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US A Comprehensive Survey

by: Mr. Brandon Wehner

US A Comprehensive Survey HIST 2110

Marketplace > Georgia Southern University > History > HIST 2110 > US A Comprehensive Survey
Mr. Brandon Wehner
GPA 4.0

Donald Rakestraw

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About this Document

Donald Rakestraw
Class Notes
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This 19 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Brandon Wehner on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 2110 at Georgia Southern University taught by Donald Rakestraw in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see /class/221994/hist-2110-georgia-southern-university in History at Georgia Southern University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
102810 Start of the 20th century couple tried to marry in 1899 but it doesn t count until 1901 optimism vs foreboding turn of the century bright dark r nn nimmn r nn nm39ntinn 439 eXgolden fruit horseback party 0 a lot ofmoney on something r The cost of progressAmerica is progressing but it is expensive 1 the Haves are perfectly willing to exploit the Have nots 2slums in the cities for the first time congested in the cities tenement houses sky rise apartments as the cities grow they get nastier dead horses horse shit everywhere 3concentration of wealth fewer and fewer families control much and much more of the wealth 4monopoly concentration of the industry 5machine politicsbossism difficult to stop once it starts The Victorian period of England The Progressive era Academic freedom don t have to be careful what you say because of the audience Lincoln Stephenswrites progressive literature Theodore Dreiser most in uential are magazine writers The Wreckers of Muck Muckrakers Upton Sinclair The ungle meat packing industry with immigrant family learn its unsanitary Meat Inspection Act result ofa muckraker progressive era movement Progressive president republicans September 1901 William McKinley VPTeddy Roosevelt progressive gangrene sets up in him loved the West set American on 2 paths to change the US forever 1domestic 2develop international power 11210 Progressivism Teddy Roosevelt1901 collective arms and legs of society 1 ICC Interstate Commerce Commission GVERY IMPORTANT TODAY justification used by Congress to buy health insurance 2 Meat Inspection Act 3 Pure Food and Drug Act TR aka Trust Busterdoes not deserve that nickname 4 Attacks big businessesattacks monopolies Northern securities takes on JP Morgan Teddy wins and Northern securities dismantle 5 Holds millions of acres in reserve aka national parks and forests Taft replaces Roosevelt president for 1 term narcolepsy couldn t stay awake Taft was HUGE and snored in cabinet meetings Republicans try and control progressivism Taft deserves more credit doesn t get it because the Amendments are legal AFTER his term 16quot9 income tax 17quot9 direct election on US senators Most progressive 9 1912 Roosevelt runs as a 3ml party Bull Moose Taft was the Republican candidate Woodro Wilson was the Democratic candidate 1913 Wilson wins election 2 terms Triangle Fireno safety standards women and children died Wilson biggest progressive reform 1 Puts Federal REsaerve in form controls moneyinterest rates government very much in charge 2 Women can vote altered the Constitution list of Do s and Don ts for women teachers no smoking no wearing bright colors ask permission to go out of town INTERNATIONAL Roosevelt 1901 1 Producing navy 2 In uence in the Caribbean controlling Cuba own Puerto Rico 3 Stepping stones across the Pacific own Hawaii ag in Philippians 4 Canal No we must have one now X Teddy had the patience of a 6 year old because he was g young very impatient about the canal 1850 stoo complicated to build a canal issue 1 agreed with the British that we d do it together 1901 we don t need them anymore HayPauncefote Treatgets us out from our agreement with the British issue 2 where will the canal be built 1st Choice Nicaragua but the company had started Panama Canal Company build canals by 1904 FAILED miserably because tropical diseasesmosquitoes killed them reorganized to try again new panama canal company Philepe CanauVarilla company approaches Roosevelt and want to sell it to him for 40 million BanauVarilla gets in Senate and puts volcano postcard in Nicaragua on everyone s desk trying to persuade them to buy Panama Senate supports the idea of Panama Canal but Columbia owns it so they negotiate a treaty Tamas Harrain HayHarrain Treaty Columbia gets 10 million and 1A million a year 1904 contract ended and canalwas supported to be done delayed treaty Roosevelt says they ll negotiate with Panama Room 1164 hatched revolution for Panama Republic 2 died Republic of Panama HayBanauVarilla Treaty 11910 Roosevelt expands the Monroe Doctrine intervenes between Russia and Japan and holds the peace