es xe Prnblems lugging in 7 Click here if yuu need an account I I Fall 7 Have yuu ever used a ms I lt1 fianuaryfggrS gtj Sun Mun Tue Wed Thu FM Sat Viieiisisii is if 2 J 4 5 a 7 passwm Computer Science Courses 3 a 11 12 13 14 15 CS Electives Set 1 0 1 7 a W Z 2 22 El 1 cs Electives Set 2 o 2 2 2 2 2 2quot ED 31 Information Technology Courses 6 1 IT Electives 1 r 4 I z 9 Computer Science Graduate Courses 1 Sludems If you have any problems logglng in General Semce Courses 0 1 quotquot11 You should find the Login box and put in your usemame and password You can also click on the Login button on the upper right comer of the screen It will take you to the login screen and provide you with more instructions on how to proceed w wgrh nuvngmw WWW st Mmmwmm quot53 lt rzamesr usagequot same trmvsz a Vuu Worms 5 Wm mu m e M wdUMFUWH U mm Tuwsma nJVanmll My 39awn39vwnh u nggmgm mazuzunla39 uravl39 anew uwalawuelt as vewesvr39uedu DEM as meal memronvrmm mun sm r Ha e m Your usemarne rs your JCCL usemarne or the rst part of your FIU emarl Your mxual password rs your PanmerJD You W111 be able to change your password but that comes later rum m 39 m J Iannn ram mms WWW h 4 7 mm m to Ann oarsanmrm 2 Selecting a Course Once you have logged in you can select the course you would like to View Click on the course name and you will be taken to that course s main page Vauirelagged m swam Dema llagau l Emall raju AT c DOT m DOT edu Upcoming Events Class News B Class Furum r First day at classes mm m lmw HZ an M Seammumms as a slim Class Resources NEW Ad Ema12 W Chang WSW A Nut u Gentle lntruductmn tn comma s Nachus Resuurce m Calendar ltlt JanuaryZOOS gtgt mm mm m w m rquot rs E Instructor em 36 m mmm Raju Rangawvaml m m n Faun Lecture TueXday and Thueray 500 pm to 615 pm m VH 131 age v 1is up Of ce hourX TueXday 300 pm to 500 pm 1 chenkin Fm 1h Tel 30573436230 7 39 3 Editing Your Pro le Your pro le is very important for you and your professor By keeping correct information you will avoid problems during assignment submissions and grading To edit your pro le click on the Edit Pro le link on the upper left comer of your course page I Participants I Edit pro le n Forums n Here you can change your information preferred email and create a description for yourself Please make sure all information is correct and feel free to change any desired elds User profile for Student Demo Flrt narne Sluuenl Surname Derna Emall addre W Emall duplay W Emall actlvated W Emall format W Emall dlgen type No dlgestsmgl2 Emall perlarurn post v Forum autoaumcnoe m When edltlng text Use HTML Edltmsom2 blowsels only v cltytown MlamlFL Country W Preferred language Engllsh en v Tlmezone W your current local tlme DeXCrlptlon dese ToWards the bottom of the page you Will see a place to upload a picture This picture should be uploaded by you It Will appear next to all your actions Within the portal The following items are optional Current plcture New plcture Emwse Max lZe ZOMb Web page lCQ number lD number I for tne profexor only Pnone l l for tne profesxor only Pnone 2 for tne profexsor only Addrexx for tne profemor only Upuale pro le Eyery eonyersauon and interaction in the system ls always associated wth aplcture Thls creates a personal look and feel to the site 1 ls a lot better to look at someones faee when nayrng a eonye sauon than to only reaol me worols It also helps the professor r rolenufy andremember you when rneeung m elass 4 Changing Ynur Passwnn l Administration Emalees change pasmld if COP 4225 7 Advanced In your eourse home page you will see on me le nanol srole a llnk that says Change password quot Cllck on n and you wlll be able to elnange yourpassworol All fields are required Uername sluuem Paword New paword New paword again Change passwmd 5 Pns ngtn thefnnlm Eyery eourse should have a News Forurnquot You cannot post new messages t that forurn however you ean reply to posts created by the professor Your professor ean r i 1le vi one ofthose before sending apnvate message to your professor must first select whlch of the forurns to aeeess one To post sornellung m be Forurn you Cllck on u and you should see a page like this i COP 4610 Operating Systems Principles s qmuio Sapicniniums Emma is guugenuaa is in nun Imus Class Clam New and Announcements cnect hi pace for clamrrelated inrorrnation regularlyJ Started by Last post importantl Form Project Group of not more than 2 tudent Raju Rangaswami 0 Tim 30 022004 03 as w rnu 30 022004 02 