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Notes 10-06-15

by: zelly nebrat

Notes 10-06-15 11059

zelly nebrat
GPA 2.8
Human Factors Design
Robert Henning

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About this Document

Human Factors Design
Robert Henning
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by zelly nebrat on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 11059 at University of Connecticut taught by Robert Henning in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 20 views.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
PSYC 3601001 100115 Page 1 of 3 1 Chapanis Chapter 4 i Discussed he nal project a Create a log on each individual task you do ie analysis of similar systems 1 Submit to Henning at the end of the semester lt counts for part of individual project grade Save any evidence that will prove your individual work 2 8 Allocation of function and automation issues a Norman pg 179 ii Mode awareness a Made selection diff cycles on washing machines automatic mode switching manual gear control b Is it in test mode Operating mode Standby operating 1 How are you aware of the machine iii Mode error a The person makes the error b Sometimes machine will be in a different mode without the operating realizing Operator left uninformed instrumental feedback what is it doing iv Clumsy automation a Even though automation is well intended sometimes it makes things worse b Air pilots don39t know what they39re doing anymore Too much out of their hands Captains can39t steer the ship around sharp turns v Trustcomplacency a Too much trust in machine b Lose track of speed when speed limit changes during cruise control you don39t always remember c Complacency 1 Can39t tell difference when increasing at 1 milehour vi Automation mixed blessing 3 9 Fault Tree Analysis i Accident ii Error iii Work backwards in time to try to gure out what caused event a What things contributed to this occurrence iv Example PSYC 3601001 100115 Page 2 of 3 Unique 50 uti on l Event Train 095 ofF rails too fast data test m islta Ices sleep a Activity recreating the events that led up to mistake 1 Knowing strengths and weakness of two diff analyses v Application to website a Ex They knew what they wanted but not what to title the links 4 10 Failure Mode and Effects Analysis i Using forward tree analysis from failure leads back to computer 1 amp person 1 and computer 2 amp person 2 ii Someone will catch the problem before it happens what if scenarios how serious would the negative consequences be based on this particular set of settings iii Might build in a second check in the system design system to be a little more failure proof if it all depends on one person have another person double check it Adding too many people though increases chances of error Just 1 more person is enough a Ex How can we make sure that you have a at tire and NOT crash b Ex If power steering fails can you still steer the vehicle enough to get it to the shoulder iv You want to come up with probability lPl PE 111 error 11 error ll l E HRH R a Though it is dif cult to come up with probability because you don39t know how well people will work together there are ways to measure human reliability 5 11 Timeline analysis i During functional ow analysis you have no sense of time apart from over of events PSYC 3601001 100115 Page 3 of 3 a In timeline though F1 F2 Pia L 6 12 Link analysis i Looks at comm patterns between people a Page 120 gure 421 b Keep track of who talks to who and how often 1 Creates a new design that is less congested 7 13 Simulation prototypingmockup i Have to select the correct group of users to ask quotwhat would you do nextquot a No absolutely representative b They wouldn39t be as frantic as they would be when they NEED to access the system as when they are testing it


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