conference Portsmouth Conference builds most powerful eet Voyage of the Great White Fleet 19071909 end of Roosevelt s timeworld tourIapanese home island gets expensive Congress returns to fund because the coast would be vulnerable voyage occurs inadvertently causes a naval arms race got the Nobel Peace Prize reserved lots ofland 1908 Taft becomes President instead of using the eet to develop internationally he uses the quotDollar Diplomacy only served 1 term1912Woodro Wilson a progressive wins Woodro Wilson s form of diplomacy Missionary Diplomacy God was responsible for his winningpredestination new president in Mexico rebels try to overthrow we intervened Americans were captured on sailing ship but were released Woodro Wilson demands the government apologize Marines storm the beaches ofVera Cruz US occupies Mexico for an extended period of time 1914 we are chasing Poncho Villa Wilson takes credit for quotThe Invasion of Mexico but doesn t deserve it une 28 1914hot summer Sundaya guy went swimming in a sleeveless bathing suit can t bathe in public no one knew what was going on because we were insulted only knew what was going on in our town Babe Ruth is playing for Baltimore silent movies began une20 1914 in Sarajevo part ofa colony that belongs to an empire in the Baulkins Southern Europe dual empire ofAustriaHungary archduke Franz Ferdinand and duchess Sophie are coming to town surf shoots himand died Atlanta newspaper was stunned at what s happening in their town Temperance Movement The Great War What caused the war European nations are paranoid about world powerso they start making alliances okay but the problem was that they were secret and had positioned them as dominos assassination of Ferdinand was the 1St dominocan t stop dominos America stands in horror and watches means nothing to us because we were neutral in thought and deedSTRICT NEUTRALITY we have so many mixed immigrants so of course they re going to encourage Allied powers Great Britain primary concern main focus ofAmericans wanting to support Central Powers Germans primary concern America s industrialized and everyone involved in the war buys Wilson wants to continue commerce and remain neutral British declare naval blockade seizes US goods US gets mad with GE early on because neutrality was invaded early 1915Germany declares blockade at British Islesmoving to unrestricted no rules submarine warfare Germany says neutral countries need to stay out ofwar zones or there will be unfortunate mistakes can t tell underwater May 1915American skip tanker is attacked by German submarine 6 days later the Lusitania British passenger liner carrying civilians crossing the Atlantic going into a war zone Southern coast of Ireland German Uboat recognized passenger shipsubmarine fired torpedo and the Lusitania went down and over 10000 people died Americans died too over 200 ironic because the Lusitania was quotunsinkablequot hit the coal dust Wilson responds and writes a set of threatening notes to Germany William Jennings Bryansecretary of state said quotcan t complain just to Germany if everyone is invading on neutrality Bryan resigns US now leaning to British Spring 1916SusseX is torpedoed by the Germans Wilson complains to Germans SusseX Pledge our submarines will behave by traditional rules of naval warfare civilized 6 JOKE we re about to attack you warn 1st German submarine sees quotAmerican ag but changes to a quotBritish ag and torpedo is shot off 1916 presidential electionWilson runs on peace platform he didn t take us to war Wilson attempts to bring peace to Europe his 14 points develop Wilson was an idealist 1 Proposes to end war with peace without victory tie not satisfying French warfaredig a new ditch that contained mustard gas esh eating bacteria 2 Thinks we need selfdetermination of nations everyone should control their destinyno more empires 3 There should be freedom of the seas be able to trade wherever with whoever 4 Formed the League ofNations While he s talking peace Wilson s getting ready for war early 1917Germany goes back to unrestricted submarine warfare I quotDemocracy is slow to anger but when is angered with G0 CRAZY 111110 In 1917 Germany begins to attack the US unrestricted warfare Zimmerman sends a telegram to Mexico saying join Germany Ifwe winyou can have everything they stole in the 1840 s sends it through American cable and seizes it Russians are unhappy Spring 1917 revolution is boiling US should get involved in the war because if Russia drops out the Central powers would win April 2 1917 Wilson asks for a declaration for war quotThis is war to make the world safe for democracy God says Amen to Wilson quotwar to end war 6 funny Congress gives him the declaration Wilson went back to his office and wept emotional stirring millions ofmen joined the army so many signed up we had to have a lottery to decide who gets to go iberty bonds help fund the war US wanted to keep