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US A Comprehensive Survey

by: Kayli Champlin

US A Comprehensive Survey HIST 2110

Marketplace > Georgia Southern University > History > HIST 2110 > US A Comprehensive Survey
Kayli Champlin
GPA 3.56

Craig Roell

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About this Document

Craig Roell
Class Notes
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This 13 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kayli Champlin on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 2110 at Georgia Southern University taught by Craig Roell in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see /class/221997/hist-2110-georgia-southern-university in History at Georgia Southern University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
Part 1 Creating Utopia The Colonial Experiments 1 In the Beginning Envisioning Utopia A Utopia Paradise perfect 1 Origin book 2 Actual Latin meaning nowhere a So where is there a Utopia o NOWHERE B Envisioning seeing in mind s eye 1 America the land that never has been yet and yet must be Langston Hughes 11 Cities upon Hills Old Testament creating a model city Planting Utopia in the New World A Reasons to come to New World 1 Economics money a Mercantilism Economic Nationalism o Emphasis on merchants o Becoming bigger and better as a nation 0 Goal National Global Power llL Jquot it y ital by bullion gold a rrw 2 increasing the national wealth cap silver trade value ii Government writes strict rules to regulate NOT a free enterprise 1 1 0 Means Acts of Trade and Navigation i The King and parliament passed laws to regulate mercantilism 850 laws ii Sales taX attempting to make England selfsufficient and dominate v Establish colonies 0 Source of needed raw materials 0 Guaranteed market colonies were not suppose to make their own things 0 Block growth of rival nations 0 Decrease dependence on rival nations 0 Reality Dual economy i Proper economy what England had intended ii Illegal economy black market smuggling 2 Religious Belief a The Protestant Reformation 0 Martin Luther Germany John Calvin Western Nations 0 Lots of disagreements within the Protestants i Baptizing Sprinkle vs Pour vs Dunk o All Protestants agree on the 5 Solas 5 Alones i Salvation by grace alone justi cation by faith alone through Christ alone to the glory of God alone ii The word of God alone is the ultimate authority s039 L l S People are encouraged to read scripture for o themselves 0 Inspired greater literacy among the people 0 Created a common language 0 Contributes to bookmaking and publishing trades b Reformation England 0 Church of England Anglicans the of cial national church i All others were labeled Nonconformists or Dissenters TROUBLEMAKERS o W Calvinist biggest believed Church of England was still too Catholic wanted to purify l Congregationalists 2 Presbyterians 3 Baptists aka the Pilgrims Calvinist be11eved Anglican Church was too corrupt wanted to separate from the Church went to Holland first but children started speaking Dutch afraid of losing English heritage so they went to the New World came over May ower y 3 groups Anglican went away eventually called Methodists because they had a method to everything Anglican said preach it brother Calvinist believed in the will of God Armenian believed in free will thought the ways of the Anglican church equaled dead faith Quakers Religious Society of F rienals men and women were equal in everything named for earthquakes didn t believe in social class nobles dressed in simple clothes look nobles in the eyes u 0 III Colonies A First Colony Virginia Colony named for the virgin queen aka Queen Elizabeth I 1 First settlement in 1607 Jamestown named for King James I a Mercantilism 0 Block French and Spanish efforts of expanding in North America 0 Increase wealth and power of the Crown b Profitmaking venture 0 Virginia Company joint stock company m cultivation c Religious Military Garrisons against the 3 1 criminals 2 Slaves were introduced in 1619 because oflabor needed for tobacco production B Plymouth l620 2quotd successful colony l Separatists went to Holland for religious reasons left Holland to maintain English heritage 2 Created a document called the I J mm to help guide the colony which planted a seed for our government today It was properly the beginning of America a Deep faith and belief in God and His divine guidance b Great loyalty to their native England and the king even though they had been persecuted and exiled o Loyalty to the idea position authority of the King not the actual person Mutual regard for one another as foundation for true democratic government 3 Eventually get absorbed taken in by Massachusetts C Massachusetts 1630 1quot 2 1 Competition between them and Virginia 2 Larger enterprise 3 Negatives we think about the Puritans a Salem witch trails b Extremists 4 Truth about Puritans a Dressed as nice as they