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Health And Disease

by: Jaclyn Ritchie

Health And Disease HLTH 3131

Jaclyn Ritchie
GPA 3.82


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jaclyn Ritchie on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HLTH 3131 at Georgia Southern University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see /class/221987/hlth-3131-georgia-southern-university in Health Sciences at Georgia Southern University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
Study Hints The knowledge of most health and kinesiology classes will be cumulative Many concepts build on previous concepts and a poor understanding of one concept will likely lead to a poor understanding of future concepts Consequently you should not allow yourself to fall behind Seek help early if you encounter dif culty PREVIEWING Extremely important Before class brie y preview the text material that will be covered in the lecture I Get an overview of the material by reading the Introductory and summary passages section headings and subheadings and diagrams 2 Look at the problems at the end of the chapter 3 Make a note of new terms and concepts 4 Review if necessary old terms and de nitions referred to in the new material 5 Formulate possible questions for class Remember the purpose of previewing is not to understand the material but to get a general idea of what the lecture will cover This should not be a very timeconsuming process NOTE TAKING When taking notes in class listen actively intend to learn from the lecture I Write down the instructor s explanatory remarks a Note how one gets from one step to another b Note any particular conditions c Note any particular approach Try to anticipate consequences Note any concepts rules techniques problems that the instructor emphasizes Question your instructor during class about any unclear concept or procedure If you miss something in the lecture or don t understand what s being presented then write down what you can catch especially key words Be sure to skip several lines so you can ll in the missing material later As soon as possible after class summarize review and edit your notes a Quickly read through your notes to get an overview of the material and to check for any errors or omissions Elk59 0 b Fill in any information especially explanatory remarks see 1 above that you did not have time to write down or that the instructor did not provide c Use the margin or the back of the opposite page to summarize the material list key terms or formulas and rework examples You can also use this space to take notes from the textbook CI Note any relationship to previous material ie write down key similarities and differences between concepts in the new material and concepts in previously learned material 7 Review your notes at regular intervals and review them with the intent to learn and retain TEXT READING The class lectures provide a good overall structure of the course therefore you can use other text to clarify and supplement your lecture notes In order to create a single study source insert the notes you take from the text into your lecture notes themselves as well as in the margin or the back of the opposite page When reading a text consider the following procedures 1 Brie y preview the material Get an overview of the chapter content and look at the question at the end of the chapter Read actively and read to understand thoroughly a Formulate questions before you read from lecture notes or from previewing and read to answer those questions b Know what every word and symbol means c Translate abstract formulas to verbal explanations Analyze the example problems by asking yourself these questions I What concepts formulas and rules were applied II What methods were used to solve the problem Why was this method used III What was the first step IV Have any steps been combined V What differences or similarities are there between the examples and homework problems e Further analyze the example problem by using the following procedures I Explain each step using your own words Write these explanations on paper II Draw your own diagrams to illustrate and explain problems III For practice write down example problems from your book close your book and try to work the problems Check your work with the example to find what concepts rules or methods your are having trouble with f Check to see how the material relates to previous material Ask yourself these questions I How was the material different from previous material II How was it the same III What totally new concepts were introduced and how were they applied IV Where does this material fit within the overall structure of the course 3 Stop periodically and recall the material you have read 4 Review prerequisite material if necessary N 3 1 PROBLEM ANALYSIS After you have attempted to analyze a movement evaluate the process you used This can help sharpen your understanding of the problem as well as performing future analyses


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