distance Wilson says we are an associated power of the Allied Powers Britain Wilson declares we should conserve food Meatless Mondays lib erty garden Committee on Public Information ChairmanGeorge Creel make sure Americans minds are right support war help pay for war etc Americans have parades in support of the war 9 US caught up in war Creel has groups that enforce 100 people who didn t agree were quotm painte burned barn pretzel was outlawed because it was German 9 hotdogliberty dog couldn t take German in college Congress passed 2 laws in 1917 amp 1918 so 1oose1y written 1 Espionage Actarrests those who could be spies 2 Sedition Actillegal to criticize public officials If the US didn t win the war for you at least without us you would have lost US gave out serious injection of moral March 1918 Russian signs peace treaty with the Germans Treaty of Breast Lituosk Russia is pulling out of the war trench warfaregrossnasty Belleau Wood roads were filled with Americans Germans installed new government in October 1918 because they were tired of fighting 9 Weimar Republic Germans wanted to call it a draw November 11 1918Armistice Day was signed war was going no where 30 million died Wilson s ideapeace without victory FrenchBritish thought we d won France is angry about the war Peace Conference was held in Versailles Paris France terrible place colonials send delegates for selfdetermination too many people Nguyen A Quovoc Woodro WilsonUS GeorgeGreat Britian ClemonceauFrance OrlandaItaly got seat instead of Germany Germans are not at the table are don t get to participate Guilt ClauseGermany takes blame War of Reparation Debtpay for war OMG 1920 s 9 33 billoncost of war for Germany Germans learned French forced to sign Treaty of Versailles They had revenge on their minds lead up to WW2 Where s Wilson he s outvoted on everything just sign to agree on one thingLeague of Nations Wilson gives all this stuff away so it s gone Wilson had the u had League of Nations attached to Treaty ofVersailles Congress had to approve now taken over by the Republicans Henry Calvolage opposes the treaty because League of Nations is attached Article 10 a collective security commitment arrangement saying you re committed to everyone s security obligated to come to the rescue to one of our allies guarantees warnot safe for democracy llenry offers amendments to Treaty comes up with his own 14 points while campaigning for treaty Wilson has a massive stroke Treaty ofVersailles was never ratified by the US 91921joint resolutioncongress declared war over we never joined the League of Nations 9 NBC 111610 Progressivism is over Americans are disillusioned in the 1920 s because it didn t happen did not make the world safe for democracy Russia is communist Red ScareAmericans are fearful of Communist taking over Roaring 20 s9 escaping Alcohol was prohibited so more was drank then eat drink and be merry Victorian rebels in America were appers motion pictures and sound in movies along with seX symbols on the screen Theda Baramotion picture star sexual scenes with no sounds ladies bobbed their hair hid their boobs and tried to act like boys 1921 KDKA broadcast 1st radio station in America by 1923 millions of families were listening to the radio 1928was expensiveand made a network of different markets Advertising becomes popular in 1920 because Americans were gullible Henry Ford captures assembly line and by 1925mass production of automobiles everyone owns a car advertising gets Americans attention railroad goes into rapid decline and never fully recovers after the automobile quotservice stations started appearing Real Estate boom in Florida California Hotel industry became a success postcards automobile damages started worrying about America s direction advertising is causing divorce rate to go up along with movies ALL young ladies went wild in 1920 s dancing changed fox trot dirty dancing due to cars and summer homes How Far Should Women Go Conference FundamentalistTraditionalist want to recapture traditional America pure values The KKK comes back and wants to enforce proper behavior marijuana and prostitutes protecting WASPWhite Anglo SaXton Protestants targets Catholics Iews Blacks clan was strongest in the Midwest controlled Indiana African Americans move into middle class in 1920 s for the first time ever 1920 sBlack America has a cultural awakeningllarlem Renaissance ames Weldon Iohnson Langston Hughes Louis Armstrong Charlie Christianjazz guitarist bathtub gin bootleggers9 elicits illegal alcohol Very wealthy Loosing purchasing power 111810 FundamentalistTraditionalist vs Modernist ohn Scopes TrailTennessee battle over evolution illegal to teach it in a public school American Civil Liberties Union wanted people to challenge it Clarence Darrow defends Scope Fundamentalists hire William Jennings Bryando not interpret scripture William Jennings Bryan wins trial officially unofficially9 