49 w ciaaa Webrpage Voniaupi Pleae teep oneeting forthe latet Rain Rangaswami 0 Van are lagged in a sum pans iiuauuii VanEver by Maudie In this case this is the news forum so you can t post As you can see there are two posts on this one all of them created by your professor Make sure you read all of them They are announcements and always contain important information You also receive emails every time there is a new post to forums in your classes OK pick a topic and click on it to read it Important Farm Project Groups of not more than 1 students by Raju Rangaswami Thursday 0 naaarnuar20oa owe m Send rne details or your group including 1 Group name no plant ipacex 2 Confidential Group ID 3 digits 3 Group members Names and Panther lDS 4 Chosen Group password only letters and digits no blankx REFN Remember what I said about the pictures It makes it a lot easier to identify who s saying what if you have a face next to it doesn t it Make sure you upload yours ASAP Add a new discussion topic There are no discussion topics yet in this forum You are logged in as Student Demo Logouij Powered by Moudle The forum above is open You can post here Click on Add a new discussion topic ink Every time you create content for the Website you Will do so by using the HTMLArea editor It is a Very easy HTMLtext editor to use If you have eVer used Word you shouldn t have any problems Actually you need no HTML knowledge This editor allows you to format your text the Way you Want it Without Writing a single HTML tag Your new discussion topic Subject lslhss howl pusllu the Forum Message Traburhet v 736pt v Heading v n I gsin x igggalinm E Mimi TuM J ll iltgti i tan use the toolbar above to format my text bold italic underline ser ilaeeae etc i can Change the FONT and forn face i can change the color of the font and the item Write on this Side Madtarev uily 6 l can write in the middle Wmecaremllv 6 I can Write on this side too nskgwaqueswns 0 L AhuunheNTMleduor 3 O are easy Tables Pictures Lists k Plus many other things Feel free to explorel lt Smiley tool Path body Fill out all the required elds and submit the form You Will see your topic With your picture next to it Clam Dicuion Add a new dicuion topic i on howl pot to the Forum7 tudentDemu 0 Eat BJanZOOS as ea w m m lagged m a Smdem Dema Mm mm by Maudie Make sure to check the number of replies for each topic When you enter the forum The Last Post date will also tell you hoW recent the replies are 5 this how I post to the Forum y Student Demo 7 aturuay a January zoos os ou w TM 1 a ten Pleae lgnore 9 Delete Reply J Re Is xhis howl39p39osx b the F rum by Eduardo Muniev ru r Saturday a January zoos as 14 w Nice Test And YES my 1 how you pen to the Forum See you later huwparent mm mm Delete l Reply An email Will be sent to everyone subscribed to that forum Replies are displayed in nested form Just follow the path and you Will read the Whole conversation 6 The Calendar calendar is one of the best features of this Website Every time an assignment is e created by your professor its due date is automatically added to the calendar You c also create your own personal events Which Will be only visible to you Another type of ofclasses etc ltlt January 2005 gtgt Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 2 3 4 5 6 As you can see there i are some events already marked on the calendar Green events are global evens and visible to everyone across the ee eheek out a marked date on your calendar thhout aetuany havmg to enter the ea1ehdar page hover your mouse porhter overthe marked date and alabel wru poprup wnh more rhforrhahor ltlt January 2005 sm Man the Wed m 771 Sat 2 a 4 5 a elm agate ta 20 VS 1 h 7 Submitting Assignments and h rrht hr y hr h hr the course a er all they39re worth pomts and eouht towards your nal grade You eah easrly rdehtrfy assrghmehts by then tech A eategory eaned Assignments wru also show on the Amvmes rhehu i Assignmznls Fnlums 53gt Asstgnmam Click on the assignment lmk and you will be taken to that assignment s desenpuon Make sure you read It all You will see the due date and how many pomts It Is wonh at the top ofthe desenpuon 939 1 Assignment 1 Due date Wednc Maximum grade39 sday 12 Jantary 2005 0400 PM 3 days 22 Hours 10 Assign ment 1 Description n my amgnrnentyou have to erLe a Java program that prmt outyour narne Submission Pteaae zrp at your ource Me and ubmvt mm the box betow Not submitted yet Submit your assignment using this form Emwse Up