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FYS Winning at Math

by: Lelah Pfeffer

FYS Winning at Math FYE 1220

Lelah Pfeffer
GPA 3.6


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lelah Pfeffer on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to FYE 1220 at Georgia Southern University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 73 views. For similar materials see /class/221989/fye-1220-georgia-southern-university in none at Georgia Southern University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
FYE 1220 CH Engineering Success Fall 2009 Georgia Southern University Prof AlbaFlores METEET Dept 8242009 Activities and Assignments for week Aug 2427 2009 FYE Success Series Fall 2009 Sex Signals Required PlaceAssembly Hall NessmithLane Building Tuesday August 25 7830 pm amp 91030 pm Wednesday August 26 3305 pm 7830 91030 pm Thursday August 27 7830 pm amp 91030 pm Avoid waiting to the last presentation on Thursday Seats are limited to the room capacity Sex Signals dating amp samal assault awareness I Stereotypes of the ways men and women communicate about relationships sexual and otherwise I Tips about sex signals to improve communication gt among dating partners gt amongjust friends Write a 250word reaction summary To help you in this task you can address the following question Question According to the Sex Signals presentation what are stereotypes ofthe ways men an n ommunicate about relationships sexual and otherwise What tips did Sex Signals provide to improve communication among dating partners How if at all do you envision drawing on this presentation during college Attach to the reaction summary I A slip of proof of attendance I College Activities LOG Last day to turn it in Tuesday Sep 1 by 1000 am Proof of attendance Type a 250word reaction summary unrhamc 2 DamulEvz L 8242009 Textbook reading Chapter 1 The Keys to Success Discussion mat r39 e lal Textbook problems 15 15 15 and 19 Due Thursday Aug 2709 Learning Module Why College Why College Assignment reflection paper submit to Georgia View by 1000am on Tuesday sep 1 09 The Keys to Success Keycharacterieics of studentsthat highlywill succeed in college 1 necideto be successful stay determined to succeed 2 set appropriate goals o Know your strengths and weaknesses o Setyourgoals in accordance to your strengths and work hard in your weaknesses Examples of strenghts gt Good at and llke math gt Good at and llke read llterature gt Good at and like to write gt Good at and like program computers gt Good at and llke hlstory gt Good at and like work with people and help people gt Good at fixing tlnings and easy to understand lnow thingswork Avoid selecting your major and career base on gt Someone important to you told you gt Someone you admire has that career gt Vou have heard professionals in that area make lots ofrnoney gt Tlnat career can give you power gt That is an easy career lyou can relax in your college yearsl 3 Stay focused Mastering the skills oforganization staying focused and seeing work through to the end o Get Organized Organization is the rst step it makes everything else a little easier o Plan Ahead Now thatyou39re in college lt comes to progress and work on assignments it can feel r own boss especially ifyou39re agood one Don39t leave thin sto the last ute Nerves and anxiety rnake itnard to stay focused and do a good lob 0 Set deadlines At the beginning of each semester make a calendar of due dates Be sure you know what the main assignments are 0 Set clear goals Include nonacademic oommitments on your calendar too This will help you see when things might hit crunch time later in the semester 0 Give yourself minideadlines for the stages of each project planning research drafting revising and creating a final product 8242009 o Enforce deadlines Decide how you39ll enforce your deadlines improve yourstudy skills and organizationtalk with our professor He or she can help you to create reasonable shorlrterm goals for a particular project ortest 0 Oh no That39s due in 2 days fsomething lir by n you find yourself surprised by a due date orstuckwith very little turnaround time tn not to freak out Do a breathing exercise to feel calm and focused Then outlineyour approach to tack 39 thework You can make an honry or daiy calendar of deadlines ifthat helps you structure yourtime 4 Continually remind yourself ofthe reasons you chose that major and career 5 Apply yourself fully to attain your goals work hard 6 Work Smart not just hard Work Smart notjust hard cont gt quotI39m working hard but am working smart Learn to stop doingjust to do and to askfirst if there39s another more efficientsmarterway gt Assess everythingthat needs to be done Before you I lunge in headfirst rememberthat enthusiasm needs to be tempered with wisdom Work Smart notjust hard cont gt Follow your plan and don39t deviate from it unless you must Once you39ve assessed thejob and come up with a plan it39s usually best to stick with the plan However things come up gt Lead or be part of a study group for each of your classes Meet regularlyto prepare assignments and study for exams 7 Maximize effectiveness by learning the rules and playing the game 8 Perseverance Don39t give up after the rst second or third try 9 Keep oin Stay focused on your goals 10 Associate with people that maintain a positive attitude people that will help you attain your goals 11 Avoid underachievers and those who do not share your objectives


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