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Turning Pts and Connections

by: Lelia Senger

Turning Pts and Connections IDS 2210

Lelia Senger
GPA 3.87

Howard Hale

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About this Document

Howard Hale
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lelia Senger on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to IDS 2210 at Georgia Southern University taught by Howard Hale in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see /class/222015/ids-2210-georgia-southern-university in Interdisciplinary Studies at Georgia Southern University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
Chapter 7 1 The Franz Josef glacier is in a Alaska b Switzerland c Austira d Australia e New Zealand 2 From 1645 to 1715 there were sunspots a Fewer b more 3 Typically there are about 7 sunspots every 11 years a 8 b 7 c 6 d 2 e no 4 From 28 BC to AD 1743 there were an average of sunspots per century in China Korea and Japan a 8 b 7 c 6 d 2 e no 5 From AD 1639 to AD 1743 there were and average of sunspots per century in China Korea and Japan b 8 b 7 c 6 d 2 e no 6 Maunder noted that when there were higher levels of C14 there were 7 sunspots a More b fewer 7 From 1742 to 1745 the Norwegian glaciers began to a Enlarge b disappear 8 The ports along the Denmark Straight and Iceland were in 1695 a More open with the high NAO B closed 9 The correlation between C14 and Sunspot activity is known as the Maunder a Maximum b Minimum 10 The Franz Josef advanced up to meters per month in 1909 a 2000 b 300 c 120 d 50 e 3 Chapter 8 1 In 1665 57000 people died from a A Bubonic plague outbreak B fire after an intensely hot summer 2 The broke out Sunday September 22quotd on Pudding Lane A Plague B fire 3 In 1639 Stanton Downham had been A abandoned due to plague B burned C buried 4 Defoe believed The Storm of November 1703 was A a late season hurricane that originated off Florida B punishment from God C a North Sea gale 5 The summer of 1775 was the in the known records A windiest B warmest C driest D most unpredictable E coldest 4 V39 9 6 20000 people a year died from 7 in Britain from the 1960s and 1970s A Flu B high blood pressure C accidental hypothermia D typhus 7 A erce epidemic of 7 raged in Plymouth England in the 1740s A Flu B low blood pressure C accidental hypothermia D typhus 8 In 1731 Tull advocated 7 to better prepare the soil A deep plowing B abandoning horsedrawn hoes 9 The smaller farms of less than 40 hectares 7 thoughout the eighteenth century in England A Increased B decreased 10 In 1716 the Thames River 7 by four meters A Dropped B rose Chapter 9 Dearth and Revolution Femand Braudel contrasted 15Lh century agriculture with 1865 agriculture by comparing A paintings B farm tools C wine harvests The 7tell us that the 17Lh century was somewhat cool until 1609 B paintings B farm tools C wine harvests Market gardeners on the IledeFrance A ignored the planting of peas beans and other nitrogen xing plants B remained at near subsistence level C planted peas beans and other nitrogen xing plants Serres advocated A the landowner to be a pater familiaris B the wage laborers be kept at work constantly C selfaggrandizement Louis XIV advocated A the landowner be a pater familiaris B the wage laborers be kept at work constantly C selfaggrandizement From 1739 to 1742 in France there was sudden A warming of the climate B cold with frost gt1 O In the late 1780s the French diet was almost entirely based on A wine Ccereal B sheep and cattle D A and B From 1770 and 1790 the population of France increased by 7 people A 12million B 1 million C 1 12 millionD 2million E 5 12 million In France 1788 was a harvest year A bumper B bad On October 5 1789 King Louis XVI A lost his head in dealing with the serfs B signed the Declaration of Rights Chapter 10 In 1815 erupted and the British thought it was pirates at first A Krakatau B Mayon C St Vincent D Huanyaputina E Tambora The first major eruption to be studied systematically was A Krakatau B Mayon C St Vincent D Huanyaputina E Tambora The volcano reduced sunlight by 15 to 20 A Krakatau B Mayon C St Vincent D Huanyaputina E Tambora iwas written during the years 1805 to 1820 A Frankenstein B A Christmas Carol C Ice Princess D A amp B E AB amp C was the year without summer A 1816 B 1817 C 1818 D 1819 E 1820 Bread prices during the 1805 to 1820 period in mainland Europe A were driven up B dropped Potato prices iduring the 1805 to 1820 period in mainland Europe A were driven up B dropped emigrants left Ireland for the United States in 1818 A 1000 B 10000 C 20000 The June 1816 temperature readings in New Haven Connecticut were A 162 deg CB 184 deg C C 123 deg C In Saint John s Newfoundland 900 immigrants were 7 A given haven B sent to Europe C sent to Havana Chapter 11 N 4 O The potato arrived in Ireland in the last fteen years of the 7 century A 14 h B 1 C 61h D 1 E 18 h Potato cultivation increased 7 fold over the next half century despite a terrible famine in the exceptional cold of 1740 and 1741 A Ten B eleven C fteen D seventeen E twenty Between people died of dysentery hunger and typhus A 100 000 and 200000 B 200000 and 300000 C 300000 and 400000 By the 1790s farmers were A hoarding potatoes B hiding potatoes C throwing out potatoes gt7 In 1811 the Minster Famers Magazine called potatoes the luxury of thei A rich B poor C growing middle class Changes in the linen industry made conditions for the Irish A harder B easier In 1770 emigrants left Ulster ports for North America A 10000 B 12000 C 20000 D 30000 E 70000 The first place potato blight was reported was The New York 7 Philadelphia area The Great Lakes Region Canada Ireland Moscow Russia WUOW The blight was first reported in Europe in A Ireland D Moscow B France E Belgium Ireland s 1900 population was ithe prefamine level A 14 h B 13rd C 12 D 23rds Important Terms Chapter 9 Jules Michelot Femand Braudel King Louis XIV Hippolyte Taine 1609 wine harvests Low countries IledeFrance Paris Calvinist Olivier de Serre Harmony on the farm landowners King Louis XIV to Marquis de Villars French peasants potatoes Cold winters bread riots late 1600s 1739 to 1742 shock Second half of the 18Lh century French peasants 1770 to 1790 French population Many had 8 or 9 children French diet rye oats 1788 classic anticyclone conditions Hailstones Cloth production fell 1787 Cahiers burnings disturbances Louis XVI Sebastian Mercier The grain which feeds man National Assembly decrees Important Things Chapter 10 British vessel Benares April 15 1815 Sumbawa Mt Tambora 1300 meters Noise could be heard over miles 44000 died from 12000 died from Ash discharge greater than Mt St Helens eruptions from 1812 to 1817 Who was born in this period Date of Krakatau Why is Krakatau of importance What was 1816 snow like in Hungary What did Mary Shelley do in 1753 What did the poor Swiss eat from 1753 to 1817 Marauding crows carrying sticks had ags that read What kind of riots af icted France by 1816 What was Switzerland worried about around 1815 How many Irish left for the US in 1818 How many Germans Rhinelanders left for the US from 1815 to 1830 What happened June 9 1816 in Vermont What was the 1816 growing season like in New Haven Connecticut How much of the 1816 New Haven corn crop was consumable What was the cause of the 1816 New Haven Connecticut problem What was the death rate like in Switzerland in 1817 The harvest failure of 1816 brought on what What killed 25000 in Bucharest After 1820 governments in Europe were fearful of what


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