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Cultural Anthropology

by: Josh Stroman

Cultural Anthropology ANTH 3331

Josh Stroman
GPA 3.5

Robert Shanafelt

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About this Document

Robert Shanafelt
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Josh Stroman on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ANTH 3331 at Georgia Southern University taught by Robert Shanafelt in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 46 views. For similar materials see /class/222072/anth-3331-georgia-southern-university in anthropology, evolution, sphr at Georgia Southern University.

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Date Created: 10/12/15
TEST ONE Monday August 24 2009 149 PM Terms for Discussion E nocentrism Relativism Moral about right and wrong Epistemological about what is quottruequot Linguistic about influence of language on perception and behavior Human Universals What are they What are the implications Pakistan 6th most populous country in the world gt167000000 Became a nation as British withdrew from India After WWII quotPartition of Indiaquot Has remotely administered quottribalquot areas NTK NWFP North Western Frontier Provinces ATA Federally Administered Tribal Areas Afghanistan and Pakistan are not bordered by ethnic groups The British made the border with no mind to it Baluchi Pushtun Punjabi Sindhi groups n Ethnic group group of people that feel Become national when they feel like they need their like that share a common history and own state or country Baluchi in Pakistan wantt common culture have their own homeland Review ethnic nationalism Pashtunistan What are the biggest cities in Pakistan Peshawar Pushtun become dominant in transportation senices Long distance truck drivers etc Had a lot to do with drugs Legacies of the British rule driving on lefthand side Terrorist Violence ew since Grima39s work 3 suicide bombers hit Peshwar end of May 2009 Terrorist attack on Su saint39s shrine March 2009 Khyber Pass is the main crossing point through mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan Urdu often seen on signs is written in the Arabic script Trbes clans lineage Aridi Shinwari etc Burqa Iel Swat Valley was once known as the Switzerland of Pakistan madyan guest house Major Ethnic Groups Punja i b 59 Baluchi 45 needmap here see Sindhi 12 powerpoint quotMohajirquot quotRefugeequot 75 Pashtun 14 Hindi Is Urdu language English is also a very important language in Pakistan Religion Mostly Sunni Substantial Shi39a Minority 1520 Sunni believe there should be a community decision of the faithful determining who should be the leader of Islam Islam started out as theocratic politics and religion Shi39a are minority Say the real leaders of Islam should be descendants of Mohammad Believe there will be a new prophet one of the leaders of the past will come back and lead the world Say old leader never died or was killed but instead he disappeared and is comin back Originally dispute over leadership but it has been so long that there are many more differences 8262009 155 PM Secrets from the Field Key Terms Key Experiences Key People Pashto IndoEuropean E Iranian Branch Has mascfem verb tenses Pashtun code Pashtunwali Honor code hospitality code if a Pashtun offers you to come into their house for a meal they are also offering you protection At least that is the ideal Burqa most extreme type of veiling Purdah segregation of women to such an extent that the women don39t leave the house South Asia including India Hennah Jinn Genie in English mischievous spirits that can be good or bad Islam believes Satan is a kind ofjinn Kuran says Jinn were created out of smo e Made by Allah from smoke Will receive judgment at judgment day Usually can39t be seen but may take on human form Although possession by ajinn is recognized most Muslims also distinguish that from mental illness Jerga jirga tribal meeting council with elders Jihad mujahed pl mujaheddin mujahadeen H ar war sanctioned by Islam by nonMuslims Various sorts of struggles War 1979 in Afghanistan and Russia Mujaheddin were not uni ed there were a number of groups Lineage Patrilineage Matrilineage Do not consider both parents equal relatives Patrilineage father is in your lineage but not the mother Agnates People who are related because they share a common paternal ancestor Tribe Collections of lineages or clans Clan associated with totems symbolic objects Can be adopted into tribes or lineages Sometimes separate lineages in tribes will marry each other in order to stay connected Not really a king or chief but might have a group 0 el ers Lineages are pretty much considered equal in tribes Tribal feuding Reci roci Lamentations condolences 6061 of the few instances were women can express themselves emotionall C Visits to family members of those who have died and offering words of encouragement Red Shirt Movement see p 55 Nonviolent Islamic socialpolitical reformists Allies of Gandhi in Pakistan Khan landlord ord Nawab 137 quotdeputy rulerquot Pir spiritual leader u sm Ashura pass ion play Ritual self agellation 8312009 157 PM Key People and Experiences Research What is her research focus anguage funeral lamentations collector of folk music 1 Friendship with Sayyed the Outlaw Why is he outlawed What is his life like Compare to the feud and assassin stow on page 111 2 Many quotsettling inquot experiences What kind of places does she stay in 3 Daily experiences of gender segregation Ordinaw life To gain respect how should a woman act in public places 4 Experiences of rural women39s lives including social conditions and conditions of poverty 5 Wedding preparations and wedding rituals see chapter 3 The Khan Family ampThe Wedding Akbar Khan amp Baji quotThe Parentsquot Homayyun quotGroom To Bequot Nilufar quotBride To Bequot 6 Con ict with Mina quotthe Nannyquot See Ch 7 at is the stow she tells about herself H rents were raised by strangers after been given away by her grandmother What is folkloric or quotBollywoodquot about it How does she explain being on her own Why is she labeled a quotdemaquot p88 How does she respond to living with Madyan What slander does Mina spread about Grima Bus travel What are the special dif culties for women travelers What are the socialoccupational groups centered around bus travel What are costs Rupees p104 Travel to and treatment at the Fir Baba Shrine NE of Peshawar 6070 miles Travel with Gol Jan quotTea Shop Owner amp Shrine Visitorquot What goes wrong Witnessing Ashura passion play Ghazi Abdul Jabbar quotThe Old Scholarquot Gol Begum quotPregnant farm wife of Ghra Kalaquot Aziza the Student Mir Amad Khan the Tenant Farmer amp Family Pakistan istorical Background External Impacts A Partition of India 1947 ndia in the process of it39s independence from British colonial rule split off into Pakistan and India WestEast Pakistan formed in 1947 as Muslims in India feared being a minority Feared being a minority in comparison to Hindus 1005 of thousands died millions left homeless in widespread HinduMuslim violence Hindu39s ed to India Muslims to Pakistan See how Gandhi relates to this Major population shift 1971 East Pakistan splits from West leads to civil war Outcome becomes Bangladesh astern was so far away from Western area that it was too dif cult to govern B Iranian Revolution 1979 between Shi39a minority and Sunni majority Heightened tensions in Pakistan between Sunnis and Shi39as especially as government at time required Sunni religious practices Iran had Shi39a majority Provided a model for people who wanted to have an Islamic government Example Grima says heavy ghting between Shi39as and Sunnis in tribal area of Tirah on Afghan border north of Peshawar quotoften made the news during my stay in Pakistanquot p 131 There has been SunniShi39a violence since Afghan USSR war 19791989 Union Of Soviet Socialists Republics 1 Background i USSR Invaded to support communist leader who took power in a coup War 197989 ii Fought by various militias under banner of jihad Called quotmujahideenquot They weren39t under a speci c leader were broken up into different factions Good as guerilla warriors iii Osama bin Laden39s quotAlQaedaquot fought with them iv Supported by USA from Pakistan Also supported by Pakistan39s militaw


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