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Principles of Chem I Lab

by: Reba Grimes

Principles of Chem I Lab CHEM 1145

Marketplace > Georgia Southern University > Chemistry > CHEM 1145 > Principles of Chem I Lab
Reba Grimes
GPA 3.7


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Reba Grimes on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 1145 at Georgia Southern University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see /class/221979/chem-1145-georgia-southern-university in Chemistry at Georgia Southern University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
Leamin Chemistry and Lovin It Keys to Success in ALL of your classes including Chemistry 1 N DJ Set Your Goals for the Semester Write them down Long Term Goals What grade do you want to earn in Chemistry 1140 and each of your other classes Decide now As you decide understand that different amounts of effort are required to earn different grades It most likely will take more effort to earn an A than it will to earn a Short Term Goals What will you do this week to move you closer to the goal you ve listed Strategies Monitor your progress toward your written goals If you are not achieving take corrective action FAST Modify your goals only as a last resort Manage your Time Ration Precious Commodities Rule of Thumb for Study Time Study two hours outside of class for every one hour in class This will only involve 45 total hours per week Schedule Schedule Schedule Know your best time of day and use it Study difficult or boring obviously this is not Chemistry subjects first Allow ex time Attend EVERY class meeting of all classes Learning is a participatory activity I hear and I forget I see and I remember I do and I understand Chinese proverb 4 UI 0 Do the Work In Class Learn to take notes You need points to remember not a transcript Develop a note taking style Course objectives can serve as your note taking baseline Homework Do something meaningful for every class every day Don t depend on the professor to tell you what to do it s your education Get involved Manage papers and projects or they will manage you Enhance Your Opportunities Take time to get to know your professor Go to office hours as soon as possible and introduce yourself Discover how you learn best and make use of that knowledge Get involved in a study group in each of your classes but pick the group carefully Study with students who are dedicated to the class and to learning and try to find those who learn differently than you Strive for Balance You are a multifaceted being Nurture all of who you are Intellectual Physical Social Spiritual Learnin St les This is a brief quiz to help you learn something about your preferred way of learning your Learning Style True evaluation of a learning style requires extensive testing and evaluation Since our time is limited we39ll use this short quiz to help you determine how you learn best and give you some tips based on your answers in the table following the quiz Circle the number of the answer that best explains your preference If one answer does not exactly match your perception feel free to choose two or more answers Skip any question that does not apply to you H N 9 4 U 0 gt1 You are about to give directions to a person She is staying in a hotel in town and wants to visit your house She has a rental car Would you V Draw a map on paper R Write down the directions without a map A Tell her the directions K Collect her from the hotel in your car You are staying in a hotel and have a rental car You would like to visit a friend whose address location you do not know Would you like them to V Draw you a map on paper R Write down the directions without a map A Tell you the directions by phone K Collect you from the hotel in their car You have just received a copy of your itinerary for a world trip This is of interest to a friend Would you A Call her immediately and tell her about it R Send her a copy of the printed itinerary V Show her on a map of the world You are going to cook a dessert as a special treat for your family Do you K Cook something familiar without need for instructions V Thumb through the cookbook looking for ideas from the pictures R Refer to a specific cookbook where there is a good recipe A Ask for advice from others A group of tourists has been assigned to you to find out about national parks Would you K Drive them to a national park R Give them a book on national parks V Show them slides and photographs A Give them a talk on national parks You are about to purchase a new stereo Other than price what would most influence your decision A A friend talking about it R Reading the details about it K Listening to it V Its distinctive upscale appearance Recall a time in your life when you learned how to do something like playing a new board game Try to avoid choosing a very physical skill eg riding a bike How did you learn best By V Visual clues pictures diagrams charts R Written instructions A Listening to somebody explain it K Doing it 8 Which of these games do you prefer V Pictionary R Scrabble K Charades 9 You are about to learn to use a new program on a computer Would you K Ask a friend to show you R Read the manual which comes with the program A Telephone and ask a friend about it 10 You are not sure whether a word should be spelled quotdependentquot or quotdependantquot Do you R Look it up in the dictionary V See the word in your mind and choose the best way it looks A Sound it our in your mind K Write down both versions 11 Apart from price what would most influence your decision to buy a particular textbook K Using a friend39s copy R Skimming parts of it A A friend talking about it V It looks okay 12 A new movie has arrived in town What would most influence your decision to go or not to go A A friend talked about it R Your read a review about it V You saw a preview of it 13 Do you prefer a lecturerteacher who likes to use R Handouts and or a textbook V Flow diagrams charts slides K Field trips labs practical sessions A Discussion guest speakers When you have completed the quiz tally the number of each type of response A K R amp V in the spaces provided below Your preferred learning style is indicated by the response that you chose the most often The Learning Styles are as follows A aural or auditory learner learns by hearing K kinesthetic learner learns by doing R readingwriting learner learns by reading and writing amp V 2 visual learner learns by seeing Note You may have more than one learning style or you may have an equal distribution among all of the learning styles that doesn t mean you re weird just versatile A K R V The Learning Styles Quiz and the Learning Styles Table were adapted from Fleming and Mills To Improve the Academy Vol 11 1992 pp 137 155 as reported in The Teaching Professor April 1993 pp 3 4


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