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Nursing Care of Develop Family

by: Tatum Hackett III

Nursing Care of Develop Family NURS 4351

Tatum Hackett III
GPA 3.87

Dellarie Shilling

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About this Document

Dellarie Shilling
Class Notes
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This 17 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tatum Hackett III on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to NURS 4351 at Georgia Southern University taught by Dellarie Shilling in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see /class/221970/nurs-4351-georgia-southern-university in Nursing and Health Sciences at Georgia Southern University.

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Date Created: 10/12/15
OQCONTPACEPTION REVIEW Nursing Care of Developing Families Caroline Shealy 6IO By Definition Contraceptionthe conscious and intentional prevention of pregnancy 0 Birth Controlthe METHOD of contraception can be a device or practice 0 Family Planning decision on when to conceive or when to avoid pregnancy 0 The only way to 00 guarantee not getting pregnant is to remain abstinent 0 Recent surveys show that 3 of teenagers have had sexual intercourse by the age of IS By l9 that number increases dramatically to 7 out of IO 0 httpwwwsyoutubecomlwatchviltol i 94Agr0 Methods of Contraception Nonpharmacologic Coitus lnterruptus Calendar Rhythm Cycle Beads Ovulation Method Basal Body Temperature 0 Barrier Condoms DiaphragmsCervical Caps Sponges Spermicides 0 Hormonal The Pill Transdermal Patches Vaginal Ring Depo Provera Shot lUDs Nonpharmacolo ic o Coitus Interruptuswithdrawa of the penis before ejaculation occurs BUT preejaculatory uid contains AT LEAST 300000 sperm and it only takes one 0 Calendar Rhythm recording the lengths of a woman s cycle for six months then using the shortest and longest durations to find the fertile period 0 Cycle Beads a necklace like device with colored beads that represent fertile and none fertile days of a woman s cycle Calendar Rhythm Example Record Length of Cycles for Six Months Shortest 28l l7 Longest 30 9 So avoid sexual intercourse between the l7th and l9th day of your cycle Nonpharmacologic Ovulation Method involves a woman interpreting the changes in cervical mucous Or you can use an over the counter ovulation test that recognizes the presence of luteinizing hormonewhich spikes I224 hours before ovulation Basal BodyTemperature involves keep a record of basal body temperatureTemperature is taken rst thing in the morning before getting out of bed a 05 decrease signi es oncoming ovulation period an increase of 02 to 04 degrees may indicate the luteal phase BUT some women notice either a very slight difference or no difference at all Barrier Methods 0 Condoms can be either male of female The male condom is placed over the penis and includes a sperm reservoir The female condom is placed inside the vagina and acts as a barrier to the cervix Failure rate of typical users l5 Diaphragms measured by the OBGyn to t over the cervix to prevent sperm from making their way up the cervix and to the egg Should be used with a spermicide can be inserted up to 6 hours before intercourse Failure rate 6 Cervical Caps Like a diaphragm creates a physical seal around the cervix Should be left in place at least 6 hours after intercourse Barrier Methods Contraceptive Sponges a small round polyurethane sponge that contains N9 spermicide It must be moistened with water before it is inserted and provides protection for up to 24 hours Typical Failure Rate 40 in parous women and 20 in nulliparous women 0 Spermicides work by reducing the sperm s mobility by attacking the flagella and body N9 nonoxynol9 is the most common form in the United States Intravaginal spermicides are sold are foams tablets creams films and gels Should be inserted l5 minutes before sexual activity 0 Typical Failure rate 29 when used alone Hormonal Methods 0 The Pill can either be combination estrogen and progestin just estrogen or just progestin 2 ways of stopping conception Inhibits release of egg by suppressing the action of FSH and LH and increase viscosity of mucus secretions in order to slow down sperm Failure Rate Less than I when taken PERFECTLY Same time every day for combination pills Low dose progestin only typical use can have 8 failure Side Effects Cardiovascular and Gallbladder issues Transdermal PatchesWorn on the upper outer arm upper torso lower abdomen or buttocksApplication of patch on the same day for 3 weeks then one week off for menses SimilarAction Effects and Complications as the Pill 39 Typical failure rate is less than 2 in women under I98 lbs Hormonal Methods O Vaginal Ring NuvaRing a flexible ring inserted in the vagina that releases a steady flow of hormones One ring is worn for 3 weeks followed by a week without a ring for menses Typical Failure Rate 2 0 Depo Provera Shot given IM in either the deltoid or the gluteus maximus Administered during the first 5 days of menstrual cycle and then again every I to I3 weeks 4 times per year Typical Failure rate 3 Hormonal Methods 0 Intrauterine Devices a smallT shaped device with bendable arms used for insertion 0 Must be inserted by a health care provider 2Types Mirena good for 5 years and ParaGard T380A good for ID years made with copper 0 Copper lnflames the endometrium preventing fertilization 0 Typical Failure Rate less than I Emergency Contraceptive Plan B NOT the abortion pillWill not end a pregnancy but rather PREVENT implantation Used with 72 hours of either failed birth control ie a condom breaks or unplanned pregnancy 0 High dose of hormones induces shedding of uterine lining menses in order to prevent pregnancy A Few Numbers For You For The State Of Georgia 29988 cases of Chlamydia 99l l cases of Gonorrhea 266 cases of Syphilis Remember these are just REPORTED cases l34000 new cases of syphilis are occurring each year nationally the highest infection rate in 40 years 0 L3 million new gonorrhea cases occur annually 0 24 million new cases of HPV occur annually including a high percentage among teens 63 of all sexually transmitted disease cases occur among people less than 25 years of age ll ill waw jgtmiloecol39ili vm cl v icznl mb E cleaallegiel d Nation Wide l38 of high school students report having had 4 or more sexual partners o It is estimated that l in 5 Americans is now infected with a viral STD 63 of chlamydia syphilis and gonorrhea infections occur in persons under age 25 o 80 of people who have a sexually transmitted disease experience no noticeable symptom A Few More 0 Georgia vs Nationwide Teen Pregnancy Statistics Under 5294 vs 695 5l9 5767 vs 40566 8l9 23 l8 vs 304333 0 9 of teen pregnancy are nonmarital 525 of women in Georgia report using contraceptive measures to avoid pregnancy 0 httpwwwyoutubecomwatch vtpCvnBriA o In 2009 3 6 of 9th graders in the US reported having sex in the past 3 months By senior year it rises to 623 o 59 of children under l3 have had consensual sexual intercourse For males under the age of l3 l52 of African Americans males report having been sexually active as well as 34 of White males From The Makers of Plan B A woman39s chances of becoming pregnant from unprotected sex are approximater 2025 each cycle even if it39s her first time Douching washing or urinating after sex does not decrease the chances of conception as sperm enter the cervix immediater and are out of reach A woman can become pregnant from unprotected sex that takes place anytime from 5 days before ovulation to day afterwards Sperm can live in the female reproductive tract for 3 to 5 days Hi ttpffwwwovoutu comwatch VTDN Erika g4TQO


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