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Essentials Applied Elec Engr

by: Christina Balistreri

Essentials Applied Elec Engr TMAE 5132G

Marketplace > Georgia Southern University > Applied Science > TMAE 5132G > Essentials Applied Elec Engr
Christina Balistreri
GPA 3.99

Maria Alba-Flores

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About this Document

Maria Alba-Flores
Class Notes
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This 24 page Class Notes was uploaded by Christina Balistreri on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to TMAE 5132G at Georgia Southern University taught by Maria Alba-Flores in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 41 views. For similar materials see /class/222052/tmae-5132g-georgia-southern-university in Applied Science at Georgia Southern University.

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Date Created: 10/12/15
TMAE 5132C Essentials of Applied Electrical Engineering Georgia Southern University Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Technology Spring 2009 Lecture 5 DC Networks Prof AlbaFlores METEET Dept Kirchhoff39s Current Law KCL Kirchhoff s first law is based on the law of conservation of charge which requires that the algebraic sum of charges within a system cannot change Kirchhoff s current law KCL states that the algebraic sum of currents entering a node is zero N Eli10 1 1 i1 395 49 12 i5 0 Kirchhoff s Current Law cont Or Equivalent The sum ofthe currents entering a node is equal to the sum ofthe currents leaving the node 11Z41512Z3 Kirchhoff s Voltage Law KVL KVL states that the algebraic sum of all voltages around a close path is zero OR Sum of voltage drops sum of voltage rises Example 1 KVL 1 2 vs vs v1v2v3v4v50 V2 y3 y5V1 y4 Example 2 Analysis of a seriesparallel network Given the following network calculate the current voltage and power of each component VI 11 I It 4w 7 1 is IT Cami 5 r l I I39v r39 Ah i A quotl M 39u39 h P R 711 iiquot w Example 3 Analysis of a series parallel network Given the following network calculate the current voltage and power of each component Ans RT6k 2 mG 20V VKK4V VEK4VV4K8V ng 16V IT4mA Imk 2mAJ3 133 mA IEK 067mA 14K2mAIXK ZmA PT 96mW Pmk 40mW 13K 533mW 16K 268mW 14K 1emw18K 32 mA Current Sources 39 Current seurcee other Than voltage saureesa xed marrrem while its mirage is Hermitri ed y the neflmr k In reality E VEI F searee of asalrage or current has same internal l ESiSl lNE A voltage SOUI CE has a series internal reeistor While a current source hae a parallel reelsMr r1 I39L39 I e l If I L quotquot r A a 1i di w 1quot l Jquot I I 39 Ideally R5 I Rp m shun and open More Examples 1 Determine VL by varying Rs 2 Determine IL by varying Rp i I i L 11L lt b gt R 15 4 RL t Rs W L Rp h a VI g mko 5 lm E 4ov Voltage source IE IE 05 k0 05 k0 1 k0 1 k0 1 0 k0 1 0 k0 Ans 38v 3636 v 20v Ans 167A 25A 454A 3 Determine I 5 I4 and V1 3 P I w m J A l R1 139 51 H4 112 l Ans I2 086 A I4 043 A V1 648 V Source Transformation Voltage source 1 current somce Resistance is the same but the current or voltage is det rminad by U39hgm s law 4 Example Determine Vab and I2 by converting the current source to a voltage source 15 a R1 A A A v v v m 12 ltgt lt M Rune Rz mn gt V G lt amp b Source Ans Vab6 v 1205A Parallel Current Sources Net current sum of the current sources same directinn r3 frat JJ39 rcrnn l J rI 3m HE rm n 39 39 T 5 Example Determine V by transforming the voltage source to current source and then applying the current division rue gt Rs 49 lt ltgt I f 5A Rp 59 RL 59 V T 1 16V Voltage and Current Regulation Power supply 9 gensitivitj m the applied load shanged current or voltage in the load 393 due to the internal resistance Velmge regulatinn TlTR Vm VFL VR X 100 VF Um voltage with ma load VEL voltage with full load Common VR 01 v39h or 1659 E5 f E5 I l F No load Full load IFL IL Multisource Networks Many V DIquot I SGIM CES in a netwm39k need a better way In solve fork1 1 Supmpns iun lbranch cun em analysis Supexpmi ml Wm CEN R39E39JN mirage lm an efmner in a DC Hamming is rim afge39bmi sum fths Ct 39mm 39afrage n that afarHam due to each SQIH39CE E39Hdepmidem u H If EU 4 1L J m H ta Ll DJ Superposition Consider each source at a time Whille zemiug others zero 1cel tage SDLM39CE 391 elmrt Circuit zero current SDUI CE open circuit Keep the internal reeistanee 0f each zeroed source Superpeasi tien can 11rth be applied tn the power effect 39139 pewer must he cmnputed ew the final reeulted Teltagee and currents lug I J39a Lu BranchCurrent Analysis Cmmicler all SDHI CES together Cumrert current eUmcea to veltage 501111365 Assign branch entrants Applied K1571 ULquotand REL Salve fm linear eqm ns Nmice current direction51 f39 w EU LU Mesh Analysis Extensicu cf the branchanallyeie Decide all loops With their loop currents Apply KVL ht each 1001 Add 01 subtract the Ila0p cunente at each C l l ll element all currents p353 th l the same register Sethe for each current from the linear emlaticms Mesh Analysis Example 39Write the mesh eqtmrtiuns Nodal Analysis Each mirage is defmed a node and acme I ferwce paint kppljv KCL m each nude and active far the vultagEa In general vultage EGLIICES should be cmn erted into current sources 21in Elam Nodal Analysis Example For each node V1 V2 and V3 write the KCL 21m 2101 IT i quotiquot I w I quotI Another Example Using mesh or nodal analysis solve for the following circuit 14 1 n 5 L 15 1 H i 1 I I 3 l I i aquot 39y i m 39 a 5 ii 39I39 39 r H i 39F Thevenin Theorem Thevenin equivalent resistance the DC resistance between the output twe temtinals with all setu ces zeroed zero taltageshott ZEI EI Ctll t E tOpEllt 39 Thevenin equivalent t ult ge the Opencircuit veltage between the output twe tenninals


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