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Software Engn 1 Syst Analysis

by: Laurianne White MD

Software Engn 1 Syst Analysis CSIS 360

Laurianne White MD

GPA 3.99

Brian Hanks

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About this Document

Brian Hanks
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Laurianne White MD on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CSIS 360 at Fort Lewis College taught by Brian Hanks in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/221847/csis-360-fort-lewis-college in Computer Information Systems at Fort Lewis College.

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Date Created: 10/12/15
CSIS 360 Lecture 15 Exam Results amp Midterm Grades Possible 70 Mean 588 Median 59 Max 66 Distribution lt54 3 5457 1 5760 4 6063 4 6366 3 Comments Q1 4 techniques in chapter 4 were interviews questionnaires storyworkshops and observation Q3 I was really looking for 3 distinct uses of 3X5 cards Answers that said something about stories conversations and tests were really 3 aspects of one use I gave partial credit for answers like this MT Grade is based on Exam 33 amp Homework 67 These aren t realistic weights for the nal grade which includes 40 for the project I m starting to hear about projects where people are not following through on their commitments and or are missing group meetings This is not acceptable and will have negative consequences on your nal grade Iteration and Release Planning What s the difference between an iteration and a release What are the basics of release planning Prioritiize stories perhaps using Must have should have could have and don t need this time Put stories into iterations based on your velocity Section on risky stories 7 be careful Some things are risky because you don t know enough Not necessarily a good idea to put things off just because they are risky Ithink that the idea of spikes is important here Iteration length 7 constant Pick one and stick with it Move stories around as necessary but don t change the length What is an Ideal Day A day without any interruptions meetings phone calls email etc What are tasks How do you determine them Who should do each task Section on accepting responsibility is important Sign up for tasks and follow through Task estimation Example Collegecom 7 A student can generate a list of colleges based on state and size of student body What tasks can you think of for this story Conversation State includes US states and Canadian provinces Study body size is a range Generated list is active 7 students can select a college from the list for more detail Tests Invalid input No colleges meet criteria One college Many colleges Very large set Projects Project workbooks due next Tuesday Needs to include your meeting agendas and minutes Needs to include your status reports Needs to include your User Roles Also needs to include the following List of all stories you have at this point Indicate if stories are regular epics or constraints Regular stories should have estimates in SPs Release Plan see page 219 for an example How long is an iteration This should include stories planned for iteration l iteration 2 and all remaining iterations as a group Include the enddates for iterations l and 2


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