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Adv Software Eng

by: Alexandre Kihn

Adv Software Eng CIS 6612

Alexandre Kihn
GPA 3.95

Seyedmasoud Sadjadi

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About this Document

Seyedmasoud Sadjadi
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alexandre Kihn on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CIS 6612 at Florida International University taught by Seyedmasoud Sadjadi in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see /class/221840/cis-6612-florida-international-university in Comm Sciences and Disorders at Florida International University.

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Date Created: 10/12/15
Maybe I do not want Self Installation this sometimes creates a lot of un necessary work examples HP Laserjet I300 Internet 100 users I only want one user to have access Wireless Hubs Question Automatic installation of hardware and some software sometimes creates more problems Ex I I connected a dsl line to a network consisting of over 100 users using Windows Xp Immediatelly all the workstation obtained access to the internert but the customer only wanted two persons with access I had to go station by station disabiling the access Ex 2 Another customer decided to buy Hp I300 printers once I plug them as local printers they self installed Problem the software they use is old and only recognizes the drivers for hp5 printers Ex 3 I turn on a wireless laptop inside an office building immediatelly I get access to other offices some employees become curious and start accessing other people s computers In one case those computer where from an Insurance Company with open customer information Answer Yes but for the most part ACS Autonomic Computing Systems perform basic tasks and allows humans to do more high level tasks While other very important and simple things are missing Outlook 2 gig max no warning Fax Press 2 gig max no warning Advise of low resourses before crashing HD automatic sector moverepair self healing Cars need oil change Security After software is installed virus check to see if all is installed Question Is there a place where one can send suggestions for things that are very much needed to be implemented Ex 1 Outlook has a maximum size of 2 gigs of data you tend to loose the entire file there is no warning of low space this could be nice to implement Ex 2 In windows Xp you can run out of resources ram usually the machine dies it woul be nice to get a warning once it gets filled disk space and Answer Yes there are many sites that talk about these standards such as IEEE or IBM where one can make those sugestions There are a lot of examples where this Autonomic Computing has been in place for years this paper was published in 2005 examples Oracle re indexing Self healing UPS surge loads and under power adjusments HD mirrowing VirusSpam etc protection Ram swap to dis Fax Servers rotating phone lines Tl fails gt dsl takes over Question is Oracle re indexing and example of self healing under ACS Answer No reindexing is considered sef optimazation of course under ACS Question Is HD mirrowing ram swap to disk and life virus protection considered as a form of ACS Answer Mirrowing is a programming function so it is not the act of mirrow drive promoting itself because the primary drive failed will be consired ACS If a machine where to automatically close certain ports when it detects a virus them yes Class Discussions The class discussed whether or not autonomic computing systems were a viable alternative Some felt that ACS may ultimately cause more work for administrators Dr Sadjadi stated that its current use may only handle basic tasks those same tasks were once performed by a human furthermore over time the basic tasks may evolve into more advanced tasks That being said ACS may not be the answer to every problem Discussions about ACS used with an Oracle database ensued Ariel Carey stated that the use of ACS has helped with basic tasks such as installing a system He later stated that there have been instances where ACS has created more work for him Dr Sadjadi explained his dislike with the Autonomic Element diagram depicted in the paper He then stated that this paper was not peer reviewed and he did not like some of the claims made in the paper A representative from Motorola was asked about Motorola s use of ACS in their systems ACS was not his field of expertise so he was unable to give a qualified answer He later stated Motorola s use of AT eg probalilstic reasoning amp neural networks ACS has been used in some form for many years The idea is not new There are many examples of autonomic use in the computer industry For instance a router determining which path to use a OS automatically updating itself or a DBMS installing with a predetermined configuration However the authors attempt to explain the need to expand the use of ACS and the need for an architecture to support the expansion The authors blur the line between artificial intelligence and ACS in claiming the new ACS model should be built on AT principles Future uses of ACS are many The Intelligent Room concept in hotels is an example of how ACS can be adopted in building systems


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