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Circuit Analysis II

by: Joy Barrows PhD

Circuit Analysis II TEET 3145

Joy Barrows PhD
GPA 3.78

Maria Alba-Flores

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About this Document

Maria Alba-Flores
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Joy Barrows PhD on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to TEET 3145 at Georgia Southern University taught by Maria Alba-Flores in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 70 views. For similar materials see /class/221972/teet-3145-georgia-southern-university in Electrical Engineering at Georgia Southern University.

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Date Created: 10/12/15
TEHSMS CVCUH Anon5 s H FOH 2009 Phase Angle Belween Periodic signals mde andm degrees PIOH amplide volts An lebetween y and y2 Specify 1f y xsleadmg or laggmg y27 lime u s or 53 m a LU yz b am yz 03 7 rads c LU yz 54 z 03 pm Nntethat Tzpsec 27 radsec 360 Than 2pm 4 27 radSe c 03pm a x lhenzfanz x z 7o3ps2ps 03 7 rads z 132 a 350quot 03pm 4x theran d yz is leading y 257ng Southern mnwemty Mechzmcz and 92mm Engmeerwg Technu ugy Pagelufi TEET 3145 Drew Ana ysws H FGH 2009 Phase Angle Belween Periodic signals PlotZ amplide vans lime msec 05 msec 2 LU yz 2 am y2gt r 031 my 53 5 am yz Nmum T s 34 mm 2 1 radsec 36D Then 34 mm a 21 radsec 5 user 34 mm a 36H x then an x z 1El5ms34ms L3 1 rads ISmsec ax themart x36mn m 34m 3quot 3 y is lagging y2 zsuuthem mnwemw Gemg Mechzmcz and 92mm Engmeenng Technu ugy Pagezufa 9 12009 TEET 3145 Circuit Analysis H Georgia Southern University Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Technology Fall Semester 2009 First Order Circuits RC circuits with DC sources m AibarFimes METEET Dem Charging a Capacitor gt When a battery is connected to a series resistor and a capacitor the initiai current is high as the battery transports charge from one piate ofthe capacitorto the ot er gt The charging current asymptoticaiiy approaches zero as the capacitor becomes charged up to the battery voitage tl R Vb J C Charging a Capacitor cont gt Charging the capacitor stores energy in the eiectric fieid between the capacitor piates gt The rate of charging is typicaiiy described in terrns ofa time constant 1 RC Iinl39glng wllagr M x om v cm gu r iuci u r 51 mi m TEET 3146 Circuit onolysis F0 2009 AC Signals and its parameters l For the following sinusoidal signals nd the following parameters indicate always the units the peak value Vp the Peak to Peak value Vpp the RMS root mean square value Vrms the period T the frequency in hz and in radsec write the equation for the signal Vt sages Signal 1 Vp 10 volts Vpp 20 volts Vms 707 volts T 2 msec f 500 Hz 03 1000 7 radsec Vt 10 sin 1000 7 t volts amplitude volts time msec Signal 2 Vp 05 volts Vpp 1 volt Vms 035 volts T 10 msec f 100 Hz 03 200 7 radsec Vt 05 sin 200 7 t volts amplitude volts time msec Georgia Southern University Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Technology Page 1 of 5 TEET3146 Circuitonalysis Fall 2009 AC Signals and its parameters Signa13 Vp 2 volts VPp 4 volts Vms 14 volts T 2 msec f 500 Hz E a 1000 7 radsec g Vt 2 sin 1000 7 t volts us 5 25 time msec Signal 4 amplitude volts time sec Vp 5 volts VPp 10 volts Vms 35 volts T 10 msec f 100 Hz a 200 7 radsec Vt 5 sin 200 nt v Georgia Southern Universit Mechanical and Hectrical EngineeringTechnology PageZ ofS TEET 3146 Circuil analysis F0 2009 AC Signals and its parameters 2 For the following sinusoidal signals nd the amplitude frequency and phase and WIite the corresponding equation V Vp sin mt o volts Signal 5 Vp 2 volts Vm 4 volts Vms 14 volts 2 T 2 sec f 05 Hz E m TE radsec gquot Vt2sin7rt CI 752 radsec 90 Equation 5 5 Vt5sin7rt 7E2 volts time sec Signal 6 Vp 2 volts Vm 4 volts Vms 14 volts E n T 2 sec 3 7 f 05 Hz 1 m TE radsec E Vt2sin7rt I7Eradsec 180 Equation Vt5sin7rt 75 volts D5 15 time sec Georgia Southern Universit Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Technology Page 3 of 5 TEET3146 Circuitonalysis Fall 2009 AC Signals and its parameters Signal 7 Vp 2 volts VPp 4 volts Vms 14 volts T 2 msec f 500 Hz a amplitude volts time Inset 10007 radsec For the phase angle K A de VaMi 2i amplim UI 5 a 9 I as as 1 5 time mm 035 ms 2 ms gt 360 035 ms gt x x 360 035 ms2ms x 63 Equation Vt 2 sin 1000 7 t 63 Georgia Southern Universit Mechanical and aeemeal EngineeringTechnology Page4of5


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