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Essentials Applied Elec Engr

by: Christina Balistreri

Essentials Applied Elec Engr TMAE 5132G

Marketplace > Georgia Southern University > Applied Science > TMAE 5132G > Essentials Applied Elec Engr
Christina Balistreri
GPA 3.99

Maria Alba-Flores

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About this Document

Maria Alba-Flores
Class Notes
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This 14 page Class Notes was uploaded by Christina Balistreri on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to TMAE 5132G at Georgia Southern University taught by Maria Alba-Flores in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see /class/222052/tmae-5132g-georgia-southern-university in Applied Science at Georgia Southern University.

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Date Created: 10/12/15
TMAE 5132C Essentials of Applied Electrical Engineering Georgia Southern University Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Technology Spring 2009 Lecture 4 Periodic AC Signals Prof AlbaFlores METEET Dept Sinusoidal Signals The mihamail lcul function we use tia describe a slln usoiclull signal is a general sinE fwnc nn V Vp sin to l 13 Wm Vp amplitude 0 angular frequency radv sacs ILL 21139 f f requency Hz f l quot T T pm39od sec VDC DC EVE Erme signal 03531 ti 2 phase shift rad Consider 139he signal in fh is figure 20 39 l 0 0002 0004 0006 0003 001 timelgsec 1U Close y examining this sigm WEN Ie39l39 you see The The signal runs from 1 0 1390 14 vol39l39s I mn39 be represented as 0 pure sinusoid wi39l39h an expression like VP sfn0J t 1139 VDC the pmk 39opzuk voltage is given by VPP 14 10 24v a mai39hema cal descrip on T 0002 sec f 500 HZ 2 0 radsec VDC2 V 1 T Van U 1 T Vows U T Vuvg 2 125in10007r1d 0 average 1T2T 2 Cunsfanf ferns have an average value eqqu 1390 Their va ue I The average value is very often referred 11 as fhe DC Companeni39 of the sigmli Root Mean Squared RMS Value of Periodic Signals The square Root of the Mean Squared value of voltages currents is not the same for all wave types and is not the same as the average value The RMS value for a periodic time function Vt is given by T 1 VRMS 12 T jvaf dt 0 where I is the period of the function The RMS equivalent equations for some common periodic functions are Peak to Peak value VW 2V in all cases For any given periodic signal the RMS values can be computed by r 1 1 HT iHvyl H j li lquot Fm LE 11 f2 RMS effective 1Iai39aili liiliizlji if any ipuezmi diii Wimcibiigm wli hhl ip emit di 7391 Example Find the RMS value of the signal st cost 031 f027t 127t T1f27t Let slit c0513 The FLMS voltage can be camputed rech as Rant MEG Squamd PhIragefar a liraSine wavefmm n in 1 39l l 1 1 PM Jan J 05 a 0 J2 2 m 551223 0 2 2n rul n g2 Dnce again the familiar facial ufrmt two m g i However other waveforms will not have the simple factor of 1414 to tumpnte V3115 RMS values of common signals in Electrical Engineering 1 Sinusoidal lllotion peak of VP Vms g vpo7o7 2i Symmetrical Periodic Pulse Wave peak of V1 VRMS Vp Symmetric Square Wave 3 Nonsymmetrical Periodic Pulse Wave all positive peaks of VP with duty cycle D vRMS vp VB D TdfT Pulse duration Td Period T 4 Symmetrical Periodic Triangle Wave peak Vp Vms VP 05774 SawTooth 5 Full wave Recti ed Sinusoid peak V1 v 1 v 0707 RMS 1 P 6 Half Wave Recti ed Sinusoid peak VI VRMS Vp 0 5 Homework Exercises Due Monday Feb 2 2009 Prob 1 Hm is u sigmr 1 mpms indz nmly changing bmmn 170v and 170v Cumpu fa 0 001 002 003 004 005 The RMS vuiuz of ms signur Th2 pwkapmk vurua of his signal The average Vaduz of u signur o Dan39f forga39 rim wch of h25 unswzr s has same 5m uf umquot or unH39s Prob 2 Hzrz is a signal 1 repem39s inde nmly changing befwmn dam and 150v Cumpu39rz 0 001 002 003 004 005 1 The ms mm of w signal Prob 3 vm 2 1zsin27rsoot V 0 0002 0004 0006 0003 001 Compute o The RMS value of This signal 0 The paukfopeak value of This signal o The average value of This signal a bun forge fhuf each of hesa answers has some surf of uni or unirs 10


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