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Web Page Development

by: Mr. Janessa Towne

Web Page Development IT 1430

Mr. Janessa Towne
GPA 3.58

Cheryl Aasheim

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About this Document

Cheryl Aasheim
Class Notes
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This 17 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Janessa Towne on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to IT 1430 at Georgia Southern University taught by Cheryl Aasheim in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see /class/222007/it-1430-georgia-southern-university in Information technology at Georgia Southern University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
Introduction to Chapter 9 Part 1 JavaSc pt Dr Cheryl Aasheim IT 1430 Illllllll Objectives In this chapter you will Learn about the JavaScript programming language Add structure to your JavaScript programs Learn about logic and debugging III Scripting Languages Scriptinq lanquaqe in web development any type of language that is capable of programmatically controlling a Web page or returning some sort of response to a web browser Scripting engine Scripting host null Clientside versus Serverside Scripting Clientside scripting Scripting language that runs on local browser the client instead of on Web server Examples JavaScript VBScript Serverside scripting Scripting language that executes on a Web server Examples ASP JSP CGI III Java versus JavaScript Java Advanced programming language Created by Sun Microsystems Considerany more difficult to master than JavaScript Java programs are external programs that execute independent of browser JavaSc pt Runs within a Web page and controls the browser The ltscriptgt Element JavaScript programs Run from within a Web page Code is typed directly into Web page code as separate section Called scripts III The ltscriptgt Element ltscriptgt element tells the Web browser that the scripting engine must interpret the commands it contains ltscript type textjavascript gt statements ltscriptgt III JavaScript Objects JavaScript is considered an objectbased programming language Obiect Programming code and data that can be treated as individual unit or component Method Procedures associated with an object Property Piece of data such as a color or a name that is associated with an object lull Builtin JavaScript Objects Appendix E Array Document Form Date History Loca on Math Number String Window III JavaScriptprOmptO Script method used to prompt user for information Syntax var varname prompt message default Example var name prompt 39Please enter your name39 39 39 1 i Explorer User Prompt Script Prompt Please enter your name write and writeln Methods Document object Represents browser window s content To create new text on a Web page while the page is being rendered use the following methods for the Document object write method writeln method write and writeln Methods write and writeln methods Require a text string as an argument Difference between write and writeln writeln method adds a line break after the line of text III Case Sensitivity JavaScript is case sensitive Object names must be lowercase The following will cause errors Documentwrite Hello DOCUMENTwrite Heo documentWRTE Heo II Comments Line comments Hides single line of code Example This code will be ignored Block comments Hide multiple lines of code Example This whole block ofcode will be ignored Structuring JavaScript Code Three rules for inserting JavaScript code Include a ltscriptgt element for each code section Place code in the ltheadgt or ltbodygt sec ons Create a JavaScript source file JavaScript Source File File extension js Only contains JavaScript statements no XHTML no ltscriptgt element Use the src attribute in the ltscriptgt element in your XHTML file to access the external js source file Advantages of using an external js source file II Hiding JavaScript Code Enclose the code within a ltscriptgt element in an XHTML comment block Hides embedded code from incompatible browsers JavaScript compatible browsers will ignore XHTML comment tags and execute the JavaScript code normally


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