want except on Sundays when they dressed in simple clothing Taught their children about the importance of sex Loved ale Did sex for pleasure not just for reproduction But had to be ma1ried Believed All things in moderation iPilgrims 9999quot 39 a special relationship intense with each other and God and solemn compact biblical laws under hierarchical authority God 0 Failed sometimes g City on a hill a model society based on biblical principle 0 An errand into wilderness o God s blessings if obedient to their covenants m Ii h Puritan In uence on future American History and Culture 0 Vision ofthe nation as a city on a hill 0 Idea of Americans as a people of destiny Notions about work ethic hard work perseverance honesty success 0 In uenced early capitalism named for Mary of William and Mary 3 Quaker oats has Penn s picture on it a Purity honesty no surprises 4 Men and women played equal roles in religious meetings a Used the and thou 6 Seen as danerous f Brotherl Love 1 L l Founder James Oglethorpe a General in the army and in Parliament House of Lords b Really high in status as high as you can get 2 Purposes a M In wn FortFredericka m b r the Cro 1 39 1m quot5 v I I ii h v T 0 Thought that GA is full of criminals but really it s just the debtors l 7 V 4 En 11sh but open to others ethnicities such as Germans Swiss and Austrians 5 Oglethorpe purchased land from the Creek Indians for Savannah a 3rd colony to do this Rhode Island was the 2 IV Utopia Under Siege disunity slavery rebels and witches in the colonies A Turmoil from outside and from within 1 Problems from within despite nger pointing 2 What do you do when your utopia turns out to be nowhere a Dealing with turmoil anger guilt depression B Tobacco and Slavery in Virginia 1 British tried to grow it on their own but the labor demand was too high Slaves mainly came from Africa and a few from the Caribbean The slave trade in the British North America Colonies a One of the largest most pro table enterprises in the world b Slavery was legal amp already had a long history 0 Spain and Portugal in the West called labor trade approx 150 years before Virginia 0 Arab Muslim countries in the east called sex trade approx 800 years before Virginia 0 Ashantiamp other tribes within Africa Ila taint tail to the economic success of the plantation colonies mass producing tobacco sugar cane and indigo 6 The blessing tobacco had the seeds of the curse slavery when the focus was not right 7 Slavery created more problems than it solved C Witchcraft Hysteria in Salem 1 Puritans in England were not surprised to see witchcraft 2 Thought the devil as a being 5 I V 7 Ummj i 1 u H717 n l A r a Invisible World never expires eternity God and his army of angels versus Satan and his army of demons Visible World experienced with 5 senses c Visible World was created by the Invisible World 4 Witchcraft Trials in New England a 234 indictments trials b 36 executions 0 Most found innocent o 20 out ofthe 36 where in Salem 1692 5 The Puritan Crisis Trouble with Witches a Overall key points A wilderness experience always makes us confront the implications of our faith and values land Fquot win with 7 quotCL liJl l 51 worldly thinking about the blessings rather than God an ll Confusion King William s war in 1689 i Horrors of massacres ii Refuses settling in Salem and other villages like Salem iiiResult increased fears and anxiety i Bread mold 7 ergot poisoning the Salem 10 witnesses were high on ergot poisoning and had hallucinations ii Encephalitis o a 4 In rfliuu39l 1ng l39mzutiu im i Rivalries between certain families ii Rivalries with other denominations iiiPeer pressure and generational con ict ivGender con icts male versus female or female versus female Lil agic which you were not suppose to do 1 Dabb11ng 1n m 1 Salem Vlllage the Danvers original settlers vs Salem Town people from other places and different dominations ii Rural vs commercial urban values iiiTraditional values vs modern values ivWitnesses were from the village and the victim typically were from town l v l r i It were better that ten suspected witches should escape than that one innocent person should be condemned iRev Dr Increase Mather from Insuf ciency of Evidence against Witches in Cases of Conscience Concerning Evil Spirits Personating Men 1693 0 Means to pick your battles Part 2 Perfecting Utopia The New Republic 1 Long term and short term causes of the American Revolution reason period of investigation 1 Representative American Scientists V mti 11 invited into the British Royal Society for Pioneering the Smallpox vaccination r v If v remalm philosopher inventor invited into the British Royal Society for proving that lightning was electricity f i philosopher scienti c farmer Franklin and Jefferson were the center of the Rights of Man debate deism 2 Led to deism a God is the distant creator in a selfregulating universe 3 Led to humanism a Man is the center of