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US Since 1877

by: Michael Abbott

US Since 1877 HIST 2112

Michael Abbott
GPA 3.63

Mao Lin

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About this Document

Mao Lin
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Michael Abbott on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 2112 at Georgia College & State University taught by Mao Lin in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see /class/221922/hist-2112-georgia-college-state-university in History at Georgia College & State University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
0221 Theodore Roosevelt and Progressivism White House as Bully Pulpit The Square Deal 0 Broke up 43 Big companies 0 Battle with Northern Securities Company 1902 o 1902 coal strike in PA United Mine Workers 0 Better Pay 10 hour work day wanted UNW recognized 0 Severe coal shortage in Northeast 0 Compare w Pullman Strike 0 Significances of the Square Deal 0 Government treat both sides workers and business equally TR the Reformer o Hepburn Act 1906 gave power to ICC to regulate price 0 TR and the muckrakers o Upton Sinclair The Jungle and the Pure Food and Drug Act 1906 TR and conservation 0 The national park system 0 Conservation v preservation o Preservation leave the landpark alone 0 Conservation use the land more efficiently The Troubled Presidency of Taft 0 William Howard Taft and TR o The PayneAldrich Bill on tariff 1909 o Meant to reduce tariff o Lawmakers added more than 900 Amendments to the bill 0 When bill was passed it actually increased tariff o Taft and conservation 0 Taft on the sidelines the 16 h and 17 h amendments 0 Established income tax 0 Direct election of the senators from the people 0 The election of 1912 o TaftR TR Progressive Party Woodrow Wilson D Eugene Debs o Wilson Elected Woodrow Wilson and Progressivism at High Tide 0 1913 Underwood Tariff quotthe most honest tariff since the Civil War 0 A new banking system o The embarrassing power of JPM o 1913 Federal Reserve Act a national banking system composed of 12 regional banks privately controlled but regulated and supervised by the Federal Reserve Board 1914 Clayton Act outlaw llunfair competition and establish the Federal Trade Commission Test Review for Wednesday 0 O O O Ragtime 0 One major theme and one example I Change I Gender Relations I Class Struggle I Race Relations Chapter 18 0 Documents 14 and 5 I Compare three authors opinions and ideas on labor and capitol Omaha Platform 0 Document 201 I Briefly identify and explain the Omaha Platform I At least two itemspoints Document 211 0 How can social progressivism be seen in Jane Adams Hull house 0 At least two theories Women s Activism 0 Two Examples I Lynching I Temperance Movement I Women s Suffrage Two ways or two measures used by Americans to conquer the west 0 Killing the buffalos o Civilize the Indians Two major acts passed during Reconstruction American Industrialization 0 Immigrants o 4 majors categories that contributed to industrialization I Transportation I Land I Research Labs I New Forms of Business 0 Jay Gould s American Speculation 0 Vertical and Horizontal lntigration Compare Contrast Knights of Labor and


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