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Wrld Hist II

by: Kayli Champlin

Wrld Hist II HIST 1112

Kayli Champlin
GPA 3.56

Deborah Hill

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About this Document

Deborah Hill
Class Notes
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This 18 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kayli Champlin on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 1112 at Georgia Southern University taught by Deborah Hill in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/221998/hist-1112-georgia-southern-university in History at Georgia Southern University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
Industry and Ideologies 0 The ideological ramifications of Enlightenment thought The Socialist Challenge 0 Socialism first used in context of Utopian Socialists Charles Fourier 1772 1837 and Robert Owen 1771 1858 Fourier protected womens rights equal pay everyone worked Owen conservative educate everyone so they can make good choices shorter working hours afterhours education insurance 0 Opposed competition of market system Both men 0 Attempted to create small model communities Both men Phalanxesthe small communitieshotels 0 Richest take care of poor 0 Rich top middle class poor at the bottom 0 Everyone worked 0 Jobs no one wanted to do paid the most 0 Inspirational for larger social units Both failed Karl Marx 1818 1883 and Friedrich Engels 1820 1895 Wrote Communist kbnifesto in l848 0 Two major classes D Capitalists Bousiousee who control means of production D Proletariat wageworkers who sell laborsell lives for money 0 Exploitative nature of capitalist system Support all revolution everywhere community should support 0 Religion opiate of the masses keeps people under control of capitalism kept people happy and from wanting to do more M3 0 Art Literature etc Marx was against Take mind off of condition Divert attention 0 Argued for an overthrow of capitalists in favor of a dictatorship of the proletariat All should work All share equally lndividuals stop working no pride in work ISocial Reform and Trade Unions 0 Socialism had major impact on l9 lcentury reformers D Reduced property requirements for male suffrage D Addressed issues of medical insurance unemployment compensation retirement benefits 0 Trade unions form for collective bargaining D Strikes to address workers concerns High wages ect Industrialization in Russia and Japan 0 Slower starts on industrial process Once started took off 0 Russia constructs huge railway network across Siberia under finance minister Count Sergei Witte financial genius Pacific to Europe industrialization to Russia 0 Japanese government takes initiative by hiring thousands of foreign experts D Reforms iron industry D Opens universities specializing in science and technology Global ramifications 0 Global division of labor D Rural societies that produce raw materials tied to land Different ideologies between both independent D Urban societies that produce manufactured goods 0 Uneven economic development around the world as urban centers develop Developing export dependencies of Latin America sub Saharan Africa south and south east Asia B Low wages small domestic markets producers of raw materials Imperialism 0 key Elements mixed motives competition between imperial powers different models of colonial rule economic colonialism contempt for local cultures 0 The Building of Global Empires 0 lmperialism in Asia ca l9l4 0 The idea of lmperialism the determination of European powers over new worlds lndustrial over rural countries Achieved through trade investment military powers 0 Term dates from mid lg century 0 ln popular discourse by l880s 0 Military imperialism D Later economic and cultural varieties E US imperialism Cecil Rose helped developed the idea of imperialism from cape to cairo Motivation for Imperialism power at the heart of imperialism Military Political Economic D European capitalism Religious Cultural Demographic D criminal populationsgiant amount sent to colonies D Dissident populations The White Man s Burdenquot poem by Rudyard about having a mission to civilize all Rudyard Kipling l864 l936 D Raised in lndiaa British colony native Hindi speaker D Boarding school in England then return to India l882 French mission civilisatrice Domestic Political Considerations 0 Crises of industrialism Pressure from nascent Socialismcausing division Within empires