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LifeEarth Science

by: Dorian Hettinger
Dorian Hettinger
GPA 3.72

Heather Scott

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About this Document

Heather Scott
Class Notes
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dorian Hettinger on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ISCI 2001 at Georgia Southern University taught by Heather Scott in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/222019/isci-2001-georgia-southern-university in Teaching & Learning 301 - Learning & Development at Georgia Southern University.

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Date Created: 10/12/15
CELLS mgr nbosome WWW mitochondlion Miculum L plasma mm Nucleus contains the chromosomes made of DNA Chloroplast in plant cell 39 39 mapiasm Mitochondria power source for cells mmmme yt keen r Central vacuole In plant cells mm c CentrioIe in animal cells Cell membrane Thin sheets shaped into different structures and forms related iysasagre to the function ofthe membrane 7 Composed of phospholipids and proteins 7 Maintains form due to interaction of molecules nucleus with surroundings r Wt nuclwius smooth I 39 l ride lasim chromatin Phospholipids polar molecules that form a Migmum mle nuclearerwslape doube layered sheet phospholipid biayer Golg wmp ex centnule in water with water soluble portions facing away from each other Diffusion Net overall movement ofa molecule from a place of relative high concentration to a place of lower concentration Passive process Must be no barrierto free motion Rate of diffusion related to kinetic energy size concentration Difference in 39 termed 439 39 g 439 I Dynamic Equilibrium when molecules are equally distributed and movement is equal in all directions No movement movement in one direction must equal movement in other No concentration gradient Osmosis Net movement diffusion ofm molecules through a selectively permeable membrane separating two solutions 7 Passive movement from an area of higher to an area of lower 39 Selectively Permeable only certain molecules can pass through Selectivity can be based on solubility size ionic charge sotonic solution water and dissolved mineral concentrations in cell equal to surroundings Hypertonic solution more solutes less water Insect L295 Basic piau Ssegrirents Hypotonic solution more water less soutes tmdranlcr Photosynthesis COZ HZO gt C5H1zog 01in the presence ofsunlight km Why do certain coors appearthe way they do Because the colors are tryingto reach the light My tarsal claw larsilsing nuns Coors found in plants chlorophyll green carotene orange anthocyanin red amp xanthophyll brown INSECI39S swim quotM Hymenoptera Ants Bees Wasps Orthoptera Grasshoppers Katylids Crickets Wt Coleoptera Beetles Diptera Flies Lepidotera Butterflies amp Moths Odonata Dragonflies and damselflies Body parts Head Thorax amp Abdomen Community Interactions Predation occurs when one animal captures kills and eats another animal Commensalism one organism benefits while the other is not affected Mutualism both organisms benefitfrom the relationship Parasitism one organism is harmed and the other is aided in the relationship Elytra thickened front wings of beetles that cover the membranous hind wings used forflight Saltatorial made for leaping Fossorial made for digging Raptorial made for catchingeating prey


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