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Circuit Analysis II

by: Camden Veum

Circuit Analysis II TEET 3145

Camden Veum
GPA 3.95

Maria Alba-Flores

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About this Document

Maria Alba-Flores
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Camden Veum on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to TEET 3145 at Georgia Southern University taught by Maria Alba-Flores in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 48 views. For similar materials see /class/221972/teet-3145-georgia-southern-university in Electrical Engineering at Georgia Southern University.

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Date Created: 10/12/15
8212009 TEET 3145 CitcuilAnalysis 11 Georgia Southern University Mechanical and Elccoical Engineering chhnolog Fall Semester 2009 Lecture 3 Maximum Power Transfer Examples PM Albis mzs MEYEEY DEB Maximum Power Transfer It states that a load receives maximum povver when the load resistance is equal to the Thevenin resistance othe source RLRrll Example 1 Determine Rmand vm forthe following circuit Consider RzQ 1913 O 1135 Q and v40volts nu39wmu o Ri 1 kg my I a a g b RoltRiRagtuRa 3759 VmIxR3 IVRR2R340ZOZAmp v R31 5z lOvolts Vm10vnlu Example 2 For the circuit giv en in example 1 calculate the povver that the circuitvvill transfer to the load it Q a RLIO I MR1hRLlm3751QZIA P7 212 xl441mtu b RL 3750 IVampR1hRL10v375375O133A 1332 x37 67vlmtu c RF O vgRmRLlOv3755Q114A 1142 x565mtu x RL or P vizRi vi PiRo RL 1 l Amp Vl limits 1 21 21 441 51 155 5 nnl 5 114 57 55 Note that the voltage hm the source IS pl uviding is VLh lo volts in mind that the powerthat does not reach a load is lost across the Thevenin resistance in the form otheat and seivesno usefulpurpose Matching the load resistance to the Thevenin resistance will produce a slgil cantloss 50 in thevoltage level in example 2 the supplied voltage is lo v and voltage received by the load is 5v Sometimes it is important to maintain a voltage level other times its most important to maintain a given current In either othese cases it may be necessary to sacn ce efficiency in order to achieve a particular goal 821 2009 Efficiency Definition Example 3 For the circuit given in example 2 calculate the e iciency of the circuit for the following loads 3 RL 1 Q n R l 1 RL 3 75 Q W in 0 RF w m 1 R1 7 I R LT V V Kl h 4 I Rzo R2130 R340 V wvolts RrH375OVmlOV l n w 7 eraRTH 1 W W vans Emdency 1 2 1 21 441 021 21 375 133 5 667 05050 5 114 57 65 05757 Note that the voltage that the source is providing is 11 10 volts and the load is getting only half 5 v the ef ciency is 50 What value of RL yields to 100 ef ciency Impedance matching I 25 r Val 2 v A related concept to Juamluwu power transfer is re ectionless impedance matching In radio transmission lines require to match the source impedance such as a transmitter to the load impedance such as an antenna to avoid re ections in the transmission line Exercises 1 Find the equivalent Thevenin between terminals a and b in the following circuit Consider R1 R3 1000R2 5000 Im 2A R2 4 Hintmu m If 2 Using the circuit in exercises 1 nd the power that is transferred to the a Load ifthe Load is a RL Rm3 b RL Rm c RL 5 RW 3 Pm b Pm 0 PRL 3 For the circuit given in exercise 2 calculate the ef ciency of the circuit for the three loads Rm3 R


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