Imperial policies distract proletariat from domestic politics Cecil Rhodes imperialism is an alternative to civil war Brings support of English people Main influence in South Africa Paint the Map Red British culture through Africa Starts Debiers Diamond company W 90of diamond mines in the world Established Rhodes Scholorship Battle of Andjumen Maji Maji magic weapon water to protect them Tools of Empire 0 Transportation D Steamships D Railroads 0 Military Technologies D Firearms muskets to rifles to machine guns D Battle of Omdurman l898 0 Communication technology 0 Infrastructure to support imperialiZing effort D Suez Canal l859 l869 D Panama Canal l904 l9l4 B Communications 0 Correspondence D l830 Britain lndiametrapole to colony 2 years D After Suez Canal 2 weeks 0 Telegraph D l870s development of submarine cables D Britain India 5 hours The Jewel of the British Crown India 0 East India Company EIC private enterprise backed by the state 0 Monopoly on India trade 0 Original permission from Mughal emperors 0 Mughalmuslim empire declines after death of Aurangzeb l707 British Conquest 0 Protection of economic interests through political conquest 0 British and Indian troops sepoys sepoy2 native groups in India1 muslim 1 Hindu Revolt 1857 0 Enfield rifles 0 Cartridges in wax paper greased with animal fat Started the rebellion D Problem for Hindus beef D Problem for Muslims pork 0 Sepoys capture garrison D 60 soldiers l80 civilian males massacred after surrender rebellion begins 0 Two weeks later 375 women and children murdered 0 British retake fort hang rebels Britain establishes direct rule outlaw practice of Satir widows burned to death after husband dies 0 Pre empts East India Company 0 Established civil service staffed by English 0 Low level lndian civil servants 0 Organization of agriculture D Crops tea coffee opium 0 Stamp of British culture on Indian environment 0 Veneer on poor Muslim Hindu relations Imperialism in Central Asia stan countries 0 British French Russians complete for central Asia D France drops out after Napoleon D Russia active after l860s in Tashkent Bokhara Samarkand and approached India 0 The Great Game chess Russian vs British intrigue in control of Afghanistan B Preparation for imperialist war D Russian Revolution of l9l7 forestalled war 0 Systems of Colonial Rule 0 Concessionary companies D Private companies get large tracts of land to exploit natural resources D Companies get freedom to tax recruit labor horrible abuses D Profit margin minimal 0 Direct Rule France D civiliZing mission D Chronic shortage of European personnel language and cultural barriers E French West Africa 3600 Europeans rule 9 million Indirect Rule Britain Frederick D Lugard Britain l858 l945 D The Dual kbgnate in British Tropical Africa l922 39Use of indigenous institutions Difficulty in establishing tribal categories imposed arbitrary boundaries E US Imperialism President James Monroe warns Europeans not to engage in imperialism in western hemisphere l823 D The Monroe Doctrine all Americas a US Protectorate l867 purchased Alaska from Russia l875 established protectorate over Hawaii D Locals overthrow queen in l893 persuade US to acquire islands in l898 Economic Legacies of lmperialism Colonized states encouraged to exploit natural resources rather than build manufacturing centers Encouraged dependency on imperial power for manufactured goods made from native raw product D lndian cotton Introduction of new crops D Tea in Ceylon 0 Social Darwinism 0 Scientific Racism developedRace becomes the measure of human potential D Count Joseph Arthur de Gobineau l8l6 l882 wrote essay on the equality of human races most superior race is the white Aryan German race don t mix races D Combines with theories of Charles Darwin l809 l882 to form pernicious doctrine of Social Darwinism Natural selection ect And applying them to societies Influence of Darwin on Social Thought 0 Charles Darwin l859 0 Sir Frances Galton l883 Restrictive Breeding restructure society arayan race not diluted Moral Diasabilites steralized 0 Herbert Spencer c l880 moving Darwanism to everything else is the second step progressing from the simple to the complex 0 Karl Pearson l90l National life from position of science cultures that have biologically endowed traits thrive those that don t die out 0 Frederick Von Bernhardi l9ll Wrote Germans Win the next war war is how you determine who is inferiorsuperior Nationalism 