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Wrld Hist II

by: Kayli Champlin

Wrld Hist II HIST 1112

Kayli Champlin
GPA 3.56

John Steinberg

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About this Document

John Steinberg
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kayli Champlin on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 1112 at Georgia Southern University taught by John Steinberg in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see /class/221996/hist-1112-georgia-southern-university in History at Georgia Southern University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
WRLD History DAY ONE Sources of the age of exploration and the origins of globalization o In the fifteenth century the world becomes globalized 0 People still believed that the world was at 0 The Spread ofIslam 7501200 H 2 539quot 0quot Fquot HHH WNH Equot 2quot 539quot The origins of Islam are in the Arabian Islam Doesn t make into Byzantine Empire defense against the Islamic threat French stop the spread ofIslam Charles Martel stop the Muslims 75 0CE because he has cavalry on horses w saddles with a stirrup Conquest to go after Byzantine empire from Ottoman Empire Pont of the Crusades was to save the promise land Christian Crusaders promised promiseland Stole treasures from the Byzantine empire Genghis Khan 11621227 puts the empire together Organized the Mongols to go after their rivals Rise of the Latin West Marco POLO Dark Ages began where fear was instilled into everyone no indulgences paid go to hell Dark Ages put a clamp on all learning Roman Catholic church wanted to be the source of all knowledge Marco Polo 12541324 is an Italian trader and figures out how to trade with the Mongols and figures out trade routes that go up through central asia back up to italy He figures out the peace with Mongols by paying them off basically Teach EVERYONE how to deal with the Mongols Spread of the Black Death Bubonic Plague comes out of the black sea It makes black specks form on your body Rats picked up on ships the eas bite the rats then spread onto humans hygiene The collapse of the Byzantine Empire in 1453 Kills the trade route from east to west Serfis bound to the land 14 Early Exploration 0 Late 9th century Vikings led by Eric the Red and Leif Ericson o Leif Ericson did find North America 0 Vikings did not have the power base 0 First people to come to the new world Zheng He 14051433 0 Unics Sp 0 Showing their loyalty to the emperor by being castrated Prince Henry the Navigator wind and currents Portuguese develop a lot of the scientific knowledge that womeone like Christoper colobus is going to dependent upon SeXton is a navigational device used to see where youa re based upon starshorizon 4 The Atlantic Revolution sparked by trade relgious freedom pilgrims reformation labor 5 Christopher Colombus eXplorer navigator1492 really the Carribean discovery Vasco d agama 1490 Vasco Nunez de Balbou 1513 Ferdinand Magellan 152021 IN 1500 25 ofthe land suface was known to Europeans By 1800 92 was known 10 Magellan departed with 5 ships and 270 men 1 ship and 22 men returned 11 James Cook 17681779 sailing around Austrailia and then into the South Pacific the last mysterious lands British Day THREE Causes for the Decline of Chinese Dynasties feeble and effeminate rulers corrupt bureaucracy incompetence and factional strife among government officials natural disasters internal rebellions Confucianism What you do not wish done to yourself do not do to others when you know a thing to recognize that you know and when you do not to know that you do not know that is knowledge to go too far is as bad as to fall short when you see someone ofworth think ofhow you may emulate When you see someone unworthy examine your own character STAY WITHIN YOURSELF central meaning of Confucianism Manchus Manchu descendents ofMongols The Manchu conquered the Mind Dynasty in the early 17th century The Manchu were foreigners for Manchuria who totaled 1 of china s population at the time of their conquest The Manchu depended on Mind administrators to govern China when they completed their conquest Nurhachi launches the conquest formed administrative units called banners each banner became a source of taxes and military recruits he invades China with 200000 soldiers Dorgon Dorgon finishes the conquest and consolidates power he orders the creation ofa new alphabet that standardizes the Chinese language has Confucian ideas and ming penal code translated into modern chinese Early Modern Japan the advances ofwesterners across asia coincided with the 16th century age of discovery the way was led by the spanish portugues and to a lesser eXtent the duth and british A Tokugawa Ieyasu beat his enemies at the battle of Sekigahara in 1600 hence the emergence of the Tokugawa Shogunate 1 a period of unprecedented economic and commercial growth 2 The Shoguns also closed the country to westerners and even forbad Iaps from building ships capable of making an ocean voyage The Emergence of the Modern Global Community Byzantine Empire and Islam All of the seas connecting each body ofland are very important OIL gtConstantine the great Roman Emperor As emperor he is dealing with everything from a corrupt senate to the invasion of the barbarians Romans are very overwhelmed Crisis in Roman society Multitheistic society start converting to Christianity WHY the heighth of the battle at 312 Constantine has a vision of the cross goes to dessert to quotfind the promise land Hellenization adopting and living with the legacy of greek culture begins with language quotreinfusion of greek knowledge Very important Secular learning language ancient philosophy history when that starts to happen end of Dark Ages Constantine defeated Maxentius on Oct 312 at the Battle of Milvian Bridge in the process of defeating him has a vision what is the differenece between eastern othrodox and roman catholic city of constantive Konstantinopel Iustinian II military leader broadly educated Christian UNDERSTOOD POLITICS CEASARPAPISM Theodora Daughter ofa Bearkeeper Byzantine names Belisarius general Narses gernal Tribonian jurists Anthemius scientists and architect Isidorus scientists and Architect Iohn Of Cappadocia Tax Collector Islam Submission or peace allah Akbar Qur an the word of god Abode of Islam Muhammad son of a merchant who rebelled against Byzantine taX collection policy IN 610 he has a vision from Allah that is transmitted through the angel Gabriel Mecca to yathrib Later called Medina the Hagria or the breaking of former ties in 62 2 or year one of the Islamic Calander reaches medina in 630 IIHAD Must go on a pilgrimage 5 Pillars of Faith Will to profess Ritual prayer Alms taX Fasting during Ramadan Pilgrimage to Mecca The Ottoman and Mughal Empires Ottomans Central asian nomads who had become Muslims after exposure to Persian Culture 11th century Ottomans are fervent warriors who are devout Muslims The age of conquest for the Ottomans ranges from the 11th to the 15th centuries Ottomans governed according to two principles Strong military org toleration of the people who lived in the realms they conquered particularly the Orthodox Caliphs the clerics who form an alliance with the Ottomans in Central Asia Caliphs provide the religious justification for the conquest ofnon muslim people to ottoman warriors quotall about converting people Sultan Mehment II is responsible for the siege of Constantinople tht succeeded in eliminating the Byzantine Empire from history in 1453 Suleiman the Magnificient Greatest Ottoman Emperor who reigned from 1520 to 1566 Believed in just and siciplined rule believed that conquest keeps you strong Ruthless taX collector Mughals The Mughals were a central Asian Turkic nomacdic tribe who conquered India


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