modernists won because they embarrassed Bryan 1933prohibition is repealed modernist are still quotwinningquot 39The Lost Generation authors of the 1920 s Ernest Hemmingway The Great Gatsby debunkers cynics of America s in the 1920 s sarcasticmakes fun HL Menckenpublished American Mercury aka The Onion quotHomoboobiansquot people were concerned about America slowly becoming depressed late 1920 s beginning of the Great Depression October 29 1929 Black Tuesday Crashing 0f the nal stock market causes the Great Depression 7 DOES NOT CAUSE GREAT DEPRESSION only a domino in it Dominos of the Depression 1 Issues with the economy 2 Technological unemployment don t need humans to do work since we had machines stuff can t be boughtbut keeps being made 3drought in farm country 4 Americans are over extended installment buyingmonthly payment banks get involved and start using our money not just recession depression but GREAT DEPRESSION Talito Ohio 90 unemployment Hoovertownshomeless towns not really Hoovers faultnew president Republican William Harding in 1921 was not an effective president House on K Street brought Ohio with him and a girl Buero ScandalsTeapot Dome Scandal in Wyomingoil Texas tea gold bribed and sucked out oil Albert Fall is in jail New Deal 9 people start looking into his Cabinet fortunately for Harding he dies and isn t interrogated Calvin ColliageVP wins neXt election The business ofAmerica is business let businesses do whatever they do Andrew Mellonshad to resign from over 50 positions secretary treasury 19 2 1193 2 5 Recession is global everyone who could ve helped bail us out also needed help 1932Democrats winFranklin D Roosevelt elected because it was a vote against the Republicans Bonus March of 193 2veterans were promised 39bonus check for services occurs in Washington and Congress says 39no Build Hooverville in front of the White House FINAL STRAW Hoover sends Army to remove them Roosevelt had Polio very caution about it and never showed his legs 1st media presidentinvited everyone into the White House FDR did FDICinsure deposits The 1st 100 days in office NRAcontrol productionNational Recovery Admin 1 Relief 2 Recovery 3 Reform Harry Hopkins Elinor Roosevelt were critical to FDR s presidency traveled a lot were his eyes and ears quotDo your part attempt but doesn t work 1935 FDR is attacked by Liberals and Conservatives leftHuey Longshare the wealth not doing enough righthe s doing too much in American s personal life Supreme Courtthe Sick Chicken Case Scheter Poultry vs US maybe he should appoint newjustices 2 Ul Hundred Dayscomplete change in understanding of problem of the economy overproduction is m longer the problem under consumption is the problem WPA Works Progress Admin get workers employed make jobs WORKSAmerican s begin to buy things again deficit spending spending imaginary money that we don t have The Great War continues World War 2 we supply everyone they buy it so our economy gets better 19 25 Dawes Plan KellogBriand Pact make war illegal over 60 countries signed moves us toward 113010 Germany Japan and Italy produce the RomeBerlin Tokyo Axis GermanyHitler apanTojo ItalyMussolini 1930 s Roosevelt would love to stop these nations but can t 1925 the NYE Committee in Congress produces Neutrality Acts forbidding America trade with nations at war Mussolini invades Africa and Hitler begins to cause trouble why s America concerned Maginot Wall wall around France to keep Germany out A conference is help in Munich Germany The British and the French talk with Hitler all he quotwantsquot is peace and part of Czeklosavokia 1938 Munich Syndrome it s hard to please someone like Hitler he took all of Czeklosavokia September 1939 Hitler takes Poland WW2 beings in 1939 British and French declare war on Germany Hitler neutralized with Stalin Russia with a Nonaggression Act Spring 1940 the French surrender Winston Churchill prime minister of Britainis the only one left to fight Germany war machines Battle of Britain 1940 was an air war attempt by Germany to overthrow Britain but failed miserably US supplies planes to the British but sneakily due to the Neutrality Acts Roosevelt convinces Congress in March 1941 in LendLease Act America begins to quotlendlease with Britian now you can just borrow THIS ENDED AMERICAN NEUTRALITY une 1941 Hitler invades Russia HUGE MISTAKE Hitler broke the Nonaggression Act The Grand Alliance America Britain Soviet Union 2 western democracies and Russia a communist 9 STRANGE British gave m Russians gave blood 20 million Americans gave Luff ships tanks uniforms apanese invaded China in 1937 US aides the Chinese December 7 1941Iapanese invites US into the war How we got there Roosevelt decides to send eet to Pearl Harbor to keep the Japanese from wanting to fight Japanese took it differently December 7th 1941 attacked the eet AT Pearl Harbor After Pearl Harbor America was in war with questions 1 Which enemy do we deal