0 Liberalism and Romanticism Enlightenment Cosmopolitanism When many different groups live together 0 Liberty Eguality Fraternity 0 Popular Sovereignty power to the people 0 Lingua Franca Universal Language D A common tongue for all members of the community B Each group maintained its own patois 0 Universality of Reason Reason should be the guiding force of everything 0 Common intellectual world Europe standardized RR tracks unification of Germany under Bismark D Educated Middle Class 0 Example of the Austrian Empireex Of cosmopolitanism The ConceEt of the Nation 0 The Ethnos EthnicityEthnic D Not a State U Not a political entity 0 An ethnos eNational spirit Bond nationethnicity together Genetics everything enherited and predetermined Racial traits B Common history B Common language patois B Common religion B Common cultural experience D Selfedeterminism eself determined etheir own government emass migrations ecosmopolitinism Influence of Romanticism 0 Rousseau s Emile D The idea of the natural man under natural laws D Emotion and feeling are the sources of truth 0 PatriotismFeelings for one s country patria father land become important Cultural Nationalism 0 Johann Gottfried Herder l744 l803 D A nation has its own culture which should be respected as individual D Opposed the French idea of cosmopolitanism D Grimm Brothers Fairy Tales popularize German culture true nature nationalizations effort 39Hansel and Gretel Aryan children Women Witch represented jews Painting jewish people as Villians 0 Johann Gottlieb Fichte l762 l8l4 D Addresses to the German Nation l807 Cultural Nationalism and Anti Semitism 0 Houston Stewart Chamberlain english became german salvation found in germans inovater of the naZi party D Wrote The importance of Race races different morally physically ect Rome failed because of racial mixture 0 The Pan German League l894 unite all Germanic states build german state a Expressed Social Darwinist and Racist concepts of German Identity 0 Hermann Ahlwardt D Wrote The Semitic Versus the Teutonic Race 0 Edouard Drumont D Jewish France 0 Theodor Herzl D The Jewish State ifounder of Zianism jewish people wanting a homeland of their own iconference for Zianism in switzerland Liberal Nationalism 0 Emphasized the Unity of the people instead of loyalty to old rulers 0 People as the nation Germany stressed the power of the state to unify the German people 0 Failure of Liberal Nationalism l848 D None of the revolutions obtained goals D Kings effect the unity of the people rather than the people themselves D Marks break between liberalism and nationalism Political Unification as a Result of Nationalism 0 Italy D The Story of Three Men 39Cavourithe statesman Unite against Austria 39MaZZiniithe publicist Naturaboundary 39Garibaldiithe soldier Pope prisoner of the Vatica D Combination of Military and Diplomatic means B Geographical natural state 39Umwlmw 1871 Franco Prussian War D Italian as the national language taian Peninsula as Italian Kigdom Germanx D Otto Von Bismarck l8l5 l898 39Prussia from l862 39Germany froml87l to l890 as Chancellor 39Blood and Iron Speech l862 lndustry and Warfare to build a solid state unify germany non Austrian germany War with Denmark l8647Austria loses control over Germany E North German Confederation 39Bundesrat and Reichstag l866 D War with France l870 7l D German Empire established l87l 39German States maintain independence under the United German Parliament 39Austria Hungarx 0 Defeat by Prussia creates the Austrian Hungary Empire l867 0 Slavic Nationalism serious problem for Poland and Serbia 0 Growth of Anti Semitism D Jews were not considered part of any nation D Jews perceived as cosmopolitan D Anti Semitism grows in Vienna Competing Nationalisms 0 lnevitable outcome of French Revolution 0 Self determination and independence movements D Belgium l830 D Unification of Italy l86l D Unification of Germany l87l D lndia gains independence from Great Brititain Gnandi D lreland Daniel O Connell Catnolic Emancipation Act Can be apart of government D Zionism Hertzal idea Nationalism in Multi National E eires results in WWl 0 Austro Hungarian Empire tney want their own state E South Slavs 0 Russian Empire D Poles Ukrainians Balts Baltic peoples each group wants independence 0 Ottoman Empire Egypt l to successfully separate D Greeks Serbians Romanians Bulgarians 0 Pan National Movements


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