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ECON 3650

by: Destinee Auer

ECON 3650 ECON 3650

Destinee Auer
GPA 3.67

Benjamin Scafidi

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About this Document

Benjamin Scafidi
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Destinee Auer on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECON 3650 at Georgia College & State University taught by Benjamin Scafidi in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see /class/221945/econ-3650-georgia-college-state-university in Economcs at Georgia College & State University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
Memo T o From Date Eliminate Agricultural Subsidies in the United States Dr Scafidi 9 April 2009 Pretty good THE UNITED STATES SHOULD STOP SUBSIDIZING THE DOMESTIC AGRICULTURAL INDUSTRY The United States government transfers income from the general taxpayer to the agricultural industry at a rate of approximately 16 billion per year These subsidies harm the domestic consumer while subsequently damaging foreign crop markets Agricultural subsidies cause inefficiency by Reducing the incentive for American farmers to produce the goods that Americans demand Increasing the real price of food in the United States Harming foreign relations especially with developing countries who otherwise could produce food at a lower price ha ireetly dlgriving land prices up in agricultural areas Causing dead weight lossino jargon through government allocation of funds administrative cosm etc Misallocating a domestic fixed resource land externalities Assessment of Common Arguments Promoting Agricultural Subsidies Proponenm of agricultural subsidies in the United States argue that subsidies help maintain low domestic food prices While it may be true that nominal food prices are lower due to subsidized production we must not forget the origins of the funds used to provide these subsidies Taxpayers fund agricultural subsidies by paying higher taxes than they would otherwise Therefore the taxpayer is indirectly paying a higher price for food than he realizes at the supermarket cash register In fact the taxpayer pays a price for food that is higher proportionally than the size of the tax used to fund the subsidy due to the costs associated with government allocation of funds Some claim that the United States must produce food domestically due to the weatherrelated variance in crop outpum from year to year However geographically speaking there is no data to suggest that the United States is any more immune to crop failures than any other i en nation With the elimination of farm subsidies in the United States and therefore the increase in Promoting the use of harmful pesticides which cause multigenerational negative Formatted Font 18 pt Bold Formatted Indent First line 0quot F i Formatted Indent First line 0quot food production from many smaller developing nations the food supply may actually become less variable due to geographic dispersion Two Possible Solutions In order to circumvent powerful agricultural lobbies inWashjngton grassroots campaigns must k i Formatted Indent First line 0quot 39 in orm the public about the current situation Television commercials similar to those created by antitobacco groups would stimulate interest from the general public Once public officials realize that their constituents will no longer stand for higher food prices and wasted red tape money they will have an incentive to support the 98 of Americans who are harmed by agricultural subsidies instead of the 2 of farmers who support this wasteful spending Explain a bit why the agricultural lobbies for 2 of the population are more powerful than the 98 who pay the bill That will tell you why your proposal has not come to be Who 9 i has the incentive to pay for your TV ads or your grassroots campai n 1 3911 If grassroots organizations are unable to solve the agricultural subsidy problem f i Formatted Indent First line 0quot pressure from foreign nations may eventually sway the United States towards be specfic 39 39 Policies of protectionism such as agricultural subsidies are strongly opposed by US trading partners and especially the World Trade Organization WTO Conclusion Eliminating agricultural subsidies in the United States will benefit the domestic consumer in two ways Real food prices will be lower and the food products available will be more appropriately aligned with consumer demand To combat the agricultural privileged group s political power grassroots activism must mobilize to inform the public of our current system s inefficiencies Memo Ban Exclusive Food Service Rights on Public University Campus To Govemor Perdue From Date Wednesday 31 2007 GRADE A BAN EXCLUSIVE FOOD SERVICE RIGHTS ON PUBLIC UNIVERSITY CAMPUS Public Universities exert monopolistic power through exclusive food service rights Explain in one sentence here what exclusive food service rights are perhaps the sentence ZZZ below should be here Serving righm lead to inefficiency through a Low quality services Fewer meal choices a Higher meal prices STUDENT WELFARE IS NOT MAXIMIZED ZZZUpon enrollment at a public university in GA students are required to purchase a meal plan from one vendor only with a minimum on quantity purchased This is not an optimal choice for students because transactions are not voluntary therefore student welfare is not maximized Meals are lower quality because dining business doesn t have competition and therefore doesn t have to compete for customers The meal plans are also typically more expensive than other food choices with comparable quali In addition to student dissatisfaction parents are worse off because they pay above marketprice for a meal plan and their children end up using only half of the planieve single student uses exacth only half the plan You have a strong case Do not ovegplay your handibecause that will annoy the reader FOOD SERVICE SHOULD BE COMPETITIVE The abolition of exclusive serving rights would create a competitive market which would restore the welfare of students and whoever is financing their dining If the serving rights were taken away then private vendors would seize the opportunity to compete for student s business and would provide food services more efficiently This competition would lower prices and improve the quality of food served The University s best option would be to exit food service business and let private vendors provide it efficientl inope The universitv s best option is to force students to buy food at monopoly prices and use the profim to buy me a new computer every 2 years buy me lunch at faculg meetipgs and keep my health insurance premiums low That is the best play for the university Be more clear about why universities do this Also ignorant votersi parenm Parents really believe their kids get better nutrition when they have a meal plan It is really an empirical uestion as to whether forcing kids to have a meal plan makes them healthier HOW DO WE BAN THESE EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS state of Georgia legislature mustshould r 39 39 requiring that students use university housed food services and withhold subsidies if they do not comply Student petitions and student led interest groups would be most convincing to legislators because they best represent the victims in this market failure aceebtaiHthiseffieieneyHeeded the OPPOSIN G ARGUMEN TS 1 Students are irrational and would spend foodallocated money carelessly if they weren t regulated By this age students should be able to make their own decisions about where and what they will eatihahahahaha I laugh louder and louder the more I read this Do drug addict studenm like your econ major friends are gonna spend their fondmnnev on food in tead of drugs TY You are a oreat comedienne l l N Students would acquire unhealthy eating habits You have no response to this Your response to me was they they do not eat their anyway thus their eating habits would be no better or worse if they did not have a meal plan Not sure I buy it but that is a reasonable argument If dining services were in competition the universitypreferred dining service would go out of business The competition would force the dining service to improve its quality to stay in business However they would lose their monopoly profits and the vastl underpaid faculty would be SOL Equot C ON CLUSION Banning of exclusive serving rights would create a competitive market which woul restere increasethe welfare of students and whoever is financing their dining by improving the quality decreasing the price and giving students more options on where to dine You never effectively address the point that students nutrition intake would be worse under your plan You could make a decent argument but you did not make it Overall excellent points in your memo and pretty wellwritten Formatted Font Bold l Formatted Indent Left 025quot l Formatted Left


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