with first Europe First Policy Germany 2 What type ofwar strategic bombing target places disrupt communications and can t continue does not worktakes out civilians which makes them madder 3 Will we approach this war with an idealpeace without victory No unconditional surrendergive up and hope for the best Oppenheimer scientist and Groves come up with atomic bomb 4Where and when do we attack first Churchill votes not Western front Stalin starts to get suspicious Americans fight in North Africato attack from the South up une 6 1944D Day in Normandy storm the beaches successful Germans are pushed out back to Germanybetween Russians and Americans Spring 1945Hitler killed themselves Stalin is still mad once war is over February 1945 Big 3Stalin Churchill and Roosevelt meet at the YaltaConference discusses divide Germany other warRoosevelt pulls Stalin aside and says give me 3 months and we will aide in attack ofapan Roosevelt is very sickin April 1945 in Warm Springshe dies before offical end of the war in May Harry Truman replaces him Truman says only difference between HitlerStalin is size of mustach smart ass Stalin and Truman meet in Potsdam note says It s a boy code for the atomic bomb tells Stalin about the bomb cold response quotI hope you use it Stalin knew way more about it August 6 19458am Enola Gay dropped a bomb over Heroshima Japan and exploded city was gone 100000 dead August 9 19452 01 bomb was dropped over Nagasaki not as many people killed Russia joined the war between the bombs and got his pieces ofAsia apanese surrender in 1945 was the 2 1 bomb meant for Stalin 12210 Cold war after WW2 Eastern Europe was communist How do we address this new threat Kennan Soviet Union he sends the Long Telegram to spread communism importance policy of containment end of the Soviet Union MMquot it happens 1947adopted the Policy of Containment 1947US Congress passed the National Security Act gtcreated Department of Defense overseas armed forcesPentagon gtgot the Air Force gtCIACentral Intelligence Agency US is scared of the Red Army and the communist scare 19481st near shooting war with communismin Berlin Berlin Blockadeall access is shut down and we can t refuel our people Truman Admin comes up with the Berlin Airlift 1949Soviet Union has an atomic bomb tooUS is no longer powerhouse 1949America helps create North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO China goes communist Red China America is very paranoid Kim Il Sung solution to Korea is that it s divided into 2 parts post WW2 construct Russians control NorthKim Il Sung Syngman Rhee South Korea une 1950Sung invades South Korea communists vs noncommunist Korean con ict very quickly control almost all of it US gets involvedwith League ofNations and forced Koreans back up North to Chinese boarder 300000 Chinese soldiers join war we re just trying to put back the containment line 19501953 people are only dying in the war 1953 only way to get out of Korean War is new to have a new president North Korea decides armistice no treat came that s why they are still hostile to South Korea Dwight Eisenhower get us out Ike America in 195 0 s goes completely different way become a cookie cutter culture all the same mold ohn Keates A Crack in the Picture Windowhow boring America has become CIA helps US change and makes sure communism stays out ofAmerica ohn Foster Dulles secretary of state and Eisenhower are willing to go all the way to the linebrinksmanship Massive retaliationand control communism for several years 1957Russians launched Sputnik first orbit into space and this scared Americans sent a 2 1 one with a dog in it Because of Sputnik people couldn t just hang around anymore we needed bomb shelter cold war made everyone paranoid The summit crashed and burns in 1960 s 1960 s dominated by two themes 1 domestic 1 international domestic civil rights start in 1954 realized Plessy V FergusonBrown V Board of Education 9struck down separate but equal Rosa Parks civil disobediencerefuses to give up her seat Martin Luther King Irshut down Montgomery bus system 1957Arkansascourts ordered schools to desegregate federal troops were sent to deal with them 1960Kennedy v Nixon gtfixes civil rights issues 1961 and 1962 didn t fiX them Birmingham Alabamafire hoses broadcast nationallyKennedy Admin moves forward Civil Rights Act of 1964crushes 1 Jim Crow 2 Voting Rights Act 196 Kennedy was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald Americans loose interest in civil rights and become engaged in Vietnam international Vietnam WarFrench colony in Southeast Asia during WWZIaps were thereleft French come back and Ho Chi Minh is still there declares Independence from France in 1946 France wants it back France v Ho Chi Minh 19401950 s 9 80 French war effort was the US 1954 French leave US still supports Geneva AccordsVietnam is divided 1956free elections


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