nadth sme to mu m s swam aw nmur At the bottom you will see the submission box You me gomg to use ns box to submt allyoutwoxk A ouhn e o r ya lllwcmuu mstrucuons Your submission Lnsl modi ed39 Saturday 3 January zoos 0502 w E LDemozrp Warning uploading again erI REPLACE your current submissvon you will u xm r n It will show me ume and date as well as a link to me le you have just uploaded This mforruauor will be goodforboth you and your professor if any rssues anse As soon as you submit your work the professor will reeerye a nou eauor He will grade Your submission Last mndiiied Xaturday a January zoos 05 03 w sgnemomp Submission feedback Nice try Better luck next ume Make ure you comment your code or eye iagged u er Smdem Dema Magma r mum uyuooeu s The Grade Bunk o ear keep uaek of your performance in the eourse by going to the grade book You will be able to see all grades for all completed assignments a 11 a running total for me eours You e aeeess your grade book by clicking on me Grades link on the eourse39s mam page Administration Emahes E change pasmld ake ure you check your grade book often Notify your professor in case you have any questions about grading Grades m Amgnmentl in Total in 9 Continue yau m lagged in a siuaeni Dena llmui V wued byMaadle Taking a quiz Ifyour professor posts a quiz in the course page most likely you will have to take it So it is to your advantage to learn how to do it now than to spend time trying to figure it out later Luckily taking a quiz in the course portal is extremely easy and the quiz doesn t look a lot different from a regular paper quiz you would take in class The first step is to find the link for the quiz Quizzes have a link that look like a sheet ofpaper with a check mark on it Quizl A quiz can be timed or not Make sure you figure that out before starting the quiz Usually you will only get one shot at it so be prepare Quiz 1 Qulz 1 TM quiz Will only be available during lhe lab ection Do not try to take lhi quiz at home it will not work Good Luckl Time limit Z hour The quiz i available until Monday lo January 2005 1200 PM Alleinplquiz now lfa quiz is timed you will see a clock at the top ofthe screen that will follow the page as you scroll down 6 W 15945 1 1 You can retake my qmz vfyou want mm Amwer FTme rFale 1 Thu me 1 powered by Mavk Anwver There are many types of questions available the most common being Multiple Choice You will also nd that some quizzes include Short Answer Matching Fill in the Blanks True or False plus many others You should be familiar with them already Match the right with the left mm Blue Choose v Green Chuuse V Red amuse v Yellow Change v 4 How many courses are We offering mm Answer r 315 b 1 r c BO r d 2 Once you are done answering all the questions you will have to submit your answers Make sure you don t forget to scroll down all the way to the bottom of the page and click on the submit button Your answers will not be recorded until you submit If the quiz is timed and you still have some time left this is a good time to review your answers Save my answers I You are logged in a System Adminmmar Lngout Paulered by Mundle Once you have submitted your answers the system will automatically grade your quiz and return your score Scores are generated based on the answer key selected by your professor before the start of the quiz Since all the grading is being done by a computer we assume there will be no grading errors The professor will not be able to change your grade unless he changes the actual key so don t even bother complaining about wrong grading Raw score 354 875 96 Grade 33l10 Continue Quiz 1 Quiz 1 Tni quiz Will only be available during lne lab ection Do not try to take tni quiz at norne it will not work Good Luck 2 mm l ec Monday lo January 2005 l Time lnnit 2 hour The quiz l available until Monday lo January 20051200 PM No more attempts are allowed Your final grade for this quiz is 9 10 Conclusion You will probably find that the course portal is very intuitive and that you can navigate very easily through it This guide was made to be used as a reference to the most common activities and does not even scratch the surface as far as features go It is up to you to explore and discover the rest of these features using the knowledge acquired here If you have any questions concerns or contributions please send an email to reguesycs uedu We will be happy to hear from


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