all things m 5 Led to notions that a government could be perfected 6 Result would be an improved orderly ha1monious society B The Great Awakening l A massive Christian Revival throughout Colonial America all 13 colonies a inn m 1 New England One of the rst Greatest American theologian o Sinners in the hands of an Angry God sermon 5 lu i39 l 5 EnglandIntercolonial o Anglican went Methodist called himself Methodist Anglican Missionary Created an orphanage for boys now for boys and girl in Savannah Ga 0 Franklin press published White eld s sermons 2 Divisive a New Lights heart faith vs Old Lights mind faith b Enthusiasts emotional vs Rationalists doctrine c New birth personal relationship vs rulesformality d Even happened among those who usually don t so things like this 3 Revolutionary New Lights a Legitimized dissent b Encouraged a moral questioning of authority 4 Unify39 New Lights A interconnecting colonial America b Deemphas12ed denominational ethnic and class differences Contributes a Biblical metaphor for the Revolution 1 ton n m M an V 3 mm mm www 14 quotM V Mb Du D Destiny 1 USA was to be an example to the world of educated people and no slavery 2 The shining light Utopia II The Overlapping Stages of the American Revolution A The Conservative Revolution preserving defending what already existed thereby justifying rebellion l lSt stage unique usually starts out the Radical stage 2 The Great Awakening gave to the moral argument 3 Defending Existing Freedoms a Salutary Neglect policy not enforced the way that the law intends vs New Regulations ex Stamp Act and Sugar Act issue of control b King George 111 issue of sovereignty 0 He wanted more power c French and Indian War issues of debt taxation representation and freedom 0 143 million pounds in 1830 812 billion in 2009 4 The Exodus book in the bible our metaphor a The Declaration of Independence 0 Formal declaration of intent b Patriots vs Loyalists o Patriots were for independence 0 Loyalists were loyal to the king 0 13 of population were Patriots 13 Loyalists and U3 those who didn t care More patriots in the north more loyalists in the south Not just a civil war with the mother country Colonies vs England but also within ourselves Patriots vs Loyalists c The War for Independence 17751783 0 Longest war until the Vietnam War followed by current war in Iran d Biblical theme 0 George Washington as Moses Joshua 0 Americans as new Israelites in new Promised Land 0 King George III as Pharaoh 0 Great Britain as Egypt 5 On Two Wings toward the Promised Land B The Radical Revolution the contagion of liberty inspiring bold new but potentially explosive even destructive ideas 1 Radical question a How democratic should America be question of power and who has it b How much subordination to authority is necessary question of control 2 Radical Applications a 13 sovereign state not 1 nation yet b Church and state 0 Should there be a separation of the two 0 Decided that there would be a separation meaning you were not obligate to support a church and there was no national church c Land and voting right 0 Decided a small amount of land required to voting 0 Slowing the amount of land required was decreased 0 After 20 years the land requirement for voting was done away with d Women 0 Nothing happen 0 No voting or educational rights i 1920 s women voting rights 19Lh amendment e Slavery 0 North did away with slavery but the South kept it 0 Thought that too much money was invested to give it up C The Federalist Revolution creating a federalist constitution to preserve the gains and freedoms of the revolution against the contagion of liberty anarchy l The tyranny of Unbridled Liberty a Benedict Arnold military 0 Lost his moral o Traitor o Took his liberty too far b The Newburgh Conspiracy military 0 Met in secret to overthrow the new government 0 George Washington stopped this from happening c Charles Lynch 0 Abuse of liberty o Hung loyalists without trial lynched d Daniel Shays Rebellion 0 Farmer marched on to the state government 2 The constitutional Convention in Philadelphia 1787 D One Nation con icting visions of Jefferson vs Hamilton 1 Jefferson tended to be more Southern 2 Hamilton tended to be more Northern III Symbols A Seals 1 Original seal 1776 a Created by Thomas Jefferson Ben Franklin and John Adams b Motto Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God 0 Was America s lSt motto c Picture was a metaphor to Moses and Egypt to George Washington and Britain 2 First actual seal 1782 a Eagle 0 Thin 0 Face pointed toward the olive branch b Shield 0 13 red and white stripes states working together 0 Top blue part God c Arrows 0 Defense d Olive branch 0 Peace 0 Victory e Motto E Pluribus Unum 0 Current motto 0 Means Out of many one f Stars 0 In the shape of the Star of David 3 Current seal 1902 a All the same stuff except the eagle is bigger tougher


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