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by: Dannie Weissnat

InternationalRelations GOVT006

Marketplace > Georgetown University > Government > GOVT006 > InternationalRelations
Dannie Weissnat

GPA 3.98


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Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dannie Weissnat on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GOVT006 at Georgetown University taught by KeirLieber in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see /class/221909/govt006-georgetown-university in Government at Georgetown University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
International Relations 1192010 54500 PM Theory Policy and Method 7 Simple and Crucial How to stand events in IR 0 The historian perspective 7 historians think that events are unique context is everything can t generalize 0 Events in international relations recur in patterns and regularities political scientists take this view Identifying pattern yields perspective 0 Events are complex historian patterns exist but you can t predict things that exists theory s are too general 0 blend analysis and intuition Todav s Lesson What are theorv s th are theV useful levels of analeis De nitions 0 Theory is a general statement that describes or explains the causes or effects of a class of phenomenon description and explanation 0 Ex Spread of democracy 0 Ex Spread of Free markets causes peace 0 independent variable cause vs dependent variable effect 0 DV Ex War Peace Con ict Alliance International Norm 0 IV Ex Human Nature Regime Balance of Power Economic Growth 0 Intervening Variable combines both causes and Effects demonstrates the sequence linking the cause and effect Side Domino Theory Munich Analogy What are theory s 0 Not religion or laws of science they are tools that provide a rough guide to events in international relations 0 not true or false but more appropriate than others 0 Understand specif1cs versus the explanation theory 0 Normative Theory hypothesis statements about what is right and wrong just and unjust and a Positive Theory explanation and evaluation comes after 0 Attributes of a Good Theory 0 Complete or Satisfying 7 shouldn t leave us questionable o Simplicity 7 good theory elucidate by simplifying o Explanatory Power 7 Independent Variable should have a great impact range of affect 0 Relevance 7 Good theory s address what s relevant in the world 0 Falsiflable Theory 7 Proponent of a theory should tell you what evidence is proving 0 Empirical Validity 7 Well supported by evidence 0 Components Descriptive Prescriptive Power Provide Prescriptive Device o Theory s should take a rational approach and not a constructive approach International Relations 1192010 54500 PM o Rational methods assume they occur chromatically causes can be disaggregated and causes and affects can be describe 0 Constructive Methods 7 focus on mutual constitution I Ex master slave relationship Why Theory s are Useful Stereotype for example Education 0 Policy makers tend to act upon the decisions of making policy is based on the policy s they already know Policy Makers have a different agenda 2 conception models about how to respond to debates The deterrence and spiral model The purpose of running those to together will bring out the competition and each model theory works better in different situation and adopting the wrong model will make it worst 0 deterrence model 7the source of aggressiveness is greed most powerful states go after what they want because they can feeding the beast I Examples Hitler and Sadam I Counter greed with threats standing up to those who act aggressive 0 Spiral model 7 holds that the source of aggressiveness is insecurity I states are relatively peaceful threats against the state will lead to counter threats and war spiral of hostility I Problem not all are spirals are spirals Levels of Analysis Be able to label analysis 0 First image 7 human nature example for causes of war look at nature of man 0 Explanations most often draw on emotions personality traits psychological processes biases Individual character traits 0 Second image 7 states are regime type causes of war are given through the characteristics of a nation state 0 Most concern within the defects of states societal factors organization example authoritarian regime and democratic peace theory economic system 0 Third image 7 international system difficult to grasp causes are found in the dynamics of international system 0 Conditions under anarchy polarity nature of alliances extent of globalization


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